BIGGEST BAGUETTE Ever Baked And Delivered (War Thunder)

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BIGGEST BAGUETTE Ever Baked And Delivered (War Thunder)

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  1. *GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Dita was re-monetized a couple of days ago. This video was recorded and edited before the good news from dita. Glad our anime boi is back to making mad phat youtube stacks.* btw tomorrow might be the day im back recording my phirst video in over 2 weeks!*

  2. Funny thing, in World of Tanks this vehicle is considered as artillery (shoots ballistic trajectory 😉 ) and they have the same issue with depression 😀

  3. splish.splash.splush

    how lovely T.T so fucking happy

  4. Spacial Sonic777

    F for M16

  5. What’s the sound mods name??

  6. You fucked up that statement by saying that you need permission from the game itself in order to upload a video about the game, it’s like saying you can’t record a video game for fun and stuff without all of the devs of that game to agree, just say fair use and it will be ok

  7. Palle Gantzhorn

    well, he got Epic redeemed lol

  8. Gg good play

  9. GKMGinger A.K.A Ginger


  10. blackcat actual

    Keep it up phly from the OEF Wolves man love your channel, 6th of june you should do a sherman and P40 mash up

  11. It had zero gun depression because it’s an SPG artillery right?

  12. Mike DiGirolamo

    Omg orbital strike lmfao

  13. I need the sound pack pls

  14. What sound pack is Phly using? I love it. Can anyone tag me and tell me. Thank you

  15. Hey Phly ! Love ur Videos ! But War Thunder sucks man.. Every Content just sucks because its unreachable for a normal player. ( a player that plays a few hours a day and not only War Thunder installed) to many f*** hightier shit and they needed 7 years of developing for WW Mode.. this WW Mode is a joke. ENTIRE GAME SERIES WERE MADE IN THIS YEARS. and they bring gamemodes if done myself in editors of other games in just a week ? It seems they developed WW mode in gulag without monitors or gas or eletricitzy. This game have to die because its just a joke. And big joke for pilots. Look at DCS : No one asked and I-16 and Fw190 A8 will released.
    War Thunder : Many many ask and we get hightiershit a broken gamemode and a hell of unbalanced thing. R.I.P. War Thunder. Even when u spend 300€ or $ , u have only fun for a few hours and than it gets boring because its the same shit for years. I hope this game die and u will get a new game to do ur work to get paid ? Greets and loves from Germany . Ur best Phly !

  16. FlyingFordAnglia

    Phly! What’s with the Dunkirk music in the garage? 🙂

  17. 6:55
    Cromwell : pew
    Lorraine : *PEWWW*

  18. Play in WoT altilery there is that tank.

  19. Bogdan Ungureanu


  20. PhlyDaily what sound mod do you use?

  21. “They think it’s a bot”

    and y know who’s actually using bots to make content.

  22. Risang Aji Nugraha

    Stock tank is fun!
    Phly please play american m48a1 in stock condition with only stock apcr, you can keep the parts n fpe

  23. kv2 on a diet

  24. Charles Cockburn

    Pls play the hampden at 9.0 attempt 47

  25. Cant wait for them to add gustav gun

  26. Play T30 again!

  27. How dis these gun sounds hear different from normal wt? U use sound pack or im just deph

  28. Ill do all i can to help dita u 2 got me in to this game

  29. Hold j to pay respekt to m16

  30. Snowy Medicguy2

    Maybe as punishment for getting that poor M16 killed, you should drive a mile in it’s shoes.
    M16 isn’t a bad low BR SPAA either, though, so it might be entertaining too.

  31. What’s the soundpack you are using ?

  32. Elemental Sheep

    what were those ominous sounds at the end in the hangar

  33. love yours video i got problems with PFS ,new laptop lol 6 monts old, take down shadows and clauds but stil freezeng time too time ,any sugestion be help fro me also mayby u you make video how too fix some graphics problem and bags.ty KC

  34. rahmat Krozseyev

    In warthunder No Artilleri?

  35. what sound mod is he using

  36. No phlyboi you didn’t grief a mistake got your teammate killed :/

  37. Try putting targets on your tank on the weakest spots and see how it goes

    If this was already done ignore this coment


  39. afaggnamedalbert

    What sound mod are you using???


  41. _This Is Gospel_ in the intro.. *_yESSSSS_*

  42. Lmao has scope range set to 450m to shoot a guy 100m away. The repercussions are severe

  43. Do you use a Sound pack?

  44. Phly, what soundpack are you using in War Thunder?

  45. Brenton Herbert

    And it was at this moment i wish i had twitter to help dita :/ Glad youtube had an actual PERSON look at it though instead of a bot…. And they thought he was a bot really? god…

  46. What is the sound mod he is using sounds sooo good want that in my life

  47. 8:34 he made it out. All right, flawless. That was flawless exit.

  48. I haven’t play the game for a while, is this a sound pack?

  49. ok, I want the soundpack he’s using it sounds so good can you all tell me how to get it ?


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