Black Market Auction Crazy Value and Update 1.8 Review! | World of Tanks Black Market 2020 Sales

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World Tanks Black Market Auction 2020 – Special Offers, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits, Special Styles. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок. World of Tanks Update 1.8 Patch Test Server Review.

► Update 1.8 Patch Notes:

► Official article about Black Market:

Long-awaited Black Market aka Чёрный рынок is finally back. They teased us with Black Market at the end 2019, didn’t know when it arrives, but here it is now! 🙂
In today’s video I am going to talk about Black Market’s new auction system, update 1.8 test server and team clash event!

Let’s talk about it!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. I got the tank for 4mil credits on the SEA server. I heard the lowest on our server was 3.8mil Dez.

  2. My bid was 5 million, and I won it!!

  3. On the NA Server, I bid and won with $4.2 Mil credits

  4. Update 1.8… boring.

  5. 4 mil and i dont get it,win bid was 4,2 from what i know

  6. the Chrysler sucks.

  7. got it for 15.000.000 .-.

  8. 4.6 for me NA

  9. Dez you are awesome!! I love skill, but if you would have shown your face this contestant would not even been close.

  10. 5 million for GK

  11. Andrei Emanuel Robu

    4,7 mil and i get the crisler

  12. Bid 4mil n didnt get it

  13. got for 4 mil on na

  14. Stefano Pinto filipe

    i lost with 3 mill

  15. on SEA i got it for 3,700,000 (someone said sale price is 1,840,000 which is half price so I doubled it and rounded up to next 100,000)

  16. I feel the fool. I bid 3.5 million and won. I have a feeling I could of got it for 3 million.

  17. The renaissance man

    WG the wows community want this in wows aswell .. it woud be a meme

  18. Im on NA server and i bid 3.7 million credits just to see if i could get it ( wasnt really trying) and i won it. Heard around that it was going for 3.2 to 3.3 million credits on NA and people won so i think they were the lowest bids.

  19. I bought it For 4.5 milion, nice

  20. 3.7m credits was the lowest bid I know of on Asian server to get the Chrysler K. That’s a bargain compared to 8.5k for the Lansen a couple of days earlier

  21. I also got this tank on the NA server for 4 million ! Great value ! Although kinda sneaky way to do bidding, instead of everyone paying the lowest winning bid price, they keep all the extra credits… eg. not like ebay, but then again. What would Ebay know about auctions…. 😉

  22. 3.5M on NA, Won.

  23. I got it for 3.5Million, NA Server

  24. got Chrysler K with 3.5 mil in NA server… Not sure if it was a great deal or not… Should have bid 3,000,001 credits… I was trying to save credits but when an auction comes you gotta bid

  25. Next time guys put maximum 500k silver all of you. Just to brake the system. Don’t bit more, bit less this is your chance.

  26. I get Chrysler for 4,2M

  27. Auctioning tank is a Bad thing , that’s what I thing . TDS .

  28. 5 M credits on NA server.

  29. So, Dez, which tank would you like to command?

  30. This game is destroyed you need to pay for everything!!

  31. Guy in my Clan got it for 3.4 million and made me sick I took my 1 cr higher bid down lol NA Server

  32. I bet 12milions

  33. I want me my foch 155

  34. dez i like the currents rewards for merits not just for skins but i also got equipments like coated optics and i can complete rewards for merits as many times i want in one day but upcoming daily rewards might be limited per day i think

  35. Damn, 184k gold… how much money do you throw at wargamming?

  36. I bid 3.5 mill on the NA server and got it

  37. I’ve heard someone bought for 10 mil.

  38. I bid 5,5m and i got it

  39. E100 BUFF????????

  40. 7:43 so now you bought a tank that you’re probably never gonna play and someone who wanted it doesn’t get it at all.. facepalm

    14:50 I don’t like the new system that replaces Reward for Merit, because we already have enough things you need to grind for to get it. It’s nice to get a reward for free every now and then, so I like the system how it is now. I’m glad there will be no crew skins in it. I don’t care about things I will never look at.

    16:20 we need the same for those dumb Clan Wars reward vehicles, but WG does not touch that at all… so the mode will still be broken -_-

  41. i will want foch 155 :)))))))

  42. My bid was 5 milion and i won it

  43. I am actually looking forward for the Daily Missions thing, which will be similar to WoWp and WoWs daily missions 🙂 That will be a good change. I didn’t notice there were no crew skins in the deal however, until you mentioned that aspect. Maybe someone should ask WG about crew skins… though i don’t use crew skins all that much myself. IF you want lobster and unicorn crew skins, i can give you some DEZ, i have a few extra:)) Especially the lobster :))

  44. Nightcore/Anime Lover

    I didn’t even have enough for the starting bid… Well, after fighting it couple times, I can see that it’s not as OP as people believe it is because the side can be overmatched, the lower plate is huge and the upper plate can be penned with gold rounds.
    I don’t even care about the black market because I know I am not able to get anything anyways. I would get Lefe if it wouldn’t be at 5 AM!! Thanks WG… Btw, they sold the most overpowered tier V tank and arty for 300 gold but tier 3 or 4 rare soviet TD for 15k gold??????????? I am sorry?!? THIS is really outrageous WG!!!

    About the patch notes, I am still waiting for a way to see how many hours have I spent playing it, every game has it yet WG still didn’t introduce it to any of their games.

  45. WhiskeyTango Foxtrot_AU

    4 mil got me the Chrysler, the leafblower I already have.. next ! 😉 keep up the vids, love you long time.. lol

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