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Source: QuickyBaby

1.20.1 is changing everything about World of Tanks. Crew , WoT Plus, random events, destructible cover a NEW tech tree of Jpn TDs!



  1. I will retrain my tier 8 premium crews but that’s it.

  2. Crew skill changes + WoT subscription? Utter madness; the death knell for new and casual players as WG definitively tips the game towards sweaty tryhards with large wallets.

  3. It’s turning into a pay to win game 200%… they are a greedy agressive company…. shame on them!

  4. Crew rework is needed. Stop whining

  5. I’m playing game without spending money. I’m very sorry and worried about world of tanks 🙁 . I’m thinking quitting game after patch. BY THE WAY FUCK YOU WARGAMING. You broke my game more with every patch……

  6. Thank’s QB. There are some many huge modifications, that this will not be the same game.

  7. Oh good another +.

  8. Milk the whales since you are not capable of catching tuna any more (no wonder why). Dumb, sad, disgusting, but seems to be the main tendency of the modern game industry. Keep digging your own grave, WG…although, who am I to judge – most certainly the effective marketing managers know better.

  9. JAP Heavies ? Does the TYPE-5 come to mind ? It was fun untill they nerfed it and the Ammo just like they fkd up the KV-2 and ARTY .

    1: a prescribed course of medical treatment, diet, or exercise for the promotion or restoration of health.
    “a regimen of one or two injections per day”
    2: (archaic) a system of government.

  11. Good or bad this update will be like having a new game, not sure if I want to learn all over again. I play this game for fun but it’s becoming a chore to to keep up with the changes.

  12. JIM the heliophobe

    Don’t like it?
    Stop spending money on it.
    It’s that simple.

    If you whine and then spend the money anyway, corporations like WG will continue to screw us.

  13. I dont understand why WG doesnt go the way that they go in world of warships when they change something about the perks for crew. In warships they give every player the option to reset all crews for free, when they change something about the perk system.

  14. how is the new crew system any different from the current one? you keep say the new skills are mandatory. Ain’t all the current skills mandatory as well to be competitive?

  15. this game is dead from long time ago

  16. game has no soul

  17. This is shocking… I have over 180 tanks. Lots with their own, dedicated crews. Most American tanks got more than 4 crew. What am I gonna do with 12 retrain orders?
    Another thing with this WOT Premium Plus. So my 9 years of playing as a premium player wasn’t good enough? They want more money?
    Flash more cash and screw you guys I’m gonna progress quicker than anybody else? Premium as it is is much more rewarding than standard account. Add Battle Pass for events every few months. Where is this all going?

  18. It is time to stop playing!

  19. The Japanese TD’s don’t even seem that interesting.

  20. at least when Warships does crew changes they have an article with a “reset all captain perks” button in it

  21. Not even trying to balance matchmaking.

  22. Dietmar Schillinger

    I remember the days when you paid 50 quid for a game and that was it. Guess those days are well and truly gone. Time to find another game I suppose or dedicate more time painting LOL.

  23. Psychedellic Toxin

    And this is why people stop playing this money hoarder. More and more benefits to people who pay to win. So they keep bringing more and more means to scare off non whales and new players, and in doing so make sure their core players pay more to make up for the loss of players. I am looking forward to the day they shut this scummy money sink’s servers down.

  24. Maybe it’s time to finish wot,crew 2.0 sucks completely.

  25. create a problem pay for the solution ^^

  26. This game is well on it’s way to commit sepuku.

  27. On the next update we will see ” WOT ultra plus subscription ” where u will win 100 battles when u log in the game . The best game , free to play , pay to win. Man i m glad i quit this “game” 5 years ago.

  28. So….. we now gonna have split/second in Wot.

  29. I dont know you guys, but since the last Christmas, with all the boxes and auditions, I don’t give Wargaming any more of my money.

  30. Tanner Liebenthal

    Why are they changing things that aren’t broken? All this is going to cause is people to stop playing the game. Most importantly from the crew changes.

  31. Changes like this crew rework really make me happy to be casual player, for me 2% change on any statistic is basically insignificant at most. Really the last time I was kinda mad with them for an update was the HE and arty nerfs

  32. Quickybaby ,i think the retraining order are for all your crews members

  33. I have almost every tank in the tech tree. An then I’ve accumulated about 65 spare garage slots. What on earth am I going to do with those garage slots – which I keep accumulating. How about letting us sell the bloody things if we wish to. This update does not bode well. QB is absolutely right.

  34. I remember the times in alpha versions, when there were only USSR and Germany tanks and premium meant just extra credits per match. Looks like from non-intrusive premium it went to predatory “gimme your wallet OR ELSE” model.

    Im sure that “Arent we paying enough?” question does not satisfy some analytic dudes in Wargaming office who know nothing about the game itself, but surely see a chance to profit out on those wealthy enough to ignore the rest of you who “could pay more”. Sounds awful-lot like WoT turns to Diablo Immortal, where the wallet eventually wins with no failing even possible.

  35. When though?

  36. I really like the way you speak your mind. You are not afraid to give criticism to games and I love it not steady kissing ass.

  37. Bye bye Tanks….it was fun while it lasted. Already reduced my average playing time last year or two due to OP reward tanks, cheaters, and boosting companies. Ten years of memories.

  38. My sixth sense sense more power creep…

  39. Tanner Liebenthal

    Ya this game is going to die hard now, Fully watching the crew change part. I have played wot for 12 years now, I have spent a lot of money on the game and also time, this will ruin it permanently. I promise you that

  40. i like it that every streamer and going to be YouTube video will be on the tier 10 Japanese tank destroyer and the low tiers will get over looked once again when the line get released the low tiers will be too strong or will be skipped and this is always because people who stream or video or just test the tanks don’t test low tier enough to tell WG to buff or slightly nerf them its cool to look at the stats and that in the test client but is another thing to jump into a game and play them because not everything written down corelates to game play but this is my two cense

  41. Wargaming is ” greedy and stupid”: the sky is blue ………news at eleven

  42. Wow WG did not learn a damn thing from the last time they tried to do crew 2.0.

    This will be the end of my career in WoT.

  43. I’m an older player and I play every day, but it looks like they’re trying to price me out of the game. It’s not equitable to those of us who don’t have the big dollars

  44. It is easy fix. Put a word out and let them know that we, players will not play the game for couple of days. if they still stubborn, then a week…But, if you don’t have social life at all and you depending on WG and World of tanks, then you are screwed. For me, really, can be that we, players need to show them how they can take head from sand and they should listen player base.

  45. We don’t want to make “Pay to Win’ game they said back in 2012…

  46. i am not gonna use Wot plus, that is just shit, the premium is gonna lose the meaning

  47. Back to Hunt Showdown then.

  48. If people don’t like it and feel abused then they will stop playing right? Right?

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