BIG SPG Rework – New Ammo and Shell Types | World of Tanks Artillery SandBox Test Server

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World of Tanks Artillery New Rebalance – AP and HEAT Ammo Comeback. World of Tanks Sandbox SPG Rebalance Test Server.

One of the longest waited reworks revisions is here. We are able to test out new artillery ammunition on the SandBox test server.

AP and are back, 3 different shell types where only one of them stuns…. This should be interesting!


  1. Now, the main question is…
    Is this a *BUFF* or a *NERF* ?

  2. Balance, rebalance, rebalnce 2.0, wheelies (aka SPG assassins) and eventually – gone!
    I’m going to play them even more before they are stollen!

  3. With the reload times of SPGs being what they are, there’s no way to make much “choice.” One type of shell will become meta, and that’s what everyone will carry. Smoke rounds would be a good idea though…

  4. necessitating = making it necessary to do something, for egsample nurfing the fuk out of the game again due to moaning ruskies (nec-ess-itating) a bit like irritating.

  5. Please try the legendary SU-261 AP (or maybe Heat) combo! Precise and deadly. Maybe shootgun mode activated?

  6. People will still have to use stun ;because they aren’t changing the missions. So basically everyone doing missions are just getting fucked.

  7. ” it’s Nerf or nothing! “

  8. I’m not a P2W player and don’t have a premium account or buy gold and credits (but yes I’ve spent money on the game) so there’s no way I’m shooting “special” ammo from my SPG’s. The amount of times my well aimed shots land so far away from the target for zero damage or stun just makes the cost of the “special” shells way too expensive for what they are supposed to do. This just appears to be yet another cash grab from WG to entice players to spend more money on premium accounts and other such things to help pay for the “special” ammo, NOT a rebalancing thing. Why can’t WG just make it simple….No Stun…..Less SPG’s per match…..Lower Damage…..SIMPLE.

  9. Artillery in AW had also illumination rounds. Basically a spotting round

  10. So, arty will do less damage. Nice. Even WG hates arty.

  11. I highly request an motovlog.
    Loved the motovlogs

  12. I’m tired of this BS that WG test on the sandbox server. Why don’t they put some effort into balancing the broken reward tanks, low tier artillery?
    remove the friendly fires, coz pussys can’t stand that level of toxicity, sure!~ remove XVM coz morons can’t bear with their shitty stats, sure! stop hiring politicians to your Dev team WG, we don’t want changes that 60% of people like and others don’t. Bring us something 90% of people like, instead of those shitty British tanks you push to us this past year.

    missing the hallowen even, sure! Guess what? WG never miss a weekend sales event.

  13. Bring back S-51 238 mm penetrating 1500 alpha damage shell !

  14. How about letting premium account holders to opt out of arty games like the way we opt out of maps? Problem solved

  15. ´´necessitating´´ hahaha and I thought my english was bad

  16. You know what you do with the other hand ?

  17. This sounds good ,but if this will this happen everyne will play spg first months (every mm with 3 artys)

  18. What is the fucking point of adding HP on tanks if they add more damage to shells?

  19. Another cash grab. Reducing the damage of spg’s with stun remaining is crap because damage has already been nerfed. A prem shell with the same damage but no stun is worthless so really a nerf. AP shells that can bounce/miss will decrease your damage output especially when considering they propose to keep the damage low. This is a nerf to arty. No good player will be playing this class especially those concerned with their stats since their overall damage will be reduced unless they use premium shells which is a waste of credits. The crybabies are winning as usual.

  20. I have said this on other vids and will say it again. The loss of the stun is not worth the +15% dmg and the AP dmg is too low to be worthwhile. This is a flat out nerf to arty due to the increased HP pool and that is a good thing.
    The T92 on the test server has how much dmg with AP? less than 600 and thats not the 1800 it used to have so with its still poor accuracy it will not be a big problem/not even worth considering.

    Adding smoke and counter arty would be a good thing to arty because at the moment it is only worth playing to complete campaign missions.

  21. I find ebr more annoying than arty.

  22. Ja, ist denn schon Weihnachten?!

  23. Thanks for reading us the article…

  24. A_Certain_Russian_Heavy_Tank

    Hahaha! Yes! No stun on prem HE shells! AP is fine since less damage and we have more HP, tho i hope the AP dmg doesn’t exceed 900 dmg

  25. Previously, AP or HE, no stun.
    Then they remove AP, introduce stun.
    Now they add back AP.
    Gonna be fun! I never complain bout arty, I deal with it. I also play arty from time to time.

  26. Thanks very much to the bureau sitting inkpissers! For the choice, as arty has a long reload to think and think and think wich ammo to put in?!
    Or bring the AMX30PLUTON as an arty!!!!

  27. Ha, I’d always go for the special shells so I can maximize my damage output. The only time I’d bother having the standard is if I’m in a Platoon and I need to save their ass’s and stun the enemy so they can get the kill. As for the alternative shell, I’ll leave that for shotgunning light tanks that rushes for an ‘easy’ kill

  28. They need to stop messing with stuff they just break it.

  29. *hears about arty changes*
    Well it is about time to get the 261 soon…

    • Besides, is it just me or is counter arty still a thing between 55%+ arty players in matches with 2+ players? (because arty spots remain predictable)

  30. Here is the simple solution to make this game so much better.

    Just delete the foking spgs already from the game.

