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  1. Ah, 5 seconds in and he is already censoring words. The true ways of being a dad

  2. Day 96 : Phly out the Arsenal VG33 and Dewoitine 520 to show em the strenght of the wine powered Hispano Suiza V12 👀🇨🇵❤

  3. Me: Phly, you still have proxy loaded, you’re gonna rage! Phly! PHLYYYYY!
    Phly: RAAAAAGE

  4. I love your video 🤣👍 you made my day

  5. What the fuck is that thing behind underneth the turret? Is that a not to far thing or a thing that unloads the shells?

  6. you love it again 🙂

  7. Day 304: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  8. Bkan shooting planes makes me happy

  9. “Playing war thunder is like eating out of your butthole”-phly
    That quote rlly hits hard thanks for the daily uploads 👍

  10. Still what to see Yad again 🙂

  11. meanwhile in Ukraine:

  12. in 13 days we destroyed 48 jets and 80 russian helicopters. Join against the aggressor

  13. Quote of the Day: “Apparently somebody is suffering from Brrrrrrruh…..”

  14. Thats an spg arty, not an AA

  15. I imagine these pilots seeing 47kg football flying past them thinking “heck?!”

  16. this AA be like: “We’re playing a game of whack fuck, WHACK!”
    The plane getting hit: *”FUCK”*

  17. 9:58 Good job Brazil

  18. I thought the Bkan 1C was a tank destroyer or like a mobile artillery unit… just look at its turret traverse angles are super limited but the gun can be raised super high perfect for artillery and when you hover over it in the tech tree it says it is a tank destroyer….. sooo like….. but oh well

  19. Hey when are you going to update your old sound pack you made in Feb 9, 2019 i really want it because its funny af

  20. Can you fly the su-22m3(Day 1)

  21. Hey phly can u plau the sk105a2?

  22. When phly plays open top: 8 planes with 30 mm. When phly plays anti air: 1 fighter.

  23. Isn’t the phlakrakrad the biggest anti air in the game

  24. Love your vids man always funny xD Attack the D point!

  25. When the anti-air meta is controlled by a tank primarily used for artillery purposes

  26. There are driving now Russian Tanks in this game with the Z on the side.

    Use your connections and get this banned. It is awful enough, that Gaijn is not able to give a clear statement regarding the Russian aggression.

  27. Brazil mentioned

  28. Sry. Its hard to watch WarThunder video when the actual war is taring place. Could you possibly make an anti war statement? I used to be a russian citizen. Any awakaning help would be helpfull

  29. phly plays multiple game barely sees eney plane while me on the other hand gets swarmed by plane and bombers i men my god 2-3 pe8s a game makes it almost unplayable

  30. Александер Понев

    hello my delicious apricot!) what does your nickname mean?

  31. i wish War thunder would give us Arty

  32. Can you play some ground sim battles? I enjoy that stuff more than Tank rb rn tbh

  33. Day 260: Of asking phly to play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also moved it down to 3.7

  34. Its ez by you phly but when tried never again

  35. Got me weak at not enough happiness

  36. hey Phly! this is litterally the third video on this tank in 3 months, could you please give a try to the italian C13 which is in the game from 2 updates earlier than this?

  37. Yoo phly usmctrollraptor in the last game was my dad lmao I’m watching the replay rn l

  38. One good thing about eating food with your butthole is you don’t have to chew it

  39. Day 1 of asking Phly to somehow make the devs put the “one in a phillion” pack in the Playstation And Xbox store

  40. Rip Dakota

  41. With the chat ban it is like playing a single player game so Im moving on GL was fun.

  42. For the pilots, this must feel like the polar opposite version of getting killed by the Kolibri in Battlefield 1.

    Also, I always thought it would be quite interesting and fun if WT actually had infantry, but after I have seen how Phly is… repurposing guns often enough, I am not so sure about that anymore.

  43. I kept hearing…

    “I’m going to go reload my… Hey Cheese!” Then he gets distracted, and shoots a tank.

  44. Lmao “wow” 🤣

  45. kinda sad to see an arado get shot down by this auto round. Lol all that hard work for someone to derp you out of the air like that, ouch.

  46. No way, Flak cannon

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