BIGGEST SHIPS YET | Light Cruisers Are HERE! (War Thunder Naval Forces Gameplay)

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BIGGEST SHIPS YET | Light Cruisers Are HERE! ( Thunder Naval Forces Gameplay)


  1. They should add Aircraft Carriers and Battles Ships. Like Yamato, Tirpitz and Iowa

  2. Heeeeeell yah now war thunder has all types of vehicles we got tank planes and now ships awesome right?

  3. S_AN_T_I_A_G_O

  4. Pretty good, but when it comes to warships, World of Warships us the OG master…
    (Yet they dont have subs iether… 🙁

  5. The Cannon target system is still horse shit!

  6. Ah the oscillation of the ships are really satisfying.Noting compared to sh*it wow ships with static movement like putting wheels underneath the ships and make it move,also all the guns are not affected by the ships movements and its stabilized

  7. that anti-air shooting at the moon all the time is a gun on the other side (left( of the ship, so the best it can do to shot at a target on the right side is shooting at the moon.

  8. Attempt #11 Phly just play any of the Typhoons they’re all op

  9. That intro made me want revolutionary war, war thunder naval

  10. what ? its not world of warship ! its war thunder

  11. We need light cruiser Kitakami. Cough cough.

  12. After how adamant they’ve been about just doing PT boats, I’m so happy to see them moving up in size.

  13. wow… im actually exited about this! cool

  14. The Tiger Of The Internet

    Yesss can’t wait for battle cruisers or battleships

  15. Duje Benjamin Dorkin

    Coud in game be BISMARC

  16. wait why youtube ask you playing wows

  17. Duje Benjamin Dorkin


  18. *Game:* _World of Warships_

  19. how dou you make your hangar like that?

  20. Explore in youtube gaming: World of Warships

  21. I love you.
    I have a PC.
    I can play the game.
    My name:LoveDaily.
    I am from Norwegians!?……?!

  22. I don’t think the AAA should exactly converge because they is so much of it that it wouldn’t be that fun for planes

  23. Hay I though that war Thunder would not do naval but they lie.

  24. Phly. Wouldn’t it be cool to have swedish tanks in warthunder. From sweden???????

  25. looks like shitt and boring i will rather play world of warships, and gajin has destroyed warthunder whit all these modern tanks and rockets and space ships

  26. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Play Bias-2 Mod (Is2 mod)

  27. Why didnt you play the Italian one too?

  28. Where do you get that hangar? :/

  29. Budget battleships

  30. My Dad was in the Pacific in WW2 on the CL-46, USS Phoenix. He was one tough SOB.

  31. Waiting for the day when there will be carriers in naval battles

  32. Dutchgamerz NL HET

    Gaijin please add aircraft carriers USS Iowa also needed Yamato Bismarck those things please Gaijin

  33. Should they bring out ships for everyone or just keep it pay to play?

  34. War Thunder seem more realistic than the other battleship game not gonna lie

  35. Nice Video Phly. Greetings from Poland 🙂

  36. And youtube thinks this is World of Warships T_T

  37. Is so poorly optimized for low end machines , is basically unplayable

    • Pavle H I agree heavily however i have pretty decent pc and naval im dropping around 40fps while air and ground i get 60

  38. Looks interesting man

  39. Now….how about they finnaly ad these ships to the game?

  40. It would be awesome if they implemented air craft carriers, but with the catch that the player controlled planes start from you
    You wouldnt have AI planes which dont really fit to the style of war thunder and also you would feel PRETTY proud having a big impact on the battle and seing players taking off from your ship

  41. why world of warship in the description?

  42. ships Are Such Great Tools Of Destruction Aren’t They?

  43. Repair and ammo cost will make them unplayable, so why even bother.

  44. I miss the days where you did World of Warships, Phly. I still play that game.

  45. light cruisers are huge what more about heavy cruiser and battleships 😀

  46. Cant wait to see them add battleships

  47. how to get this hangar?

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