  31. Who cares about stun or more dam…of course everyone will choose more dam!…everyone plays this game for themselves…they don’t really care about the other 14 other players

  32. Cool. They are nerfing them again. What a surprise.

  33. “Because WG know what they are doing’

  34. sadly in armored warfare arty is pve only

  35. WG are such a bunch of idiots. Just like the tanks they can U turn too

  36. So, no one will ever use gold rounds to deal bit more damage, due to the price, shells will be crazy expensive, but AP shells will be used a lot, less than 50% more expensive, then regular one, but damage is only bit less than 50% less, so how often do you do half of your regular he damage with arty anyways – though no splash, no stun and you have to hit and pen. Pen values will be around 300.

  37. just remove the spg’s from the game. would be much more fun to play then… we are heading back to old spgs now again… only difference now is that they can chose to stun if they want… what BS… just remove them.

  38. F wg return us wot from 2016 u will loose all players from beginning of existing game…in the past all gender of tanks had own purposes…and today all is shit

  39. CV rework all over again?

  40. I play game, I play game for fun, and game means to play for fun! So I play WORLD OF TANKS this game is for fun, not to play for mad! If they mean to making game which plays for mad, then quit this game is a great choice for my mental health

  41. First of all, I have one artillery , the mean S-51 and I only got it throigh kv-2 to finish the missions, so I have about 60 games with it. BUT, I cannot , for the life of me get the constant whining from everyone about them. Yesterday I got a hit for 800 damage from them, but still I do not hate on them, I do not whine. I’m sick and tired of the constant whining about arty. How many times you loved that you have an allied arty to take out an enemy because you were low HP and they were in a good position? Don’t you get that every move from WG is to make you use the number 2 more? There’s a cash pile of “silver” in every player’s in game account and WG wants that to be wiped as soon as possible

  42. The tier v lefh. Virtually no burst radius. I HAVE to rely on hitting a target…with less damage per hit, how can I accomplish the tough missions, if they reduce damage per shot?? It is already the toughest to do arty missions, now verge on impossible. In order to do arty missions, they will HAVE to rework those goals, or people will find arty missions impossible to accomplish, and so good luck getting those mission tanks. Even the game developers want to over pick on arty…if they dislike arty soooouch they have to over abuse the line, why not just take arty out if the game, instead of being abusive to the tanks?? I don’t care either way. Making them impossible to enjoy like the other types of tanks is abusive to the player IMO. People don’t like being hit by arty the whiners. I don’t like it either but guess what I play them too. Why is wot allowing this mental schism to grow like a fault line in the ground? So whiners are ruining arty the way I see it. I also see wot buckling to whiners because of distaste for arty. Well, get rid if them then, rather than make them truly invaluable in the fight. There is no motivation in that. If they truly get effective in turning people off completely from playing arty, will that give them the excuse they need, to terminate them with public approval? If so, why not just reduce their damage per shot even more, why not drastic?!?!?!!??!!!!!!!! This is just posturing. To me, this seems like a poll or trying to see public opinion, rather than damage balancing. It seems like snowflake whiner pandering over the wishes of the bigger body of players. I wonder how many tankers underestimate just how much they rely on stun shots from the hated arty but on their side…. Taking arty out of the game might just wake players up to how much they truly rely upon arty. I know from my own experience just how much players want me to shoot this or that…but yet they hate arty and wish them gone. Whether THEY want arty in the game or not. Just my opinion. Frankly, arty should be left alone IMO. Great article dez.

  43. It’s time for them to just admit defeat and get rid of the entire vehicle class, they’ve gutted it so badly.

    How the fuck can a shell that does *less* damage with a smaller splash radius STUN while a shell delivering *MORE* explosive power over a larger area cause *no* stun? That’s just fucking moronic. Why not just remove stun and go back to the pre-2012 versions of arty.

    Lower ‘damage share’ – which means that, since they’re already barely capable of doing 1/3 the damage of a conventional tank they want that potential reduced even further to… well, effectively nothing.

  44. I LOVE the consistency of their decisions. Some time ago: Dear arty players, we will diminish your dmg output and remove ALMOST all AP and HEAT ammo, lessen HE dmg output, and central blast area, but hey, we will add brand new stun mechanics! Now: hey you again.. We have other great news! We will bring back what we removed and mix it together with now existing mechanics to make even more confusing mixture together with fucking up HE for non-arty vehicles to make everyone happy! Merry Christmas!

  45. Well looks like IM never coming back to the game

  46. Every single change WG does is designed to increase income. What arty wants to stun? None, they want to cause damage and heat does this. But is heat more expensive? Da!

  47. SHIP…Greetings from a “Special Place on the Planet”…:))

    FINALLY,…the Conqueror-GC will retake its title as KING…lobbing rounds over those hiding places that tanks like to hide behind, and place Rounds on Foreheads!
    How much Pain (!!!) will be experienced IF…WGing does what they say they are going to do.

    I cant imagine how much “GOLD” those special (GOLD)-rounds will cost, because we all know, thats really where WGing is thinking; their pocket books.

    —waiting for the new coffee cups of “EPIC BOOMSTICK” logo’s…thats your trademark too.

  48. Yiğitcan Pıçakçıoğlu

    AP Shell with mighty leo ACC. 261<3

  49. Finally !!! AP is back ladies and gents !!

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