BIGGEST GUN IN GAME 183mm FV4005 (War Thunder 1.67 New Tank)

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BIGGEST GUN IN GAME 183mm (War Thunder 1.67 New Tank)

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  1. RIP Leopard

  2. can it out turn a spitfire?

  3. take out the charioteer Mk III and sea seafire mk xvII

  4. I’m more excited for the T34 that tank is gonna be cool!

  5. Marder III H with the Ju 87 B-2 equiped with SC500!

  6. “You may fire when ready.”
    -Grand Moff Tarkin

  7. Challenge Time!!!!!! No Ammo No Problems!! take the Panther out, but only use the MG 42 in front!! Must get at least one kill!!

  8. the turret is so big it has a full fucking door

  9. not really the biggest gun if you add the sturmtiger

  10. what happened to THE BEST TANK IN THE GAME- M551 Sheridan? can u play the M103, M551 Sheridan, and the M163

  11. Now they need to give us the T110E5, E4, E3, IS-7, OBJ 430, Jagpanzer E 100, E 75, Type 4 and 5 Heavy

  12. when this comes out, take it out, set screen shake to max and try to fire in third person as much as possible

  13. Hey Phly, I got a challenge for you. Take out the SU-100Y into Tier 8.0 battle and try to kill a Maus. (Tip: When using this tank, shoot for Maus cheeks, guaranteed kill 😉 )

  14. lol I just assumed it was Russian off the bat


  16. Hook Me tactic. You and a friend take tanks out in tank RB and one tows the other, one pointing backwards and one pointing forwards (mainly fixed turret tanks) Attempt #1

  17. But will HESH be able to save this thing from a frontal assault by a Maus or T-95?

  18. The death star is fully operational!

  19. homer trump the bad youtuber

    finally something can beat the ho-ro

  20. reload speed: 20 mins

  21. #DerpCannonsFTW

  22. From the looks of it the designers basically said “hey I like the look of naval guns, let’s strap one to a tank!”

  23. Hey phly take out the tiger h1 and the ta 152 h1 the hail hydra combo attempt number 13 FOR THE FATHERLAND

  24. sturmtiger

  25. Left this game for a year and still no ships, good thing I have bf1!

  26. It’d be pretty cool if you could drop that plow blade in back and dig into the ground with it. Maybe increase stability and recoil management.

  27. And now we just need the Object 268 to be in the game.

  28. I can only sense this challenge that I’ll demand once this tank comes out.
    Take out a plane with that cannon… yeah, I feed of the pain of the people

  29. It might be just me, but I have a feeling that gaijin is copying world of tanks

  30. i’ll leave this here. this is the response i got from bovington research department a few years ago about the fv4005.

    Detailed information on FV4005 both stages 1 and 2 is rather scarce and not completely conclusive. The best source we have are a few images which show the autoloader system, with a six barrel auto loader and what looks like the ability to load three additional rounds from the rear but as this was two part ammunition its very difficult to ascertain if the barrel contained a mix of projectile and propellant. Hopefully one day FV4005 will be opened up so that we can have a look at the turret interior and what’s left of the automatic loader.

  31. War Monkey Gaming

    with the new Hull Break mechanic now in game the HESH rounds mite do a bit better

  32. WTF !!!

  33. I know this is random but I have the troll face emoji tatted on my back ( lost a bet )

  34. One of the biggest problems with WT is the auto loader/manual loader. An auto loader is SLIGHTLY faster than a well trained crew but the major disadvantage is that the crew are limited to the pre-selected order of the rounds in the magazine.The MAJOR advantage of a manual loader is that the crew can easily load and change rounds WITHOUT having to fire a preloded round. I am willing to pay a time penalty to change from lets sat APDS to HEATFS without firing and not being able to (in non autoloader tanks) is one of the biggest flaws in the game.

  35. death star lol

  36. Yay more tanks that never fucking served.
    WOT is awesome..

    Shit i mean WT easy mistake these days

  37. Ugly but Deadly. Just the way I like my tanks, and women….

  38. AsavageWoodchuck

    Phly you said it. Challenge: Kill a FV4005 with a M2A2 when it becomes available!

  39. only fires hesh

  40. Rudy Plays Minecraft

    No offense or something but WoT already had FV4005 like 2 years ago

  41. Muse:???

  42. In world of tanks has -3 depression and very limited elevation and the turret does not turn completely around only 45 degrees to the left and right

  43. oh no not this horror, it’s a f***ing derp gun worst than 152 and it will be in tier4-5 and what? will destroy everything, I quit German army cuzI’m sure it will have a unequal BR and will go with 6.7 and oh, my Tiger II sla16 is a 6.7 BR, thx to god it dont have doom armor

  44. โอ๊ต Aod24

    RIP KV-2

  45. the brithis kv2

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