Black Market 2021 IS HERE – Offers and Auctions | World of Tanks Black Market 2021 Offers

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Black Market 2021 – Special Offers, Auctions, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks Credits. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок 2021. World of Tanks Black Market 2021 Dates and Tanks – WZ-111 Qilin, AMX Foch 155 on Black Market?

The long-awaited Black Market finally here with some very intriging offers, according to the leaks… Such as QZ-111 Qilin, Aufklärungspanzer Panther, AMX Foch 155 and more!

What do you think about it?


  1. Many hits, leaks, predictions… But what do YOU want to see on the black market?
    I want to see couple completely new things. Will be interesting, I hope… No more 10,000 Gold Tier 2 tank offers please. 😛

    • Liberty or Death 1776

      I want access to more campaign orders so I can finish my Obj 260 without a headache.

    • DistantThunder12 Ck

      @Fabian They destroyed Frontlines because people make too many credits from it and it was too generous with rewards in 2019, especially the gold you could earn – so they nerfed it to hell and now it isn’t even appearing again until I think July. Utter joke!

    • I love it how WG confesses it has loan sharks after its corporate bones so it has to develop black markets so their knees wiill remain healthy.

    • did you change your nickname Dez? kapitanNuts?

    • Someone on fb commented that he solved equation on 9:12 and solution are 215 and 183 so “Death Star” is one of tanks on Black Market.
      One thing we dont think about is that this is made for Russian Server and then dubbed for eu. Like last year when on video there was a thing when a guy asked “Is this 3 guns” then “Black Market guy” turned paper upside-down and it was Obj 279e(3 spaces between tracks was “3 guns”). And Obj279 wasnt on eu server’s list at all.

    • Graf_Oberst_von_Strachwitz

      Hello, just wanted to ask what was the winning bid amount for the Aufklarungs Panther?

  2. Please WG, a premium version of the VK 28 01, with the 105 derp gun. Take my money…….

  3. 19:00 Moscow time is 16:00 GMT, meaning the morning one is at 4 in the morning for us Brits, who needs sleep right? xD

  4. Malcolm Lawrence

    04:00 GMT, I think not.

  5. Paris Kontopyrgos

    why is everyone crying about waking up early? last year ALL of the morning offers were auctions, which you could make a bid even 9-10 hours later.

  6. I just want to see more premiums for credits, gold offers are always available like the advent calendar

  7. T22 would be nice

  8. コールドSkyel_hero

    Ahh sh!t, here we go again….( 9999999999mil credits noice)

  9. Dez Games: “6 AM, omg, who are you targeting?!?” People who live in the UK: 3.55 alarm clock on work days? Dude……

    • what?in the uk its gonna be 3:55???

    • @P.Tibor If the time schedule from WotExpress is correct, the morning sale will be at 4 in the morning so yeah, alarm 3.55 (or more likely very little participation in the UK and most of ppl in CET who have jobs to go to)

  10. Appreciate the video Dez but WG, if they really want to make money needs to keep vehicles like these on sale regularly, not just once a year , the stuff in the proud shop is the same old stuff anyway and shouldn’t they be focused on crews 2.0?, Since it seems alot of people have issues with it?

  11. In one part the little guy said “Except the french, he will have an easy ride” (or smtng like that, the official translation by WG is “he will be sold out fast”) – may it be the hint for leFH18B2?

  12. Get ready to give your $$$ to WG! For overpowered tanks ofc! Why Dez do you create all this hype about it its unknown…be real man be real. the only ppl who will make use of this is ppl who think they are content creators who are full of free gold and have went for the hype..and clan leaders who are full of clan gold…rest of us normal players will pass this shit just like that.

  13. 6,5k gold in the bank…..i wonder what will i be able to snatch

  14. What I wuld want?

    For offers not to cost like 500000 gold for one skin or other.

  15. It’s guess called hiest because it’s another plan they made to steal more of our money

  16. Manassé Schnéberger

    I think the tank in the globe is Primo victoria

  17. i hope the MS-1 will be on offer for 0 gold and not 0 credits

  18. Nedeljko Anđelić

    Horseman on the painting is Ferdinand Foch… Just saying 😉

  19. WG = bunch of shithouses.

  20. black market week? Hell yeah no sleep and skip school for tanks week!!

  21. HA, it will start 11 AM where I am when most preople are at school or work

  22. 5*sqrt(183)+2^(7/10)*215^(1/5) = FV215b 183

  23. WG: Black Market tomorrow
    Community: Pulls out wallet and set alarm from 3:55am.
    WG: T34 Black
    Community: 🥱

  24. The actual heist will be Crew 2.0 and folks Gold for XP to be competitive again

  25. So are they selling foch 155 or not?

  26. Sad in work when ofers comes Out. Hate its Limited Ho get deals

  27. I hope i can buy for 3 mil credits any tier 8 premium

  28. Is Type 59 in the list?

  29. Lol for me Will be 5am!

  30. Sad what wot has become.

  31. So far im only interested in the wz or the kunze panzer, the cearn is better than the Charlemagne in almost every way except from alpha. k91 PT is just a tier 9 version 4 with smaller gun. Also the times are fine for me xD, 11 am

  32. Branco / Tinto ou Absinto

    Once more the arrogance of WG that doesnt give a shit about the player base with this events made for wales and idiots on a game that’s dead for a long time.

  33. I will not wake up 5am even if they would give tanks for free…good luck and less sleep for ones who are interested in at all in WoT nowadays

  34. Vytenis Kajackas

    Nope, I am not waking up before 6 o’clock for this… It your loss wg

  35. OK so I have like 150000 credits..lets start to save some more then…

  36. I thin there will also be a Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)
    because the man in the video says “load the tanks exept for the french one he will have an easy ride”

  37. One of the sentence they hint that the french wheeled tank is coming back uwu

  38. I’m not sure if maybe I’m just not seeing it properly or perhaps I’m being dumb but the equation is an integral divided by a fraction. The integral doesn’t specify limits (I.e no numerical solution) and even if we assume it’s WRT x, there’s still a variable y in the denominator which doesn’t allow it to be cancelled. Anyone got any ideas?

  39. Jozef Chocholáček

    No Deathstar? But I might consider the Foch.

  40. I have 30,000,000 credits and 30,000 gold set aside for this. I hope I get at least a couple!

  41. 9:13 there is a 860/2x and 252y/2 there y stands for u in their alphabet we might get 252u for Credits.

  42. How much to get them to drop crew 2.0?

  43. i wonder if nokia 3310 will be sold as an special ammo

  44. Just in time for crew 2.0

  45. if it’s the same guys that make and paid for the mini movie clip i understand now why people are leaving the game in droves

  46. Qilin is pronounced as “Chi-ling”.

  47. if the ones times for the morning, those might be a bidding, as in you don’t have to be there at that time in the morning, for a chance to purchase?

  48. Because they can’t have different Black Market for each server, so if they have special Timezone for each server, there will be people will know the tank which will come out to wait for skip

  49. I want is7 3d skin

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