BIGGEST HE SHELL IN GAME | HE Meme Addition (War Thunder Heavy Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

BIGGEST HE SHELL IN GAME | HE Meme Addition (War Thunder Heavy Tank Gameplay)

REMOVING WITH CANCER | The Peoples Missile (War Thunder)


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    • Hey phly, love your vids. I started watching the channel all the way back to your Top 5 Epic Plays, and I remember being 9 years old in 2014, watching the B6/R3 take out the B-17 from something like 2km away. I was wondering, did you have to use an application to open the replays, or were they completely made? If you had to use an application, what did you use? Anyway, love your vids and keep up the great work!

    • you should freind me on war thunder tewnailusmc

    • play the m18 GMC out

    • Ho-Ro. type 92 HE Mass= 36 kgs, muzzle vol = 290 m/s, exp mass 7.06 KG of tnt

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  2. Bamboo for me has a bad hitbox. I aim at the gaps but it eats all my HE type shells and still sits there.

  3. PhlyDaily if you use the top machine gun seperately, you can aim it where your gun sight can‘t see and shoot over hills (with machine gun only of course) allows you to spot enemies and also get some shots on them like in 11:10

  4. He was a tough nut to bust!

  5. HE pen depends on use ie HE fragmentation pattern – bigger shell splinters = more pen

  6. world of tanks or war thunder

  7. Kv2 likely has higher pen with HE due to velocity. T30’s is heavier, so it’s likely the KV2’s has a higher velocity (I haven’t checked) which would explain slightly higher armor penetration

  8. If u guys wanna watch my shitty/cringy sim gameplay….. its on my channel

  9. I got a stupid tiktok ad

  10. Bf-109 G-2 or F-4

    Attempt #2

  11. Su76m reeeeeee fourth time

  12. This game is so beautiful

  13. Shoot anywhere on a germans tracks and they die with the HE shell.

  14. Phly I just received a order from our comrade Stalin, and he want you to bring out our I225 and take down Hitler’s 109s and 190s to clear a way to Berlin for our red army !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. walls don’t work anymore. tear down your house because it is racist to have walls and a door. clearly that logic makes sense and you understand how fucked up you are for not wanting random people coming into your house without your permission. racist piece of shit.

  16. I was using my ru 251 and the same thing happened to me happened to you in the intro

  17. I’m not completely sure but I think the explosive type of the kv2 gives it more pen

  18. Kill a plane with a smoke shell in tank rb attempt #3

  19. Velocity beats armour its true with small arms its true with tsnks thats y the 556 is lethal and with its green tip ammo that has good enough material it will penetrate up to level 3plus vests

  20. AIGHT Phly, I will refrain no longer. Take out the F4F-4 and show us some real American Steel. You are doing good things for your country.

  21. 13:18 he was typing in chat….I thought you couldn’t type in chat?

  22. KittyCatInAMicrowave

    The kv-2 HE shell has stalinium in it thus providing better penetration

  23. I wish I had under 200 ping in this game

  24. Can you do IS2 mod 1944 next pls phly?

  25. Everyone has there days, let’s get Phly’s worst plays vid lol

  26. I wish everyone in WT can play like you.. Using ear, using eyes to play.. They can’t even see enemy pass in front of them n get others killed

  27. Hey Phly, doing my first flight tomorrow with an instructor for my aviation class in HS. Wish me luck

  28. Higher velocity = higher forces generated, which means the shell walls need to be thicker to make it stronger which means you can’t fit as much HE filler in.
    Edit: Don’t know about the difference in penetration though.

  29. I would love to have this tank, but i never have time for the events because of work.

  30. Phly has the best music in his videos

  31. Phil, the mm size of the shell is only the width, not the length.. some shells are longer than others and can fit more in..

  32. Play Giovanni & Iacobo’s Pizza delivery service! Italian Bombers of any tier! Attempt #2!

  33. Check out the aerials on that t30, can see it coming a mile away

  34. Does anyone seriously need to ask why the KV2 HE performs so well compared to the US and German counterparts

  35. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    Don’t hit the turret on the panther 2 with HE, hit the tracks halfway up beneath the turret. easy kills.

  36. Newtons third law – for every action, there is opposite and equal reaction. So if the force from shooting the shell is stronger for the heavier shell then the armor has to resist that much force to stop penetration

  37. I think it is because the materal that the gunpowder made of

  38. Russian bias! That’s why the kv-2 better pen then the t-30

  39. psychologically unstable 2

    Guess what else is big ?…. My love for this chanel!

  40. Too bad the 122mm HE got nerfed to oblivion because it could kill a king tiger by hitting it in the face or with underbellies.

  41. Wtf happened at 5:44, editing mistake?

  42. a War Thunder Video with a World of Tanks Ads WTF youtube haha

  43. 5:46 Edit Mistake? <3

  44. Because its Slavic xD xD

  45. Is it worth to spend hard earned 5000ge to get this tank, since I have missed 5 stars?!

  46. day 5 of request! stalinium t26 panther hunt! german sides are no match for soviet guns!

  47. Ah the old 152 mm mega poop, popped clog reload simulator.

  48. Felix James Ainsley

    its odd that the t29 t34 and t30 are at 6.7 even though they should be at 7.3

  49. That shit T29 and American T34 are just tank for pussyes

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