Black Market Offers LEAKED – Will They Change Them? | World of Tanks Black Market 2021 All Offers

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Source: DezGamez

World of Black Market 2021 All Offers Leaked, Including T-22, Foch 155 and WZ-111 QL – Special Offers, Auctions, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits – WZ-111 Qilin, Foch 155 and FV215b 183 on Black Market? World Tanks Чёрный рынок 2021.

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Black Market is at its full swing with rumors, leaks and drama. Yesterday, after the first offer was made public, the community members were already able to extract all the upcoming offers as well, as they were all uploaded to the same place. The list is quite exciting I have to say!

What do you think about it?


  1. 🔴 As I was getting literally BOMBARDED with questions and people sending me links EVERYWHERE about it, I had to make this video to finally end it. And if you didn’t know… Well, now you do! 😛

  2. Nefavis Nakuranu

    I hope for the T22M

  3. guy in my clan got the Tl1pc for 3,750,000c

  4. The two things I want are Campaign orders or teh Pz IV hdr. for credits. Meehhhh for the rest.

  5. Dez needs to realise that not all players have tier 10s, a premium account and hours to spend playing. WG needs to start considering lower tier F2P players as well.

  6. NA 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM. HA! HA!

  7. thanks for the black market info 🙂

  8. what makes me laugh is all these content creators are so full of shit none of them get it 100% these are just cilk bait vids don’t get fooled by them

  9. Themis Spanopoulos

    No it’s not leaked. All those “leaks” are fake crap to get people interested. Also your fake voice is dumb.

  10. I offered 5M for T1LPC on NA server and got it

  11. E75 Skin for gold bidding Rn.

  12. Matthias Thierfelder

    camo of 50m is this day 5inthemorning

  13. Britain Panther “Breh-tan Panther”

  14. Your theory about yellow lights and white lights wasn’t accurate for the E50M 3D camo. It’s on auction right now for gold, not credits and it has white light in your video.

  15. I got LPC for 3,6m credits.. NA had a VERY low cap

  16. E50M 3D style just went up for a gold auction, so the lights don’t represent the type of sale IMO

  17. Brruhh tanya Panther

  18. This Gold, Silver background trick might be false.
    The E50M style is for gold….

  19. For the TLC on the NA server, I got mine for 4 million. Was talking to two others after getting it and they were 10 mil and 4.4 Mil

  20. World of Shit Tank

  21. It seems the silver lights are not credit sales because today morning there was an e50M 3d camo skin for gold auction and there were silver lights only.

  22. in this black market there are 16 offers.not 18.count the days…on 3rd mars one offer,and on 11th mars again one offer.the rest of the days there are 2 offers per day.7 days x 2 offers per day= 14 offers + 2 offers(first and the last day)= 16 offers in this black market

  23. Martin Mikuláš

    Seems like the lights doesnt mean anything. 3D style for E 50M was gold auction

    • The lights indicate if the auction is closed or open.

    • Martin Mikuláš

      @Kinkku that would make sence

    • @Kinkku I am sorry to ask, I am not English.. but what does exactly mean if the auction is closed or open?

    • @COcoLA Designs open auction means that you can see the minimum price you need to bid in order to win the item. It will only show once there are as many bids as the lot size. Closed auction is the standard auction format with just bidding blindly like before.

  24. WoT ПраВша

    Вот бы выкатили Вафлю E100, я думаю за минут 20 все раскупили бы.

  25. Think the black market Boss is fooling around with us….E50M skin on auction now, for gold, with white lights 🙁

  26. People that have P46 do not want others to have it, sell it and i will undertand you

  27. Sry to spoil the background theory, but e50m style is gold auction and background is white lights…

  28. I got the M10 for 600 gold 🙂

  29. Dez any news with commanders that you can get such as your commander?

  30. Why E 50 skin is for gold and have gray lights behind?

  31. M10 RBFM is Awesome. People do not know how good it is because WG didn’t bother to add it to the HoF.

  32. Today e50m 3d style was for gold, with bright silver lights 😉 @dezgamez

  33. What I have read 5.1 million would have got you that first tank on ANZ, also on ANZ (ASIA server) our gold offers are not auctions, both the M10 and the E50M skin we just out right buy, I don’t think they can have auctions for gold items due to some different laws in our region.

    The Turtle was also an outright buy and was credits but I am not sure if that was world wide, either way our only auction has been the first medium tank.
    EDIT: E50M skin was gold but had white lights so who knows, I think the lights might be rarity

  34. Alexandre Parra Perez

    Today we had a micro-patch and the price for T22 Sr and Wz Quillin Change to 5 golds so i don’t think they are gonna be on Black Market 🙁

  35. The foch 155 😛

  36. Just wanted the 268v5 or Wt E100 or Chieftain Mk6 but no we got a skinned A5

  37. I think the colour of the lights might have something to do with the quantity. Gold being rare – fewer units available.

    • The lights mean the type of auction. White = closed auction with no crowd watching, gold = open auction with crowd watching

  38. The lighting is not representative of the type of sale , the E50 M Skin this morning was a time based auction , the night before was the turtle on first come first served sale … that lasted less than 90 seconds

  39. I just hope wg will give us t22medium i have ready 75k gold for it and 150mil credits for it

  40. Raphaël Maestri

    U are late 😂

  41. well e50m was auctioned for gold (the skin at least).
    which is the first difference to thi list…

  42. ***Zero Bastos***

    Hox mutch crédits or gold you will be reaby to spend for the T22?. Tanks Dez for the info.

  43. The silver lights mean its a closed auction , the gold lights mean its an open auction. In the open auction you seem to see the middle bid placed by the players that should recieve the tank for the bid they made. Atleast thats what i figured out. Without lights is just first come first serve sell.

  44. Got the “Nimmermehr” style for 560 gold on the EU server, which felt like a normal price for something like that. That means that the background pictures do not indicate for sure whether it will be a gold or silver auction or just a buyout vehicle.

  45. Since E50M style was for gold with white lights, the lights probably mean the following:
    White: Closed auction for credits or gold
    Gold lights: Open auction for credits or gold
    No lights: Flat price sale.
    So no way of knowing what is going to be for credits and what for gold, unfortunately…

  46. miroslav milicic

    Sry but you are wrong whit predictions. Camo on E50M on Na server is sold for 255 Gold

  47. Bree-tan-ya Panther

  48. when are they gonna release the black market

  49. My E50M mirny-13 3D-style is EPIC so I’m not gone get that other skin but if the mirny skin comes back I would say buy it becous its amazing

  50. I just want progetto, I’ll spend 20 mil if I have to

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