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Please dont have a morning sale.. please dont have a morning sale..


  1. Thank you Circon!

  2. 4,00 in the uk

  3. Yay finally a sale that I still can’t afford. Have no gold or even a paypal lol F WG as far as I’m concerned

  4. I dont see the problem Circ, i usual get up at around 5 in the morning every day, chill a bit and get ready for work. Most anyone with a regular job gets up around 6 to get to work, if you have kids they usualy start kindergarden around 7-7:30. Unless you count office rats and other paperpushers that dont start before 8-9, and even they might get up at 6 if they are MDG voters and take the bus with the kids to get them to kindergarden.

    • Depends on the time zone. NA Eastern time here has the event start at 11:00am. WG can go F themselves. Just like WarGaming to give the best deals and rewards to the people with the most free time. (likely with no job either).

  5. The timing is lunatic and that coupled with the limited quantities makes this unattractive. Here in the UK I’m either in bed or at work when each market opens.

    • Guy Dawson ditto. No chance, even if I were inclined to give WG money these days, of being near a pc to log on during the day and I’ll be damned if I am getting up at silly o’clock of the a.m. to log on!

    • Ye it’s ridiculous, literally no time to think about the offer.

  6. T34b Will be on this black market?

  7. Said it before, and I’ll say it again, WG doesn’t respect their consumers. It’s really obvious that they just want to drain any whales that are still playing before the player base dries up.

  8. Don’t forget that some of us have evening and night shift jobs, one of my past jobs I didn’t get home till 4 AM.

  9. Ok it’s the Panzer V/IV that’s got the Panther hull so when facing these shoot the turret the hull is stronk

  10. I don’t even have enough money to buy my next tiers, I need to sell old tier tanks, I just sold a tier 10… Fuck this game its all about pay to play pay to win, what about free to play players?

  11. Asian server on East coast of Australia it resets at like 2/3 am.

  12. I mean I wake up at 4 for school so I really don’t care what time but it shouldn’t be a limited amount

  13. 5 in the morning will be doable for me, a student with a test this friday if I go to bed at like 20:00 or 21:00

    It’s absolutely ridiculous

  14. For not all its gonna be 5 in the morning. for some it will be 5 in the evening. It says 17:00 CET

  15. Fuck the black market. Jesus this crap is so predatory. Can’t believe people get excited for this shit. Finally gave up playing after 8 years thanks to this kind of stuff rather than them fixing the game.

    Just keep throwing money at them everyone. I’m sure they’ll fix the game as long as they keep getting funneled loads of money for things that cost them next to nothing.

  16. Last year it was 2am for australia

  17. I get up at fucking 430 am… works for those people have this type of job! Lol

  18. Wasn’t it 6 am and 6 pm last time for most of us?

  19. Happening at 11 am in america for me. Too bad I’ll be working so I guess fuck me right. Why cant it be in the evening at a reasonable time.

  20. Man I’m on NA, stayed up till 8 am, with the gold ready to rush to buy the Pz V/IV because I KNEW it was going to sell out, bought it, went to bed, got up…
    *The thing never sold out*

    Guys, that’s like the most overpowered tier 5 tank in the game, how did you sleep on that?

    But yeah, since I work nights 8am memes are fine, it’s the 8pm memes that suck because I like making money IRL lmao…

  21. There are spoilers in the vid they posted you just have to watch carefully

  22. I hope they would listen to You …

  23. same thing as last time… where all my bills stack into one week.

  24. Circon, us console players need your help. Our incompetent devs have just introduced an M53 that fires 4 shots in one go (390 alpha and a 20 second reload), in a barrage. Please help us make WoT (on console) great again, every decision they’re making is destroying the game.

  25. It will suit a minority of people, that’s all.
    Frankly it’s a ridiculous offer and they so missed out on potentially much more revenue by this stupid time gate.

    It’s a game, when it interferes with my life I say no thanks.

  26. I hope they sell the Chieftain Mk6 in Black Market

  27. Progetto 46 for 8 mill. credits.
    The same number of tier that gets completely fucked then.

  28. 17:00 is in the morning?

  29. ahh yes the black market. or as I like to call it “hey remember all those premiums and non premiums we removed? well now you can get them back for a exorbitant price because fuck you”

  30. I wish it was 5:00 a.m. In morning for me, at least I would be able to have a chance. Try it at 10:00 a.m. When me and everyone in NA CT zone are at work or school. Hope the good stuff doesn’t sale out before I get home 7 hrs later wtg wg

  31. Waffentrager E-100 time

  32. Really? Complaining about a free game and having to get up at 5 to get a limited edition? Hard to take this seriously.

  33. 17:00 CET … do you need help circon?

  34. I like early morning since I get up at 4am anything between 6am and 5pm would suck for me since I have no internet access at work.

  35. Grand Admiral Dredhawk

    I never understood a limit amount digital item. LoL

  36. has anyone here ever heard of shift workers, people who work in the armed services and emergency services? well they might miss out on buying tanks in the evening. so allowing the people who you expect to keep you safe the chance to buy a tank isn’t a big thing to ask is it?

  37. I used to hoard every tank in the game and not sell any, until just recently I went through and sold all the ones I’m more than likely to never use again and got myself about 60mil credits.

    Guess I know what I’m gonna do with that this week then.

  38. bart van herrewegen

    Server maintenance at 5am LOL hope no one set their alarm for this xD

  39. Once again if you have a job in NA you’re out of luck since it goes on sale in the middle of the day… Thanks again WG…

  40. It’s f**ked up

  41. I wish I had saved all the gold I got from the Cmas boxes instead of buying prems. If they had leaked that this was coming a lot of people could have planned. Another good idea poorly executed by Wargaming.

    Black Dog was 5 million creds last year.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Stephen Verner pretty much everybody knew that another Black Market comes right after the previous one ended.

  42. If they sell a universal silver camo I would like that

  43. Well, atleast I will have my gold left if they keep doing the same bullshit as last time.

  44. B R E A K I N G N E W S ………….
    Wargaming has announced that for there special “Black Market” event there will be a Tier VIII Russian wheeled vehicle with 120 mm double-barreled guns which will be able to forge rivers
    and lakes underwater without being spotted, shot or drowning! It will be called the “SNORKEL” and will have a special water camouflage and a submarine crew of four! It will be a crossover
    vehicle for WOT & WOW !

  45. I spent 9.6 mil credits on the t34B… Its a piece of shit

  46. Buy fast. Don’t think.

  47. 2 am for me. Well played wg. I guess you really don’t want my money this time.

  48. You can easily get up at 5 am and go to sleep again 10 minutes after that.

  49. I remember the past one… missed the BlackDog because it was sold out, but got the T34B. Now have 35 mil credits and 13K gold so hopefully, something interesting will come out

  50. I’m happy with timing. I get up at 6 for work (EET) so thats a win for me. More chance for me to buy a tank. Cuz you guys will be sleeping. 🙂

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