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  1. Matsh making is Brocken t10 your playing and i See ah kv-2

  2. They need to buff the bulldozer gimmick so it digs a bit quicker/deeper. It’d make dozer equipped tanks more fun that’s for sure.

  3. Combo videos are great!! Please do some more of then

  4. The BBC combo

  5. bring back the combos


  7. Guys help me for this. how do i know which base are selected for bombing target ccrp in air sim? Is it the base that on most left in map for target number 1?

  8. The British used heavily armored top tanks because of the constant rooftop RPG’s I got town work with the Brits when I was in Kabul in 2013

  9. low br combos please for us new players

  10. Phly, did you see the letter “Z” on one of the “allied” tanks you helped repair? Do you know who and where it is currently used? I’ll send you some links with world news if you like.

  11. OHHHH ITS A COMBO viddd ahhh phlydaddy has come back to the old days yessss

  12. just push him whit his Z logo that t/80

  13. phly tried to say “tear my life into pieces”
    i thought the papa roach song went “cut my life into pieces” hmmm

  14. Why don’t you use the thermal sights on both the tank and the aircraft? The Jaguar GR.1A has a thermal camera.

  15. Would love to see a vid on T 55 AMD

  16. Herr Fingerknacks

    HEY Phly i saw you have the M48 Suuuuuuuuuuper but you didn’t even made one vid about it so why don’t you do
    M48 Super aka Go-Kart Patton (at least in arcade🙃) And because you want to play a combination take the IL-28 out with its FAB 3000 for some multikills
    Day: 33

  17. Play the new t-72

  18. It’s a Black JAGUAR not A BLACK JAGWAR.

  19. At least 1 combo vids every month would be great ))))

  20. Phly, musical suggestion for next time you got a British vid: “voice of the guns” (it’s used in Lawrence of Arabia, for example)

  21. And they said t 80 is a boss
    Challenger: shot goes right through it

  22. If War Thunder had infantry, the Challenger would be in its element.

  23. Grognak Blood bather

    I always had this question, what are you’re key-binds for ground RB?

  24. combo video for the oldies? I remember when you did whole line ups and downloaded custom skins for every video!

  25. Seeing all these tanks running around with the “Z”. Might as well allow swastikas too at this point. Pfff

  26. I just saw a video about ue5 and now I am thinking how war thunder would look like with it? Any opinions?

  27. Thanks for the video fly, I feel like people really underestimate the British in War Thunder, looking forward to more videos about them!

  28. Please more combo videos

  29. Wtf why the jaguar missiles on top of the wing???

  30. almost all combo all the time

  31. Combo video AND the ‘Everybody’ outro? My nostalgia meter just exploded.

    Not gonna lie. Combo vids (and even lineup vids) are about 10 time better than single vehicle vids, IMO. So, HELL YEAH!!! I’d love to see more combo videos.

  32. Twice a month

  33. That was awesome. wicked combo. loved it.

  34. Love the combos, do the merk and kfir

  35. Black Knight AND Black Jaguar? I’m sorry, but I must do this…


  36. Abdulrahman Nahrawi

    black people

  37. you’ve got a hole in your wing!!!

  38. Attempt 401: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  39. The bottom armor is to counter mines and IEDs.


  41. 4 Times Every 4 hours

  42. Alauros -Sargeras

    Combos Please!!

  43. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    if War Tinder gave us the A-10, then we deserve the F-14 Tomcat.


  44. Always satisfying, no matter the BR, to put Russians in their place!

  45. Yes more combo video’s

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