Big World of Tanks News from lastest Q&A!

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  1. It's not what you think

    “We aren’t limiting it to 2 arty per game because then you’d only have to fight 2 M44s every game instead of 3.”

  2. Thanks for covering this! Can’t wait to move away from 3/5/7 mm.

  3. We want helicopter tanks.

  4. Thanks smak748…

  5. Its ok.i quited wot about 2 weeks ago.wg takes to long to fix anyrhing.anyhow tired of pay to win nowadays.even though can be blamed for that.still have +80k gold

  6. Sounds like your crew skill setup will be the same as console.

  7. ASIA server has had the new MM for a few months now and it is fantastic

  8. Am I crazy or is WG actually working to FIX THE GAME? HO – LEE – SHIITE – BATMAN We’ve been screaming for a lot of this list forever. To see big changes on the board is just amazing. Wow. Thanks for the update Circon. Super interesting.

  9. I think the per tank/ per player stats are the Hall of Fame Beta in Service Record

  10. So basically 1 guy is working on ALL of the features that any of us care about.

  11. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 just needs 334mm of pen with HEAT at 900m/s; but, Obj 268v4 needs 260mm of pen with HEAT and 960m/s.
    I think that something is wrong
    Grille 15 just needs 279mm with AP while Obj 268v4 needs just 293…. something is really wrong!!!

  12. They should rebalance tanks THEN the ammo. If they balance tanks properly with weak spots and MM gets fixed, I don’t think gold spam would be as prevalent as it is now, its a problem caused by maps (which we can blacklist soon), shitty MM (getting fixed soon) and a lack of weakspots on tanks (rebalance 3.0). If they make these changes, people wouldn’t spam gold as much.

  13. How relevant are the ‘1 – 11 battle tiers’ now because wasn’t this to give most tier 10 tanks the only ‘1 up and 2 down’ MM. A lot of people consider tier 9 as the sweet spot because of ‘1 up 2 down’ MM but this is wrong if battle tiers are still a thing. I think it muddies the waters that tier 11 is only a partial tier, full of mainly super heavies and High Alpha TD’s.
    Also what’s your thoughts on limiting special ammo (SA) to 33% of the load, yes there are tanks that need more HEAT but shouldn’t they be changed rather than giving someone the ability to go ‘full gold’ which has the potential to significantly raise dpm. That’s the ultimate effect of SA is to raise dpm that would otherwise drop. Regular full SA is usually trolling or laziness #Assholes and we non-assholes shouldn’t be on the receiving end of this … pun intended.
    Cheers from NZ, love UR work.

  14. Removing team damage… WG there’s a reason why Asia has the most retarded Heavy Tank players… removing it means no justice for us.. I mean I don’t care if I got ban several times as long as their WASD working and some brains I’ll accept that

  15. I so hope the change of arty missions will involve removing stun missions from the second set
    It’s such bullshit that there are class-specific missions in a set seperated by nations

  16. Fix the ridgelines!!

  17. I dont see how its so difficult to hide the xvm stats… doesnt sound like rocket science to just show only tank names instead of actual names. problem solved

  18. My thoughts on pve content:
    Boost credit making potential, nerf xp earning (with merit bonuses for things like whole team survival, courageous resistance, etc). This will help keep pvp relevant for the tech tree grind (which is good because it’ll keep mm stocked on non-tier X’s) and hopefully not cause a new surge in gold spam. Also, it may encourage people to play premium tanks in pve for the credit coefficient benefits, reducing premium saturation in pvp, thus improving tank variety.
    Idea for an arty pve mode: 5 arty, one light tank. Light spots for arty, arty tries to keep the light alive (this should help take arty players out of pvp).

  19. arty 1 shotted people before the update, people complain and whined that arty has too much dmg. then wg nerf 50% of their damaged, and introduce stun, the community complain about the stun (yeah it’s annoying, that’s why they are reducing it now) and now ask for arty damage to be buffed, Let’s just face the reality here, arty has little to no skilled class in wot. For the start of the game just choose a bush by the red line and that’s it, you only need 1 hand to play, dropping shit on any spotted tank and oh and if u missed you still do a reasonable amount of damage and knocking of tracks on your opponent forcing them to use repair and medkit, if another shell comes to them it will renders them out of the battle for 90 sec, oh and if theres 3 arty you may as well join the TDs at the back of the redline. And you’re safe. Arty promotes very passive gameplay on open maps and the team  that rushes to take  advantages or deny advantages position  from the enemy are punished severely and neither teams want to advance and waits for the 2 minutes timer start rushing. You only need half a brain and a hand to play arty, it’s not like the other classes where you cant have pornhub on the other tab and beating your meat ever 30-40 sec reload interval with your other hand and rinse and repeat. WG if you ever read this by any means, good job on addressing this matter in the right direction, but more could be done, maybe limit spgs to 1 or 2? Add new shell types for them fragmentation rounds, creeping smoke barrages? It’s already implemented in frontlines a reworked version could be made for arty. Provide a bigger variety for arty too and reward good arty players with bonus exp and credits for concealing and allied tank’s retreat or blinding and enemy’s advance, that way allied players will even start to appreciate allied arty players instead of stunning/damaging/friendly fire own teammates in close quarters brawling and contributing more hate towards spgs. Its bad enough we have to deal with 3 spgs on the enemy team, and an additional 1 on your team just to make matters worst, when an allied spg decides to fck you over, stunning you and your opponent worst comes to worst he has a medkit and you don’t, overall lowers the chance of winning the engagement. we hope every future update takes a step forward, not backward, we community will provide feedback but it’s up to you to listen, you guys deserve credit when you release good and proper content/updates but we will call you out too if you screw up, with op ass p2w premiums, retarded derp guns bobjects and etc. accept constructive criticism and together we can make wot enjoyable and prolly an increase in playerbase. I love wot, I wouldn’t want to see it die. Thanks for reading if you guys made it this far.

