BIGGEST GUNS IN THE GAME | Admiral Graf Spee Heavy Cruiser (War Thunder 1.95)

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BIGGEST GUNS IN THE GAME | Admiral Graf Spee Heavy Cruiser (War Thunder 1.95)



  1. Quite hard to write a comment with both hands up in the air phly

  2. Hey Phly you should take out the British fv4005 #2

  3. Its read *[ADMIRAL GIRAFFE’S PEE]*
    Change my mind.

  4. Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff

    Thank you for doing another video on Fleet! And looking forward to more. That ship is insanely powerful. I have loved playing fleet just as much as the other branches. So yes, please show more of it. Haters can go somewhere else.

  5. I can believe the 23.33 kg; the sturmpanzer’s shell is probably still designed for at least a little bit of shrapnel, but for a naval high explosive projectile, fragmentation isn’t much of a helpful feature

  6. it’s pronounced “Spee” not “Spee”

  7. The 37 my skin could become bounce that

  8. Ohh I’m still triggered. “SHPE” :))

  9. Triggered sir….Still love the work! and yes to the haunting….

  10. Play the mangusta

  11. Shpay, if you wanna be pedantic. And I wanna.

  12. It is Graf Shpee

  13. Love your videos, but yeah you don’t understand how large caliber high explosive rounds work. War Thunder ground forces is a major simplification to begin with. Large naval HE projectiles will simply breakup on impact with armor of any real thickness and fail to detonate or really, accomplish anything useful at all. This is also true of large explosive demolition or GP type bombs, as opposed to SAP or AP types.

    This is why ships like Spee would still fire armor piercing rounds even at very lightly armored ships like the British cruisers at the River Platte. HE would be dramatically less effective. In fact the Spee was scuttled in part because the ship had already fired off almost all of its 28cm APC ammunition though it still had a decent supply of HE rounds.

    The relationship is non linear. The bigger the HE round the bigger the high explosive charge, but the thickness of the walls of the shell does not increase in proportion, as this thickness only exists to allow the shell to retain integrity upon firing. The design of the fuse, and the fuse well built into the shell structure meanwhile preclude penetrating any serious amount of metal before exploding. War Thunder crediting a 28cm HE round with 80mm of penetration is already on the generous side of reality, and the performance of these kind of rounds in oblique firing was terrible, they’d breakup on almost anything.

    While a small compact tank was potentially vulnerable to a external detonation on the armor by an impact fused shell, something the game mechanics of War Thunder model good enough for tanks, the reality is even at the same armor thickness a warship was much more massively built, had much greater internal space and the internal blast and spall effects would simply be less. Any explosive projectile that is not a sphere actually geometrically directs its blast relative to its actual shape. A HE shell is a cylinder, if it detonates on impact most of the blast goes out in a radial fashion rather then focusing into the target. Thus the rational of building shaped charges, and indeed the basic reason why shaped charges work, but that was never done in naval projectiles in the world wars.

    Intermediate types of shells did exist, such as the British CPC rounds, and certain cruiser caliber base fused ‘common’ shells but this kind of ammunition was generally found to be ineffective in WW1, far too many broke up on striking armor to make up for any extra damage caused by the larger explosive charge, and was basically unheard of for WW2 era battleship calibers. For large caliber warship guns high explosive rounds were really only relevant for shore bombardment and hitting totally unarmored vessels like destroyers or freighters that would be overpenetrated by armor piercing shells.

  14. Are we about to see a Jingles-Phly comeback? I mean he be the naval guy

  15. wheres u-boats????
    war gaming did not so well with cristhmas ship’s grinding
    is time for gaijin to release new tipe of content
    like sub marines 😀
    who cares about nuclear Submarines (yes i care since aprile fool=devo server for normal people) when we can play with wow sneeky subs?

  16. VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    The super high pen AP shells when no ship ingame has even close to that….


  17. *raises hand*

  18. Three Royal Navy cruisers want to know your location.

  19. a little history for you it was sunk in 1917 and was found 4 weeks ago off the coast of the falkland islands at a depth of 1.6 km down

  20. I felt a great disturbance In the air, like 50 thousand souls raised both hands in the air at the same time… *shudders*

  21. We need Yamato xD

  22. Admiral Graf Spay more like, Admiral Graf SPREEEEEEEEEEE……………………….

  23. Graf Spee: *JOINED THE CHAT*

  24. I’m learning German. Should Spee be pronounced as Zpay

  25. Triggered all the bloody way.

  26. Can you and the boys make a custom swordfish raid on some of the big German boys. Prince Eugen acttualy fought by the Bismark.


  28. 12:43 it reminds me of the Hood

  29. Phly: “Spe”
    Every other German on the World:”AAAAAAAHHHHHH”

  30. Deutschland class had diesel engines btw.

  31. Phinally phleet phuntime. Phor sure the photilla has only just began

  32. Graph Sphee

  33. In Pocket Battleship exists the Hutten?? Because it is you need to try it.
    Pd: is better and bigger than the Bismark.

  34. Phly the germans still called their ships by she. It was the bismarck’s captain that got triggered by that and dont what to reffer to their ship by a her.

  35. Bolt The Lighling Dash


  36. It’s more like schpee

  37. It’s shpeey you dumbass

  38. It is actually “her” . All german ships (and every other nations ship?) are female even if they have a male name.

  39. The AP vs HE rule is thus; Always use HE for plunging fire, Only use AP in flat trajectory range.

    The rationale is that HE will be more effective against a deck or superstructure. AP does 2 things better, it goes right through the belt and saves you a few volleys, and it is much more likely to cause listing, which will slow and possibly disable guns depending on the list angle. It may even expose the super structure for a big HE hit. You have enough space for a little stash of AP, you won’t run out of ammo, but flat range rarely comes up.

  40. Spee is Bae

  41. This is called the SHPEEE for all you TF fans out there.

  42. I play the old navyfield and collect this little battlesip and liket it 😀

  43. There was always something special about the Spee, I even have a model of her at home <3

  44. History of that ship is really interesting 😀

  45. spaytriggered me even more

    its pronounced like “shpae”

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