Big Red Button – KV-85

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. 1st comment. Oh yeah

  2. Circon!!! Where can I get the Marks of Excellence mod and the “Pen/ Armor Value” mod? Also, if you are reading this, how do I install them?

  3. You haven’t 3-marked it yet???
    (122mm is hella fun)

  4. Man, i really love these replays, were Circon plays a top tier op heavy tank,
    disguised as a bottom tier medium or light tank,
    with low tier gun and armor, but the top tier performance lit his disguise 😉

  5. I bet that Caernarvon just missed the Cromwell

  6. Big Red Button consumable when, WarGaming?

  7. u get me at the glorious killing of the arty.

  8. So much Salt.

  9. Would you press it if I was in that game?

  10. Ik ben toevallig bezig met kv85 te grinden …wordt tijd om eens een is3 te halen.
    Het kanon van de kv85 klinkt wel lekker en schiet best mooi.
    Gun depression is really shitty but you get used to it 😅 sometimes I need to drive myself against a wall to get the gun down.

    • Vierie helti groceries

      baklap141 dafuq pik, waarom typ je de ene helft in nl en de andere helft in engels?

    • Vierie helti groceries
      Haha ja engels is het meest gebruikte hier in de reacties , ik vond het niet nodig om dat eerste deel in het engels te schrijven.

  11. Good tank, no gun depression
    WG pls buff to 5

  12. Chandler Kristoff

    The KV85 is a pretty happy tank, because it

    doesn’t have much depression 😉

  13. 122mm is more fun 😀

    nah just kidding, it is shit

  14. Ayye lmao watching this replay bring me back ptsd with old kv1s with 122mm, take ages for them to balance

    • Кристиян Митев

      Great Kush cant deny that shit was super fun to play. Back in the days i had 200wn8 and got 52% winrate in it

  15. You should play this with the 122mm, for the memes.

  16. sorry, had to thumbs down for the arty hate

  17. Actually some type of counter battery consumable would be pretty nice. If an arta shoots at you a set number of times it will triangulate their position and you can call in off map arty strike back on them.

    • The Calazone Hardy

      Or even if they create a crew skill that allows you to triangulate the enemy arty position that you can then give to your own arty so they can counter fire.

    • Celestino Natale

      These are some pretty good ideas to be honest.

  18. Big red anti arty button? I can honestly say that in the current meta when I play HT’s. Arty is far down on my hate or “know what you are afraid” of list. I would pay 500 bonds for a anti 268 4 button, or a super heavy button more then arty when I play HT’s. At least I can be arty safe more often then I get yolo wagon safe.

  19. miss the good all days when you can decide that our arty can play or not. sometimes just kill our art and say to him we dont need you bro😀 the teamkill ban ruined it. miss the good ol’ days

  20. On April fools day they should implement the big red button for a day.

  21. Yo Circon wish the Netherlands good luck in the World C… Oh wait.

  22. sometimes no depression can be depressing

  23. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    man, you name the episode big red button and then don’t use the impractical, derp gun.

  24. Sebastian Madariaga

    Almost silver play button <3

  25. Will donate 50 bonds to kill arta all day.

  26. Michael Wittmann


  27. Now I have to play some arty!

  28. Lol those russlan chicks in your crew are hard drunkards xD

  29. That’s an insane amount of viewrange you got in the KV-85, I have 445 in my 3601H without using food (with food goes 460+).

  30. Honestly, I love this tank. As a below average player I got my 1st mark real quick. Didn’t try for the rest 2 marks tho. The lack of gun depression was a killer for me. After a while I stopped playing this tank because of it’s low performance I felt solely due to its bad depression. This tank doesnt have a lot of problems facing tier 8s to me but WG seriously needs to buff the depression like Come ON!

  31. The Calazone Hardy

    I also feel that if there was some way to only let one arty shoot you at anytime would be helpful.

  32. The only reason to play arty is to counter arty. hope they got triggered and send you dm calling you a cheater

  33. hey Circon, where do i get the mod that actually makes tier 8s top tier sometimes, ive only played 10k battles but yet to find it.

  34. so your gun is always rinsed up?

  35. He may be an analyst but gubbiments are analists…

  36. Would that turn im blue for freindling teams arty….

  37. Wattya mean awkward- it’s russian…

  38. That T71 thou… he had a game of his life probably :V

  39. i phushed like button befoer i even saw the movie…

  40. Couple days ago, top tier on Ensk, standard battle, I start up the tracks in my Thunderbolt when a Leafblower (lehfehfehfeh) at the other end of the tracks hits me. I absolutely despise Leafblowers, even more than typical arty. My turret swivels toward where the shot came from. I know the cockroach bastard saw me look his way. I realize that almost everyone on both sides has gone into the city, and there’s probably no one between me and him. Tracks repair, I start rolling straight toward him. I pass an opening and get spotted. Take another hit. Repair tracks, keep rolling. Take a hit in the flank from the center of town. Keep going. Stunned by a near miss from the Leafblower. Keep going. I have maybe 200 HP left. I get to the end of the tracks, the little shit pops into view. He’s trying to run–far too late. I autoaim and blast him with three shots. Dead. As I turn around an enemy WZ-131G FT finishes me off. I die having done 260 HP of damage. I don’t care. Sooooo worth it.

  41. LOL sorry crom kill denied!

  42. KV-85 shouldn’t be a tier 6 hvy its just a KV-1s with a better gun

  43. Arty – If I could make _any_ change to the game, even though 1 tier difference MM would be dope af, I would erase artillery. Just gone. No more arty party. It’s seriously cancer for this game. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been having a great brawl at the front with opposing HTs, and both sides get shot to shit with arty. Remainder of the game is people camping to hide from arty. It’s just so shit. Game would be 200% better if they just scratched that arty bullshit.

  44. Absolutely despise this tank.

    Pretty mad at myself for not finishing up research on the IS-1 while this was still the KV-1S

  45. The Crusader SP was shit before the stun and still is after the stun, I would push the button every time I see M44’s though.

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