  20. Great stuff man. Thank you so much sir

  21. Yeah I’ll be old and grey before this game is playable again.

  22. will blacklist all city maps…

    • No, you won’t. You’ll be VERY limited in how many maps you can blacklist. My guess is maybe two at most. Otherwise the MM will be absolutely fucked.

  23. Thanks Circon!

  24. 8:28 that is what they have on console, it makes it really easy to get crew skills. If you would use a crew from tier 6 to tier 10, you could have 5 or 6 skills, maybe even 7.

  25. *Blacklist for maps is near*

    Goodbye Empire’s Border.

  26. Actions speak louder than we words…. We’ll see in a year, or 5

  27. Battle Royale was last year’s April Fool’s mode remember? lol

  28. #23: Maybe if they had more than 1 guy working on the game it wouldn’t take 2 years to add stuff.
    #27: What the heil do you mean repair kit isn’t a fix? are you telling me the crew can’t just get out and flip that bad boy back over with a magical jack or something like they do in Blitz?
    Overall, it sounds like wargaming has like 7 employees, and it takes forever for them to do anything, Yet they sell probably a couple thousand Tier 8 premium tanks and that should be enough to hire and pay more employees.

  29. >Map Blacklist
    Good riddance Province.
    >Arty AP
    Still Rip French Arty
    >Crew rework
    Sounds cool

  30. Sounds pretty good. We’ll see if/how it’s implemented.

    I get why people want to blacklist maps, but I think it could prove to be a bad idea for team comps. I hope they really think that one through fully.

  31. Circon, hope your mother is doing well… left out Chaffe races.

  32. Any time they talk about rebalancing tanks, I get a little nervous. So many tanks need it, but wargaming does not have a good track record with getting stuff right on the reworks *coughBobjectcough*. On another note, I always wondered what actually happened to SerB. I used to think he just got burnt out, now I suspect Viktor has him chained in a basement doing all of the rebalancing stuff by himself…

  33. Just make artillery so undesirable that nobody wants to play them.

  34. From a WG NA CM they said there is like 3 different teams tasked on looking at the rebalance… each team does so many tiers. Like 1-5, 6-8 and 9-10. Well that was what was said during one of the streams they have weekly. So hopefully everything is looked at because I’ve been doing some playing on a newer account and 4 and 5 are a sad state.

  35. Toasty Roasty Man

    I never get excited with WG promises. I am still waiting for Historical battles and how long has that been?


  37. I am glad to see KHARKOV, (1/4 circle Paris type map, but with more terrain variation. Better than Paris). Yeah, the O between the R & K was probably a typOh Uh Oh! lol 101 LOL
    Thats funny, they put my comment in twice.

  38. what about #28? Chaffee race? what is that?
    edit: just saw some vids from QB & Rita. Old stuff, but looks like fun 🙂

  39. Maps blacklist…finally.Minsk and Paris bye bye.And it’s also nice for those who are still playing artys that can decide to blacklist city maps before they start playing with them.For the rest, wait and we will see if there is any goods from upcoming(planned) changes.

  40. These changes concern me. I’m not at all on board for a lot of these changes. It doesn’t matter I’m probably done with this game. I can’t play in these one sided games anymore it’s not fun. Sad. I see nothing here that interests me. It was a good run I guess but in feeling like I spent a lot of money and it’s all for nothing.

  41. I like loot boxes. I want a type59. ??
    Can’t the front,one maps be used for grand battles too?

  42. for 27 i think we should have a tool just like Warthunder when a tank is on his side or up so down

  43. yeah still not coming back

  44. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar


  45. Can WG maybe employ Circon, to make him tell the other guy who works there, what he has to do. I mean after all thoose years they could employ 2 people, right?

    WG – the one dude indy developer!!!! I always knew it.

  46. I wish they’d do a little more for the AUSNZ server, consider making things like QUE waiting more informative, it’d be handy (since our numbers are so low) to know what tiers people were waiting in the que for… that’d be a huge worthwhile change, as then; the FEW that want to play could make up the numbers easier. The rest of it is semantics as far as I’m concerned; getting a game going is the most important in my view. It would be a good change as many times I see enough players in the que for a game, but no game starts. Which must mean players trying different tiers to each other ending up with no game play. They have to do something & quickly or else this server will die.

  47. omg the curtains are patterned

  48. Dear Circon, as an average player with like 5000 sth WG rating and 1300 sth WN8, xvm is a lot useful to me seeing when the game would be a steamroll and when it will be tight. As well as who I may count on when I need support and who I might risk my hp in order to support (not saying I will die cause an asshole unicum made me the shell magnet, just don’t want to support a guy with 300 WN8 and 46% winrate who yolos 5 tanks singlehandedly).

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