Bisonte Master Class in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Bisonte is one the best control in World of Tanks! Here’s a master class so you can dominate the ridge line!



  1. tank is shit

  2. Is the Progetto not an autoloader? I’m confused.

  3. Finding QBs equipment without a turbo is like finding an E-100 without HEAT….🤣🤣 never change QB

  4. 24:14, you were definitely robbed, nice game man 👍👍

  5. Is the progetto not a premium autoreloader?

  6. I don’t see this tank in the mm all that much but I believe its a good tank, I feel its underrated in a way.

  7. Love this class

  8. A good time to come out with the Bissy being on the final Calendar purchase haha

  9. I was just debating on this tank, so good timing, Quicky!

  10. 23:05 anybody don’t tell that to Tanya

  11. Great video will definitely will try your set up .

  12. Oh cool, no leopard master class?

  13. This tank is cool, it has a kind of weird playstyle between a brawling/ambush tank due to its abysmal gun handling, but its combination of mobility, firepower and armour allows it to try its luck at the fat medium role once in a while as well, spraying and praying its shells. Overall, not an OP tank, but one that’s rewarding to play. Definitely not a brute force tank, but it’s really good at dominating any enemies it can outposition, and it’s fairly good at outpositioning other tanks.

  14. QB: This is the only Italian Autoloading Premium Tank.
    Me: Errrm…Proghetto 46….

  15. Only time to unload entire clip is if it’s the kill shot
    This tank is way better than the skota 56 in most games
    The Bisconte is a beast. I have tons of 4-5k damage games. Plus I got chuck noris as my commander.

  16. lol still sticking with that vents bullshit? 😀
    Listen to your self, you rather put optics instead of stabs, but keep vents, so your gun handling is horrific, but at least, you will have 0.2 sec bettter reload, 0.21 better aimtime and 0.00001 better ground resistances lol, its just stupid

  17. The gun will make you pull your hair out, otherwise it’s a fun tank.

  18. Lol master class amx 65t

  19. 15:28 might want to censor the chat @Quickybaby

  20. in reality this battle happens every 1000 years no matter what equipment you use because simply gun handling is so bad and you just selling it , we all know how bad IS – 5 and Italian heavy is even worse

  21. So I skimmed through the comments and apparently nobody is going to talk about the fact that QB called this the only autoreloading Italian tank? Lol.
    He forgot to add _heavy tank_ to the sentence. But when you have super long sentences, you can confuse yourself quite easily.

  22. …yep expect me there everygame i am in a td….its the rhm position that can stop the peeking from that hill.

  23. Something with 277? His armor seems good on paper but when i play it seems like paper and i would like to see how to play with this tank

  24. Glad to see your deserving growth over the years. Always been a shadow supporting for a while and I’m glad I’ve been here for your growth man. Keep going

  25. Funny u cover this tank I play on console I was in my st-1 vs a bisconte he had 415hp I had 175 I was like well that’s it for me but he slipped and fell into the lake on lake field 😂

  26. lol, will….what you’ve shown us here is that the C45 is absolutely not worth spending our money on. it couldnt hit a barn if it tried its best and even if it did, it couldnt pen it, not even with the heat. its been some time since i saw such a bad gun.

  27. last match: “he was probably a bigger hero than me”. why do you think you were a hero at all?

  28. I’m going to ask for the Lorraine 40t,it was one of my best tanks, even 2 mark it, but now… I’m unable to do an average game, and idk why went down and would like to recover that magic touch

  29. 15:27 oof that chat though

  30. 0:45
    “only Italian premium autoreloading tank”

    Progetto 46 players : am i a joke to you?

  31. Remmember it’s a game you lose and win sometimes leave or shutup in chatt

  32. Masterclass akhy

  33. This game is too hard now of days. Everyone has auto loaders and super tanks. Games are over in 3 min. I dont even have time to learn anything before i die.

  34. I would really appreciate an E-100 Masterclass!

  35. Thank you for this, I was on the fence about getting it. I’m going to pick it up now but I’ll probably never pick up the rhino lol.

    • If you bought the bisonte and like the playstyle, play the Italian heavies up to the tier 9, the progetto 66. It’s really the best out of the line, with a great gun and good armor.

  36. i encounter a progetto tier x and he clip me and go for a looong reload thats a mistake that all players do
    i calculate 360×4=1440
    when he is lower than 1440 hp i fully clip him

  37. hey i noticed at 15.27 why didnt you blurr the N word..? Other videos you blurr nasty comments<>?

  38. Please fix it

  39. all terrain suspension tf ?

  40. bounced gold from is4, bounced gold from strv, bounced gold from t10…. where is MY luck in these situation 😉

  41. Hey QB! Can you please do a master class ep on the Jg.Pz E100 and Löwe?

  42. can you make a playlist for getting ace tanker in all tanks? even low tier and removed from the game ones?

  43. Dude, I neeeeed a masterclass for my beloved ST-II, love you qb.

  44. This tank misses everything, has horrific dpm, armor against tier8s and below, and is p2w.

  45. 60tp mr quacky baby

  46. Masterclass on Type 5 Heavy would be great, with both guns if possible.

  47. Intuition is broken for autoreloaders. The Rino has awesome HE rounds but you can never use them because with intuition you trade an entire magazine that took you 45 seconds to reload for a single round. Never a good trade in a low DPM vehicle. Compare that to autoloaders that can just swap while magazines with that crew skill. This needs a fix.

  48. there was only one thing in this video that i would maybe call a “master” advice. other than that, i really don’t know why you call this “master class”. You are just commentating on some replays

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