Black Market 2021 – Leaks, Tanks and More! | World of Tanks Black Market 2021 Tanks

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World of Tanks Black Market 2021 – Special Offers, Auctions, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок 2021. World of Tanks Black Market 2021 First Informations, Full Tank List Leaks and more.

Video Chapters:
00:00 | Introduction
00:15 | Leaked Details
01:05 | The Date
02:45 | Winter Marathon
03:20 | Article
06: | Tanks in the Market (LEAK, Subject to Change)
13:30 | Full List of Tanks on Market
14:40 | Announcement
16:00 | Outro, Conclusion

Today I am going to talk about of the most waited events in World of Tanks for couple years now – Black Market. It was already known that the event is coming back in 2020 or 2021, but now it is kind of confirmed with the first list of potential tanks, which might be in the black market.

What do you think about it?


  1. I’m waiting for Foch 155… not this time, i think

  2. I should start saving then, 8mil won’t be enough

  3. Pricings are far off… 10k Gold? Realy..?
    Why do they not simply create more Skins for GOLD.. People would love it but 10k Gold? Or 3k Gold for Tanks who can not compete in the current META….LOL…

  4. Fourth mark of excellence? Yesss plsss I dreamed about this

  5. Only one of those I’m interested in is the Renegade. I’d get the Bour too, but I’m not trying to spend gold lol

  6. Where is Fv 215b 183…….

  7. t-22 med for 25m credits plz

  8. More money for WG market?

  9. Not sure how i feel about releasing new premium tanks only in lootboxes and events like this. but i guess at least there is a chance for people to get 703 II without as much gambling

  10. Ah yes, nobody remembers its not only tanks xD

  11. WAF AUF E100 !!!!!!!!

  12. Nahh Wg i’ll pass but nice try tho, put tier X like last year then only then I might be intrested

  13. Expect Renegade, everything is overpriced. If there was something like a deathstar in the first black market, I would start grinding to get some money on it. But like this… I will wait for Christmas Boxes and hope that they will be as good as previous years.

  14. renegade for 10 mill credits? better start saving then

  15. yo remember when black market were prem tanks for normal credits? this shit just became in-game premium shop site

  16. i’d like the Senlac, because it’s British.
    other than that, not really.

    peace (from the UK)

  17. I think the Bourrasque is one of the most if not the dangerous tier 8 tank in the game. 720 burst in 2 secs light tank mobility pretty good gun handling, that thing is a monster.

  18. I think I am excited about Senlac most. I cannot buy gold so I will start saving credits this month.

  19. Heck yeah more lefefes! Just what we need and wish for!

  20. I will try to get Renegade, Senlac and maybe 703. Last year I managed to pick up the Deathstar for 25M credits and Obj. 261 3D style.

  21. Wow. Didn’t expect a shoutout for doing you such a little favour. In my opinion it was by far one of the easiest things to do, to help you, even if it’s just a very little bit. You are giving us so much of your time and energy, don’t even mind all the giveaways…… So there is by far no reason to give back that kind of a shoutout!

  22. If I had to guess, the Tank for Mission Marathon will be the Tier Vlll Premium Italian heavy tank. If u remember that the Object 703 ll also came before the actual double barrel line.

  23. So excited to get the 274. I have to wake up early in the morning anyway so I will hopefully be able to get it

  24. Seems a shit bm… only gold items.. tf is this? and most of the tanks are not even so good in that list. If this is the final list , i l just pass it .

  25. I am just watching that cant buy anything 😀 Only thing kind of is Renegade, but I dont need a 3rd american premium heavy… That is why I didnt pick one from the steelhunter/frontline too. For me its just super boring black market. Nothing exiting about it. I understand why they do it but how they do it just meh! I hope that everyone would just completely ignore it and make them reconsider it 😀

  26. Is the renegade good?

  27. I think I’ll pass on these.

  28. I have a question. In case i will lose the auction on black market will i get my gold back?

  29. thank you very much for the show…don’t see the pz5/4 i know a bunch of people that have been waiting for it to come up again.

  30. Its clear that WG is doing that Event to get the Gold and Credits spent, what players collected during the Christmas-Event…thats ok. But in the past you could get many more Tanks just by paying credits at least…now its seems to be mainly gold. Just sad. But well, lets see

  31. of course ruin new players expierience with over powered premium arty

  32. Okay day 4 and 6 ill need too buy

  33. Another cash grab in p2w game. why can you do something right WG?

  34. @DasGegenmittel Prices are definitely going to change, I hope at least! 😀

  35. Do they not realise that every time they sell a Lefh, they make their game worse?

  36. WG and their greed knows no bounds. Most of their black market crap is gold auction. At amounts that honestly don’t make the tanks worth it. People really should boycott the gold auctions to make WG re-think them. Because that’ll be a loss in revenue if they can’t part the gold from the players.

  37. from what i have seen obj 274a is basically a tier 9 tank with tier 8 standard ammo pen… so yeah 8k gold is worth it and cant wait

  38. Looks trash this time. Last year I lost the Type 59 gold auction for 42,750 gold and regretted it ever since. Looks like I’ll probably never have a chance again

  39. If this leak is reliable, I will happily have my good night’s sleep during the entire black market … nothing I could be bothered with.

  40. If it will be like this, I would look only after leFH. I dont have on that much golds on others tanks, and idc about that credits tanks.

  41. Not much to get excited about here. How about some skins, credit boosters, BIA crew members, or campaign boosters.

  42. Great video Dez, initially I was yay “Black market” however most of the list for me was meh, it was either I already have it or don’t want it. The only one I would like to acquire is R180 object 274A.
    I would have liked to see some tier IX or X that isn’t in the tech tree or a “collectors vehicle” like the death star was last year. A little disappointed really. One thing is war gaming has been consistent this year with the meh 10 year celebration.

  43. does anyoneone know when the first black firday offer comes out?

  44. The first Black Market had half the vehicles for credits. The second one had less than half the vehicles for credits. This one has three vehicles for credits. See the pattern. This is more like a special sale, not so special one really, like the ones they already push all year. Only one of the tanks for credits is good, the Renegade, and I already got that from a marathon, an event I will no longer participate in. Its nice to get premium tanks for credits but this event does not create any excitement for me.

    This is my opinion. I have played the game for more than 6 years. WG goes through cycles of being generous at times and then greedy at times. The pattern for the last year has been to push more and more pay for convenience, longer more grindy events, time gated events, and even changing the win condition in events, and the events are becoming less rewarding in terms of premium tanks. With the last loot boxes, I think the tone is set for this years Christmas loot boxes to be less rewarding than previous years in an effort to get players to put more money into them for the same rewards and gold they got in previous years.

  45. Dez the t8 prem for the marathon would most likely be the premium for the Italian heavy line.


  47. Why do they have to limit the amount that can be bought?

  48. Churchill BP with the bigger gun please

  49. Market of Color

    Justin Trudeau

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