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Honestly enjoying this so much!


  1. Is the Indien Panzer worth the grind to the Leos?


  3. would love to see some T44 action

  4. *i found this Website where people can stream*

    Circon I’ve heard of it too, I think it’s called Twtich

  5. Saint Grizz Replays

    Hey Circon ⭐⭐⭐, nice game dude 4.6k DMG with the Ind-Pz, awseome map awareness as per usual, you are the WOT man!!!! tbf my gameplay has improved rapidly watching your games, my WN8 rating has gone through the roof (2,900+) You inspired me to make my own youtube wot channel, thanks again buddy. If you have a few tips to help? Check it out and let me know what you think?

  6. Gerhard Wunderler

    nice game…

  7. the indien pz has really good dpm for a tier 8 med

  8. awesome video keep up the amazing work

  9. More vid circ I bored

  10. Circon: How many layers of Steve?
    WOT: All of them.

  11. You could make a pig look sexy, nice nice game dude.

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I always hated Paris map every single time ….

  13. The only thing more dense than that iron curtain of Steves at the beginning were their reaction times

  14. if I had 100+mil i woudlnt mind if i lost 50k… but for us other plebs who need to grind for a month or two events … no gold for you…

  15. Circon Chat” Hi Chat. 😛

  16. “It’s all in the reflexes”
    -Jack Burton

  17. Big Trouble in Little China is a banger of a movie. 10/10 Title 10/10 Circonflexing on scrubs

  18. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    Nice werks

  19. You must be a dwarf to have that much gold, aren’t you?

  20. Mandalorian was kinda bad ngl

  21. M*A*S*H is absolut rubbish!

  22. Love the replay, hate the noices CF makes …

  23. Hurricane Higgins

    quality man

  24. I really liked the ind.panzer, I’m glad you are kickin ass and posting vids in it!!!

  25. 6:33 Really nice play by that O-Ni there.

  26. A good time in Paris? Wasn’t that a porn film?

  27. Gotta love how their campers never reacted.

  28. Ooo, more Baby Löwe action! Always been a big fan of the IndyPanzer, such a massively underrated tank. <3

  29. I was actually here for this one the other day.

  30. I was wondering why my gun marks dipped like 2%. Should have know 😛 Also, back when I first started grinding this tank, I hated it. It took me I think 9 games to get my first daily double in it (bad luck and even worse teams that day), and the 88mm gun felt like it was coded, that if there was even a pixel of ground within your aiming reticle, that’s where the shell would go. Infuriating tank to play. However, after they buffed it, it’s actually a pretty fun tier VIII medium, and the 250 alpha is so nice to have on something other than Soviet guns.

  31. Shout out to platoon 1, both tanks at the bottom!

  32. I’d send you the entire M* A* S* H* collection if international shipping wasn’t abhorrent Circon
    It’s a beautiful that needs to be appreciated

  33. Uff, im trying to play that tank right now, and it makes me sad, then i see these games and just.. oh heck.. I give up soon. But GG.

  34. Paris….blech

  35. I still hate paris, see the vid on my channel.

  36. I see the mistake I make when I play this game..I am not Circon 🙂

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