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Source: QuickyBaby

of appears to have leaked some, or all, of the tanks of this years Black Market – here’s all we know!


of is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a download.


  1. and i think the Quilin qill be Last Price for the BM and Foch 155 will be 7th tank in the Price, i’m not sure

  2. I believe the Foch 155 was 23,000,000 credits last time the black market was around, and I bought it – I stand by QB’s comments, I wish I had gotten the FV215b 183 instead.
    It’s even worse in today’s WoT’s as you’ll be lucky enough to reload a 2nd or 3rd clip before your team has won or been crushed.

    I’m very curious though about the WZ 111 5A though as it’s already a strong tank as is, it’ll be gold for sure but how much I wonder ….

  3. QB has a discord server? And no TOG II on black market 🙁

  4. i have the 50tp-prot it is way better then the defender in all areas.
    also have the wz111 dragon, it is a very good tank, have super uni stats in it,(in the 4k range) didnt get it for the wn8, it does throw a big flame out the barrel when you shoot, really fun tank to have.
    played 3xx games in it and it just keeps the fun value.

  5. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    Quickybaby the turtle and m10 got later leaked ster the list you have they found 2 more Pics the turtle and the m10 where in those these do have in the leak

  6. Hey QB just wondering when did you make last video with TVP or Skoda T50?

  7. I dont even waste my time now with the black market, you overpay every time, if I want a tank I just wait till it’s on sale. I have 127 premium tanks I’m a collector but I have no chance of getting the tanks I want. WG should give the collectors special deals when you buy so many tanks others should open for you.

  8. I love how QB always admits its not worth spending so much on the game its good to hear

  9. The_Womble _King

    How are we meant to know who cheated to get the T22 now? And they are rewarding all those cheaters by buffing the tank back up.

  10. The E50-M skin on HK and ANZ they had 3000 up for sale for 1000 gold. They sold out within minutes

  11. Interesting…….The M10 in EU was an auction? I’m on the Asian server and it was a flat 300 gold. No auction at all.

  12. We got the Qilin for months on console.

  13. Say again: “Aufklärungspanzer Panther”. 😉

  14. I can barely imagine the guy who woke up @5AM today to get a 3D camo….

  15. No money for WG from my side until they have buried crew 2.0.

  16. Heard Qiling will be sold for credits instead

  17. is it worth coming back to WOT/WOW? 52% win rate, pure vanilla account, 16K WOT games played. a few premium vehicles/ships. no T10’s though. Have played competitively TB/CW and done well too. yes CL with a T9, it can be done. just usually not recommended lol.

  18. definitelly not 5.5mil for the LPC… Went with bid slightly over 6mil and got nothing, just my creds back… 😐

  19. They also had the turtle MK1 just the other day to that was not on this list

  20. Michael Lawrence

    I bid 6.1 million for American med but didn’t win so Quicky 5.5 was not the winning bid m8.

  21. 😍 Love ur videos. QB..😍

  22. I’ve been getting back into wot lately and I’ve noticed that on some of the enemy’s team names have a small light bulb on their tanks. What does that mean?

  23. 4:45 why the hell can’t you tell us now lmao .. jeez

  24. Yo guys a question, when was progetto 45 came out? Was it mission marathon vehicle or is it sold on the shop? I was not playing the game for 3 years and start to play again from August last year.

  25. Woke up at 4:55 (spain) just to Find a skin on aucion…. at 5:01 i was in the bed already

  26. Should I buy the Lt 432?

  27. I’ve just realised how many premium tanks I already have. Fortunately I have kind of already decided I dont need any new premium tanks, and prefer expanding my FPV drone fleet (which ended up being even more expensive *facepalm*).

  28. Waffelträger Auf EBR 152 A

  29. (05:12) For the WZ-111 Qilin it wont have extra credit potential – you can check on that ingame via the comparison tool. It´s another crewtrainer at best.

  30. actually QB u should use this chinese characters for the google translate instead. 麒麟 Qilin

  31. Hey QB will you show us some replays of t28 HTC or T22 medium

  32. RNGFDME Wot Mission guides

    You didn’t mention the fv 183? If you watch wgs video it clearly shows the 183 as being in the black market

  33. play obj 430 u and obj 140

  34. RNGFDME Wot Mission guides

    I have the t22 and its decent again. 5.4 second reload and much nicer to drive than the other Russian meds

  35. Hey QB.. just a heads up that the lights in the background signify the currency that it will be sold as (white lights = silver and gold lights = gold)
    Edit: no lights = immediate sale

  36. WG is doing shit by making their game P2W again. A friend told me “where is it P2W ? You can buy with credits!” yeah but I’m not sure everyone is able to have 22M credits on their F2P accounts. My account has been running with premium for 8 years and I never get more than 7M credits ’cause I often buy a tier X or a new grinding tech tree tank. So yes, buy with millions of credits is P2W. ’cause you’ll use your CC to get it or use gold to convert it. And bid with gold is clearly P2W x)

  37. “Error, transaction failed” wargaming = useless

  38. My bet for TLC (US prem) was for 6.1m and still i didnt get ….. how ?

  39. T22 sr 🤩

  40. I min bid on the E50M 3D skin and won. hehehe i wonder how much WG thought we was really gonna pay for it, cause no thanks i only min bid cause didn’t care for it

  41. QB! If u look at the background for the pics it hints at how they will be sold! White lights – credit auction
    Gold lights – gold auction/sale
    No lights – pure credit sale
    That’s the pattern we got on our first three sales 😉

  42. just picked up the E50M camo – minimum bid again ……… it’s glorious 🙂

  43. Maestro Jordanesco

    To all of you interested, I paid 386 gold to get E50M style. I didn’t have the Mirny style, though.

  44. Get 6 Million Credits in one day?! How? My name is not QB 😂I wish I could get 6 Million credits in one day 😂

  45. I bid 6199999 and didn’t recieve it so it was higher then 5.5Million.

  46. it was 6,3 mill

  47. Regarding prises
    Got the tier V french TD at minimum cost

  48. I won my TL 1 with 5 mill creds, but that was on the NA server and your 5.5 mill is probably on the EU servers.

  49. got the E50M skin for 255 gold – EU server

  50. Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'ati'te

    Got the E50M skin for 500 Gold.

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