BIGGEST CUPOLA EVER (War Thunder MLG Gameplay)

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BIGGEST CUPOLA EVER (War Thunder MLG Gameplay)


  1. Lov that blue tank camo

  2. so god damn…thanks phly im doing so well at ground forces now because of
    you and your videos…airplanes…well thats another story…please help!!!
    lol still the best intros on youtube!!!

  3. it’s weird, but I think on old PC it’s better.

  4. that cupola is a tank on top of a tank

  5. you said you have 2 ssd’s now and said they are spinning really fast…

  6. do you have a custom game that you let randoms play..would love to play

  7. phly I’m on an iPad and I can’t see anything like the modifications :/

  8. can u play the G8N1, type 74, J7W1, and the stb


  10. in war thunder I only have tier 4 germans

  11. I have the best german stuff

  12. but next phly take out the type 74 and the Kikka

  13. Try the Terminator the M163 with the 20mm gatling gun .

  14. Betray your British brothers and do the ✙Germans✙ proud. Play the
    ✙Infanterie Kampfpanzer Churchill along with the ✙Wellington Mk Ic (Attempt

  15. ニュージャージー アイオワ級戦艦 二番艦

    Originally, this tank retreat is not so late

  16. hey Phly ! take the British recon combo : the T17 and the Sword fish

  17. ssd’s don’t spin….

  18. You should build an entire pc it is easy and fun

  19. Thought I’d give the game a try and very quickly realized choosing Italian
    fighters was not great.

  20. bt 5 master race

  21. play bt5 and mig 15, see if you can get mig

  22. Native American Prince David

    Phly, it’s my Birthday today! I turned 21! I had a frustrating Birthday
    The pizza place messed up AGAIN!
    Your video cheered me up though! Tank you!

  23. Pre built PCs are for scrubs

  24. Attempt two: Land a heavy fighter on the enemy Aircraft Carrier in cockpit

  25. coloasal chimicanga

    Phly when you use British vehicles say ” Hello guys Sir Phlys-a-lot here
    playing in the …”

  26. prebuilt. lol

  27. At 8:39 I can hear “Running in the 90’s” playing.

  28. It ok everyone has PC probs once in a while I know I have had to replace
    mine a few times.Fun combo:German tier 1 20mm funPanzer mk2H112 A-0 with
    just the 20 mm.great vid as always mate.

  29. Tank Request: 75mm combo PZ IV F2 and HS 129 B-3

  30. Phly you’ve got to build your own computer, arguably the best way to do
    things.. Also whats your specs for the computer your using now?

  31. Bro, you my number one tuber, I watch you more than sashagrey mofo, quality
    of this video is algood.

  32. Soviet coastgoard combo – SU-100Y and Russian PBY-5a
    Attempt #2

  33. Has there always been the sand effect in the garage?? Seems like there is
    constant wind blowing on the sand. Or am I just too drunk ??

  34. Phly play Hitler’s Buttplug launcher the Brummbar

  35. 8:50 a T95 lol wut

  36. Nikolai Brix Hermansen - 6J

    Autocannons on SPAAs now have a overheat and cooldown. :D

  37. phly take out the ki-45 otsu with the super powerful cannon and the Ho-Ro

  38. Phlydaily I challenge you to try and shoot off of one tank and kill someone
    else by bouncing.!!!

  39. do a tank destrojer

  40. I dont play war thunder… but I reckon the KV2 and some Russian derpy
    plane will be good :)

  41. fabi meinlebenundich

    Dear comander Phlydaily, the enemies are good, you have to be better. Take
    the Focke Wulf fw 190 A5/U2 and the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther!

    Good luck Sir!

  42. The reason why Russian gas tanks don’t explode like every other nation is
    that they use diesel instead of regular petrol. Diesel has to be exposed to
    extremely high heat and pressure in order to burn. Pressure that’s lost
    when a hole is punched in the gas tank

  43. Ysan “WhYsan” Mine

    Type 61: 2km/h reverse. (what.) SU-100Y: 5km/h. I thought that was slow.

  44. What’s up phly. I like ur other intro the “everybody” song/ intro. I like
    the other one better cuz u have energy when the song/intro was over. Like.
    “Hey what is up guys!!!”

  45. I’m a WOT fan, been playing it for years. This game is really good looking
    and its very tempting to play. What do you guys think? Is it worth
    downloading? Are the beginning tiers useless? or can you actually have fun
    with the first 4 tanks of every branch??

  46. Анастасия Чайкина

    Oh, I was in this video on M26, u tried to shoot me but missed, then I came
    on M36 but was killed by Tiger, and in the end U killed me on M19 in the
    hangar :)

  47. шайтан арба

    ASU-57 + La-5/Yak-9T FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!
    Make small calibers great again! ;D
    P.S. Thank you for all your videos, they’re awesome.

  48. attempt #1 smk & pe-8

  49. You can upscale it again, and then it will look better on youtube, because
    youtube allow an higher bitrate on 2k/4k video :D

  50. A R2Y2 that cost a deathstar to repair.

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