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Source: QuickyBaby

Tanks – Bisonte C45. Here comes the first Italian Heavy tank the Bisonte C45 and autoreloading with a new mechanic!


Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Barex Daniel Guilley-Toyogon

    Cant wait to throw 2-5k pesos 🥺

  2. Oh look, new OP tank

  3. Id just ram t-150

  4. I saw Dez’ review earlier today and was not very enthusiastic. But a heavy with this bad hull armour = skip for me

  5. Saw one on the battlefield last night on the Asia server. Did a double take cause I was pretty sure there was no sale announcement as of yet. Luckily was on my team so I didn’t had to fight it🙃

  6. i think queen maeve is my fav commander

  7. I’m havvy every time WG manages to make a well-balanced tank which still worth to have. That means the tank has it’s own spice.

  8. Lets all the a moment to thank WG for not making this tank outrageously OP and balancing it nicely. THANKS WG❤️

  9. I feel like adding the IS3A would have been a better comparison.

  10. so it loot box exclusive and the 703 122 situation all over again great

  11. Saw one in a battle yesterday, ?

  12. That speed is just not acceptable in combination with such a great gun and decent armour

  13. From past experiences, the T8 tech tree tank will be significantly worse than this thing. Will be comparable to the T9. And ofc lootbox exclusive, if you want to buy it, wait till summer

  14. Actually the only good things about this are the looks and the armor…

  15. That tank looking soo modern and neat I love it 😍😍

  16. Me: Mom I want a M1 Abrams tank
    Mom: We have already have M1 Abrams tank at home
    M1 Abrams tank:

  17. This game is a bad joke atm

  18. 25:13 tier 8 premiums in a nutshell

  19. o look vert stabs once again lol

  20. Cant wait to watch qb trying to get this while opening 200 loot boxes

  21. Ok blance, still unique and powerful. Something good for the shop! Nice vid, ty QB.

  22. Tóth-Zsólyomi Flórián

    More Bs. Thanks Wegee

  23. Wow QB, I bet you really had to work hard in order to “manage” to get this tank. Now, if you could “manage” to encourage wg to change their mm, that would be lovely

  24. Minh Nhựt Trần

    Looks like the Ariete.

  25. Please export your videos at 2560×1440. Youtube will then compress the Bitrate way less so the quality of your videos will be WAY better.
    Like this so he notices please!

  26. The turret reminds me if the abrams

  27. Wtf that tigerI in the end 😀 no words for such noob

  28. I think I will just get it for the looks. 🤩

  29. Odds that they buff this tank before they release it so that it’s the most op prem

  30. That looks like a Chrysler XM-1 but Italian

  31. when world of tank remove or make the lefhb bad

  32. trash gunhandling, trash power to weight, trash terrain resistance. Top of the tank 30mm on turret, 20mm on engine deck, arty will simply pen you. LMAO… QB it’s good and a real enjoyable tank…

  33. I bet you one Bisonte C45 QB that it will be a lootbox only tank for now.

  34. Hey QB, will you address the King Tiger situation? Tank that was gifted through Amazon Prime was all of the sudden tanked out of garages and only allowed to be bought now.

    What’s the point of having a tank and the Twitch Prime service if a tank that was gifted *NOT A 14 DAY TRAIL* all of the sudden be removed?

  35. QB: he’s a loader but also just a loader
    Me inside: He’s an elite loader, look at those skills

  36. I saw this on the battefield the other day and was like ‘wtf is that’.. I hadn’t realized they changed the name from the originally released name (Progetto… whatever).

  37. Italian conqueror

  38. woah a T8 premium? never seen that

  39. QB it’s always top tier or showing top tier videos or wtf

  40. What a stupid joke. Two pieces of armor welded on top of each other, with no *Spacing* in between, is not spaced armor

  41. Italian XM-1

  42. man I love 3 dose of replay

  43. Getsuga Tsunentaiga

    I appreciate your gameplay QB but in the last year, Wargaming has added almost everything I hate about greedy video game companies. I’ve been enjoying Warthunder on console and it’s been fantastic in comparison, most premium tanks are directly purchasable and the game is balanced around realism as opposed to rng. The premium tanks get one-shot just as easily as regular tanks, assuming you know where to aim.

  44. Why don’t they change all of the current autoloaders to 1 by 1 autoloaders? Is more realistic I think?

  45. that tanks a baddie

  46. what’s with the credit math at 30:44… it doesn’t work like that for me. lol

  47. I honestly wish we had this tank as the mission marathon reward instead of the Obj. 274a. It’s so stupid WG is making us gamble for new content

  48. played with a polish guy in the bisonte he died within 2 minutes on pilsen

  49. 0:35 ohh naive QuickBaby, oh oh ohhhh 🙂

  50. ANOTHER Swedish Italian pizza🤣

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