BIGGEST BRITISH TANK EVER | The Mighty Tortoise (War Thunder)

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BIGGEST BRITISH TANK EVER | The Mighty Tortoise (War Thunder)

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  1. That bounce was pretty cool

  2. Loving the unloved: the Tortoise

  3. Nice!
    We want more Brits!

  4. All tank gun sounds are the same now. 🙁

  5. you can water water and it grows

  6. Dr.Phil’s Promethius

    When he starts singing that melody, all that I can think of is the little hooded mfs from Space Balls

  7. Nes quite

  8. Love thouse games with time travelers

  9. i was just fighting with one of these tort

  10. 14:38 Phly has a seizure

  11. jes we are nazis

  12. at 14 minutes I realised you have been playing this tank tooo long hahahahaha

  13. Phly:- “I don’t understand why Tortoise doesn’t get more love.”
    His matches exactly show why Tortoise doesn’t get more love. Not everyone has bushes and luck.

  14. Hey Phly, can u play with the flakpanzer 1

  15. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt( # 40 ). We need a type 87 video!

  16. Phly please stop with the bushes. I get the joke but don’t let people think it’s okay

  17. @PhlyDaily The Tiger II turret is not modeled correctly in game, most of the front plate on the turret is actually there just to hold side armor in place (see the welds) therfore you could not penetrate it since behind it wasn’t crew compartment but just more steel form the side panels. The area that is only protected by 180mm is really small and necessary since behind it are optics and gun mounts. The rest of the turret is protected by the mantlet. But if they modeled it completely correctly the Tiger II would have to be at much higher BR since the turret would be ~230mm thick in it’s thinnest point.

  18. It’s not THAT ugly

  19. Super heavy tank

  20. Please do Tom hanks impression!!!

  21. CreatureOfTheVoid

    Yep that just how most of my matches go, you finally get to where you want to be and your already taking fire from every side or bombs

  22. Been a bit since you played the M36

  23. Tortoise, T95 doom turtle and Jagdtiger battle comparison plz

  24. How do I place multiple bushes, I mean the same good big green one

  25. The Barn and Torty make for such a great combo ngl

  26. Play ho ri prototype next

  27. Mastake123 mastake

    7:15 T34 turret going to brazil

  28. Phly: Everything is working ouuuut!
    Ju288: omae wa mou shindeiru!
    Phly: NANI!?
    Bomb: *explodes*

  29. We need to See the Maus again!

  30. *T h i c c t o i s e*

  31. *The chonk tonk.*

  32. Fun fact! The turret machine guns are actually a great rangefinder for the APCBC

  33. Love your videos! I know this is off topic, but do you always use a joystick to phly? Keep posting great stuff!

  34. Surprise everybody intro

  35. Gotta say I’ve been only watching your videos for a yearish now and I feel like I’m watching a man slowly descend into madness.

  36. SO. I’ve got to ask… What is with the weird, random slide guitar in the back ground these days??

  37. Big, Slow Tank: *exists*

    Bombs and Speedy Bois: *It’s Free Real Estate*

  38. That tank so awesome

  39. Phly, you need to play the AB 43, you haven’t made a vid on it and it needs a ‘loving the unloved’.

    day 33

  40. Pls play the T80 light tank (2.3) at top tier

  41. my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  42. I do not owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  43. If anyone been to the tank museum u will know that the biggest British tank is the TOG II, I am lead to beleive, correct me if I’m wrong

  44. this tank is super slow. try to catch a point and the game is allready finished.

  45. Tortoise!😆

  46. Does kommunazies work too?

  47. When are they going to add the Tog II

  48. Can I play with people on war thunder

  49. i have lately played alot of german stuff and i absolutely fell in love with the
    bmp1 ( 9M113 ATGM the upgraded one) and then try and get to the G.91 R/3 with 4!!!!
    Nord missles, its so phun to groundstrike in that thing, feels a bit like the old tiny
    tims ya know the unnerfed ones (some people go absolutely nuts, so i might add
    longrange yeeeeeeets of course) Attempt #43

  50. You should play with Ta-Se, you gotta like it

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