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World of Tanks is having a final hurrah for the Black Market releasing a new access key system allowing you to pick one tank – here’s all you to know!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. “More dedicated the more medicated” – Snoop Dog

  2. Is6 black or Chrysler… I choose the Chrysler because I can’t get the FV or type 59 G 😔

  3. I was hoping for the Pz V/IV and i found it (at the last reroll)

  4. I missed out on the foch two years in a row got the 183 but would really love to have gotten that this year but guess it is what it is but NA server does not offer as many as the other servers

  5. I really, really, really regret I did not purchase Su-76i when it was launched and sold for one and half days.
    I was completely free to play then. But for ridiculous price it was sold for then, like 4.5 euros… I could be in that filthy seal clubbers society now with 3000 games in the most OP vehicle in the game.
    Now I will regret it forever 🙂
    PS I do have Pz 740, e25, leFH and some other dirty tanks.
    But mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s unfairest of them all?

  6. I have the mutz and the is 6. i rolled the fu**ing schwarzpanzer and is6 b. Really. Then i got some ebr crap, panzer v iv, and caernevon ax. I chose the panzer v iv.

  7. dieter van bogaert

    and than you live in Belgium and get screwed AGAIN because we are not allowed to have loot boxes ….****** even not for ingame gold which is a credit that can be gathered not just by money.

  8. I got that stupid pz II J thingy.

  9. BTW, programs are run on processors made out of many transistors. They are not magnets; rather electric gates that are controlled by electrical voltage. They are in a very small space because otherwise light/electricity wouldn’t be able to get across the processor to transmit information within a single stage of calculation step, since a gigahertz processor does billions of calculation steps every second. I’m not an expert, but I’ve had classes on electronic fundamentals. Magnets are used for other purposes, such as to move the diaphragm in speakers.

  10. 10:31 – Europe’s ultimatum to the indigenous tribes during the scramble for Africa.

  11. That beard needs to go, it’s getting creepy.

  12. I picked the Pz V/IV over the Type 59 G.
    I don’t regret it

  13. 5k gold and all four rerolls, took the AMX 13 57F on the last reroll
    Had three black T8’s and the V/IV for the other four slots

  14. Yesterday I was playing my FCM 36/40 for 3 straight hours. Just to ruin games for pz2j and SU 76 I… Full gold, food, binos and turbocharger… Omg I got 5 games with 2000+ dmg and few with 2000 scout…
    Talking about broken things
    And those pz german premijum… Usually they just drive forward and shoot stuff but not in my shift

  15. I rolled is6 b panzer 58 card ax lanson and m41 90 took is6 b cause f it

  16. I could buy 2 keys. I was the only one?

  17. black market is a con unless you are quickybaby got his su 76i or dezgamez he got the type 59g after 5000gold and nearly 6mill credits got a lansen WG LOOK AFTER THE u tubers ITS A CON NOT YOUR FAULT QUICKY DEZGAMEZ GOT THE TYPE 59 G FIRST GO THE ARE ROBBING BASTARDS

  18. wasted 5.1mil on tanks i didnt like. : sigh. ended up with the firt option, an LT tier 8. lol

  19. really hope all the governments take belgium as an example and finally fucking ban this gambling shit in video games

  20. ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂


  21. Funny, QB makes a video where he’s going to destroy wargaming for their horrible gambling tactic. Gets the one tank he wanted, so totally changes the video. LOL

  22. Little tip. You can send whole crew to barracks in 2 clicks 😉

  23. I bought it, rerolled All times, hydro, 4/5, btsv, su76i and tier 3 J. I felt so cheated…

  24. I got a type 59 G!

  25. “I paid 25000 gold”, says the guy with half a million gold he was gifted

    (ignoring context for joke)

  26. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…

  27. QB looking very wise with that beard

  28. Use me as a “here before QB rewrote the title correctly” button

  29. Get to the salt mines QB! Lots of 59G-s in the MM since yesterday.

  30. I get pz 2j 😀 other options was awful 😀

  31. I got the FV on the second throw of the dice and stopped there. SkillTU got the gold tank!

  32. Before you did this video, you must saw my “rewards”. first Pz 5/4, second amx 13 57, then Lansen, Chrysler K and IS6B. I picked Lansen, it’s the best for that offer. but it cost me 5000 gold + 5kk credits. didn’t worth it 🙁

  33. Had to convert gold to get 4 mil credits because I forgot I can sell tanks. Not a single tank above tier5. Well it’s a nice long break to Christmas lookboxes or Next year’s BM

  34. well £17.50 , got the blackpanzer 58 after using all have slots, that was the best , then i sold it in disgust, what a con

  35. got the Deathstar first Roll, and type 59G on the last, decided i wanted the deathstar

  36. I managed to crush it with Tetrarch so it’s not immortal.

  37. Wasted 5000 gold and 6 mil credits to get Chrysler K. Not a tank collector so was aiming for FV215b 183, lancen C, caernarvon action X and maybe black dog, foch or even EBR (worst case scenario). Got Alpine tiger, Chrysler, AMX 13 57, Pz V/IV and Pz 38H. So basicly paid more credits to get worse tanks. It should be the opposite – the more money you pay, the better tank you get. Like skill4ltu got type 59, foch and caernarvon – these are tanks that should drop only once per account. WG is greedy holes that avoid gambling tax but should be slapped with it.

  38. I think the problem with the vids by influencers is, that their starting conditions are different. Yes, they get really good results, but only because they already have a lot of the tanks. “normal” people can get wrecked super hard with multiple low (or high) level shit tanks ^^

  39. So he doesn’t want to seal-club……Loads in his best crew & runs food….No seal-clubbing going on here, is there!

  40. i rolled 5 times.. best think i got was the shcwarzpanzer

  41. Quickybaby, can u make a review about the Alpine Tiger, just grabbed it with the gold Key ☻

  42. I just said no to this cuz in the meantime i’ve researched the obj 705a and bought that 1 and i must say that i dont regret it!

  43. “British differences channel.” You mean like Shedule? Did you also go to shool for an education? Kappa

  44. I have to watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia” again. QB looks just like Cricket in his clean days

  45. Hey QB, when will you review the Kunze panzer and K91PT?

  46. i got the WORST rolls ever!, first it was a T34 B then a frikkin Schwarzpanzer the 3:rd a fookin Chrysler K GF then the fourth one was a Pz. 38H, im so unlucky ._.
    (Edit: you could prob guess wich one i took)

  47. i got a complete rubbish, sadly.. :/ not a single tier VIII…and yeah, I wasn´t able to purchase the Turtle 1 on the first day for some “error in transaction”… this year´s BM left a really bad feeling…

  48. A giant giant ripoff.

  49. I get so confused with QB. On one hand he is a strong advocate of fair play in the game and on the other he promotes OP premium tanks. Is he bought and paid for by Wargaming? No disrespected intended.

  50. Tomáš Karafiát

    FUCK WG. I got SchwarzPanzer and two Tier Vs and two Tier IIIs … Great deal for 5 000 gold.

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