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Source: PhlyDaily


1 – ES_National Anthem Sweden (Classical Version) – National Anthem Worx
2 – ES_A Few Words – Martin Klem
3 – ES_Music Action Suspense – SFX Producer
4 – ES_Criminal Behavior – Experia


  1. Day 227 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  2. Rest in Love Steve’s dogo

  3. i miss pizza boii

  4. man one day you really should take this thing with proxy shells only and go anti air role

  5. Sorry for ur loss man. I lost my cat a year ago when she got hit by a car so I feel for you. Hope you have good memories of them.
    From a fan

  6. I love the shifts between Pokemon music and Call of Duty music on maginot

  7. Been there. They are part of the family, sometimes you only realise how much when they’re gone. You have my empathy.

  8. maybe germany will get the pzh2000 … imagine , in burst mode it can fire three rounds in 9 seconds almost 3.3 seconds each, between 10 and 13 rounds per minute continuously. crazy.

  9. What song is the piano song that Phly used?

  10. Rip man she’s in a better place I just put down my childhood dogs one was a malamute mix she was 15 and a rottweiler lab mix he was almost 17 it definitely hits different but their all up there playing waiting for us to get back to them


    PLZ-05 lacking 0.5 sec behind: ._.

  12. developmanthatsucks

    dude, your dog sounded lovely

  13. “spawn campers are not good”
    says the biggest spawn camper youtuber….

  14. I know how it is to lose such a member of your family like a dog as I had one named Winchester, he was a rather great buddy to everyone in this house. He died having cancer, Lyme disease, and a few other things. He if I remember correctly was a mix of Yellow lab and Plot Hound.

  15. exact same thing happened with my beloved dog :< my condolences may you know no sorrow (as little as possible) best of luck to you and happy holidays 🙂

  16. So sorry for your loss,they are never just a pet they are family. wishing you guys all the best from bonnie Scotland.

  17. Never heard this version of the swedish anthem before. I quite like it.

    Anyone know where /what it is?

  18. Deeply sorry for your dog’s passing Phly, understand how rough that can be. Loosing a part of the family isn’t an easy thing in life. But they never leave us, they will always be part of us in our hearts and mind. All the memories will always be there. Wish you well and hope the best for y’all. Always remember you aren’t in this alone. The best wishes and hope y’all have a lovely holiday!

  19. What da dog doin

  20. オークガブリエル

    Battle of high caliber derps. Which would derp better, USSR kv2, 183 British derp, centurion derp, t30 American derp, 150 German derp, Japanese derp spg75, swedish derp… Does France or Italy have a derp?

  21. As cool as I think Bandkanon is, I have no idea what Gaijin is smoking, bringing these self-propelled howitzers into a tank fighting game.

  22. Day 1 of asking Phly to play the CM-11 Brave Tiger

  23. Omg I didn’t even know that happened to your dog I’m so sorry please get better

  24. Im sorry for your loss :(.

  25. Is this a swedish KV2 upgraded with a railgun ?

  26. i had to put down my german shepard a few months agos, the hardest part was always thinking he was still next to me in the night or in front of my door still. when ever some one knocks i still expect barking and it never comes, the silence is louder then any day he was here. much love phly <3 keep your head up.

  27. Band kanon vagn = tracked canon wagon = Self proppeled artillery.

  28. May she rest in peace (*).

  29. Can they just make the ho ri not cost 18k a death if they are gonna keep putting monsters like this up against it

  30. Sorry for your dog. That vehicle looks really fun!!!

  31. The casing animation is killing me phly! It’s supposed to be an empty case but it looks like it’s ejecting the full round

  32. The bandkanon still has the record for the fastest self Propelled Artillery and the fastest active self Propelled artillery is a swedish artillery

  33. sorry for your dog but now she can play with other dogs in heaven may she rest in peace

  34. Have you started to grind israel?

  35. You know i want get bkan but my money not like me

  36. Sorry to hear about your dog brother, I know what it feels like and I can only imagine how hard it is right now! Take your time with this grief and do not push anything onto yourself! Much love to you and you have my prayers man

  37. solarisengineering15

    Sorry to hear about Dakota. It sounds like you loved her a lot, and she loved you back. A dog’s life isn’t long, so the best thing they can have is people who can make it a good one. Phly, it sounds like the way you loved Dakota and spent time with her, you gave her some of the best things in life a person can give a dog. Dakota was a good girl with good table manners and she will be remembered by everyone who knew her.

  38. I know what it feels like we had family of 3 german shepards and when that day comes it always heart breaking and i couldnt hold my tears. We had to killed them via injection because their legs were done. 🙁

  39. Well ofc you the “shell” you eject is smaller than the one you have initially :/

  40. So sorry to hear of your loss. I know the feelings.

  41. I know what you mean about the flip of a switch Phly. My German Shepard, Rose, was one of the fastest dogs I’ve ever seen. And then one day, she fell out of the truck, and they had to take her leg. She still has trouble running, she falls over, and it’s sad to imagine that only last week, she was zooming after a squirrel. I’m so sorry about your dog.

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