BIGGEST LAND VEHICLE WITH A GUN | BISMARCK Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Class 3( P)

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BIGGEST LAND VEHICLE WITH A | BISMARCK Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Class 3( P)


  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. *Crews Object 906 with malicious intent*


  4. Hey phly can i get these teams please

  5. jesus bigger than the maus


  7. Bartosz Zi贸艂kowski

    Big boi

  8. Germany is op and that鈥檚 a fact not a statement

  9. I live near Bismarck

  10. Where is Tigor?

  11. When Germany decides to make another Maus but does it better this time.

  12. If armoured cars weren’t bullshit enough…

  13. Do i have to play Operation Winter for that Tank or will it be added normaly

  14. Just what Germany needed……Germany 8.3-9.3 is so weak right now, right?

  15. CLOROX flavored bleach

    ah yes the magic school bus in warthunder confirmed

  16. OH, so that’s why it wasn’t added to the british tree, because it is gOoD

  17. i love this event, is so easy, more than others

  18. SA needs ther own tec tree bro damnnn

  19. Germany suffers… C2a1 and now this, both should be in another tree that is already lacking at this tier…

  20. Day 83: play the phrench Jaguar A with TBA Muti-dart or TBA ECC rockets into ground RB

  21. YES

    The zoom+tigor+HEY combo is back!

  22. At least when i get uptiered in my cent and conqueror this is one more tank i can easily kill, cant imagine it’d be very good at hiding

  23. Phly do a vid on the Conqueror! Last vid you did on it was years ago i just unlocked it and it’s the only vehicle worth the nearly 20k repair costs, when you get 7.7 your king and even 8.7 it’s gun does work, just a 15-20 reload to contend with, but i bring it out with my fv4005 so it doesnt seem to bad

  24. And It鈥檒l be nerfed faster than you can say Russian Bias

  25. The Class 3(p) looks like the Rooikat on steroids.

  26. what a surprise the german event vehicle is cancer who would have guessed >.> cant wait for next event, probably be a g91 with 12 nords -____-

  27. I know I’m in the minority here but just burn this thing out he’s even stated the back end is nothing but engine so just light it up and burn it

  28. DSSR - The Early War Animators

    16:58 Phly Gets M60A2 of the ATGM but It’s HE in Used LMAO 馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅

  29. i would want to see someone run this thing over an ASU-57

  30. More proof that South africans can build anything and do it bloody well

  31. Ugly Fucking Bastard

    My dog at 3am when im trying to sleep:

  32. It鈥檚 the urban school bus

  33. Omg this thing

  34. Is that TD???

  35. 4:24 the school bus with turbo and a v12 moter and some nos

  36. Because of CP2077 and just being tired of WT already, I have skipped this event, but this vehicle felt so desirable. This year I haven’t skipped any event besides Christmas and New Year :/ .

  37. AMX-10RC Always will be the best armored car

  38. Not a single “Friends of P” reference?

  39. BREAKING NEWS: American on an armored school bus goes an a rampage

  40. its got shrapnel zones

  41. Yes South Africa has great tanks

  42. you can see over the map with this thing

  43. ARGUIMITRI Coupalov

    Best intro

  44. Ahhh yes… The Hummer of fighting vehicles

  45. 3:48 for battle .

  46. SAILY! DALY!

  47. That tank is thic

  48. “wide and gurthy” that what she said

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