BKAN 1C Can Fire 2900mm of 155mm HE Rounds IN One Minute

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Source: PhlyDaily

BKAN 1C Can Fire 2900mm of 155mm HE Rounds IN One Minute


  1. Hahah ballsack turret

  2. #55 Loving the Unloved: Play the lovechild of a Spitfire and a Mustang. The MB5 that even you hate.

    and am i the only one who saw a WT E100 from WoT?

  3. Phly!! You should do a video using eye tracking software. I’d love to see how you look at the game and what you look for as your playing. I’m colorblind and often get clapped by tanks that are same colors as their surroundings. You often see the smallest fraction of a barrel through a window a football field away, and I would love to see how you notice that kinda stuff <3 😀

  4. It looks like a drag car with the big wing out the back hahaha 😅

  5. i thougt it the t92 from World of tanks haha

  6. It’s pronounced Bkan, not Bkan… Comeon man.

  7. It’s literally artillery canoon on tracks

  8. Jaffa Jake Bakes Cake

    I pronounce it like bacon

  9. Day 236: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  10. “baand kanon” tracked vagon cannon.

  11. New cancer machine

  12. Is sweden getting cheaper? Im not able to play it even whit premium its way to expencive nation to play.

  13. Everyone is stupid. Its translated like this. Bkan in English is B- con or Bacon! It’s a Swedish bacon wagon!!!

  14. how do u get acces to the dev server?

  15. In the first battle, it was like the DOOM music kicked in

  16. Bandkanon or eng “trackedkanon 1C”

  17. Is that a Arty? 😲

  18. Hey phly, you haven’t done a video on the amx13 ss.11 (day 72)

  19. rumors say it was supposed to be able to fire nuclear shells

  20. Sadly again a 10mm paper armor

  21. Oh Gaijin, what have you done

  22. Burger king

  23. So, it’s not a matter of “if” any more but “when” Gaijin will turn artillery vehicles into cancerous WoT orbital ion cannons.

  24. it’s the big brother of the Spj fm/43-44.

  25. That gun hits harder than a drunk stepfather

  26. “wow planes sound so loud in this updated”
    Me fearing for my life because they’re already too loud.
    They really need to add the planes volume slider instead of making it the same as the tanks slider.
    The way Phly describes jets in this video is how i feel already, ears bleeding from every single pass.

  27. I say pe-con

  28. How did u get sl on customs

  29. u pronoun’s it with a loong B “BiKan” i did my military service in one “BIKan 1C” of these! love them! that is what we use to call them back in the day 1984-85 A8 Boden.

  30. Wish they had a mechanic in game where you cam adjust the propellant load for the spgs. Then we could actually use it as arty

  31. Sweden,why just you just can’t be normal?



  33. So with plane noises being as they are… Windscreech when?

  34. wow time to start grinding sweden

  35. Fun fact i was Just in sweeden copperhill logde

  36. they adding BKAN wtf?

  37. You pronounce the letters. Or you say “Bandkannonvagen”

  38. If you cant use indirect fire then thats a ambush predator!

  39. It’s pronounced B-kan. It stands for Bandkanon which means tracked cannon. 🙂

  40. I would love to see this happen upon a chang of hapless italian or south african armored cars at a cap point… =)

    Also, could be an alternativt to the Jaguar dropping a nuke -mechanic.

    The Bkan was supposed to (and designed for) firing tactical nukes.

  41. 5:10 the way shell come out is weird

  42. day 20 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

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