Black Market Tank List Hints and 1.12 Review | World of Tanks Black Market 2021 Offers – Update 1.12

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.12 Patch Review, Everything You Need To Know. World of Tanks Black Market 2021 – Special Offers, Auctions, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, for Credits – WZ-111 Qilin, AMX Foch 155 and FV215b 183 on Black Market? World of Tanks Чёрный рынок 2021.

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– Black Market official article:
– Update 1.12:

Update 1.12 is live with quite many new features, including some added mods, buffs to the and of course… The Black Market! Let’s talk about some of the potential tanks.

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  1. I am REALY happy about the zoom improvement… I realy realy hated the “remember last” option.

  2. Dez please tell us who is this lucky guys because it can be anybody and we maybe didn’t have Facebook or insta,so please try call us in wot chat
    My ing: evo732

  3. The BM list was released on Reddit a few hours ago.

  4. Here is full list acording to Reddit leaks:50TP prototype,Foch 155,A 32,Aufklarungpanzer Panther,Bretagne Panther,Cromwell B,E 50 M 3D Style,IS 2 Berlin,IS 3A,Progetto 46,Renegade,Skoda T 27,Somua SM,T 22 Medium,TL 1 LPC,WZ 111 Qilin

    Too bad that i wanted DeathStar and they said those leaks are true,i am very disapointed

  5. Wait a kill cam? what? wont that be used for comsatting?

  6. So have they just given up on the CDC because it’s one of the worst premiums and they are just buffing everything but it lmao

  7. Justneed Ductape

    Glad to help with the pronunciation.

  8. Rather disappointing that they start by selling the crappy Pretty Fly

  9. obj 777

  10. 6:50 try default zoom at x2 and thank me later. You’ll never be able to play without it again

  11. I still lack a setting to completely turn off all battle notifications. No minimap pinging etc

  12. No way the super perishing should ever be that quick with that much armour

  13. When will WG give scuba gear to arty? To stop them drowning…

  14. Michael Locklear

    How are you contracting the winners in game or YouTube?
    If they don’t answer I’ll take any ingame stuff need all the help I can get. 🤔

  15. watching in school dez! thanks for making school fun

  16. What about the clock which says 09:15?
    Thats the update where WT auf E100 was removed .

  17. Dez: Black market in about 1h30 from this video recording.
    Me: Stuck at work for another 4h.
    …../ )
    …..’ /
    —‘ (_____
    ……… ((__)
    ….. _ ((___)
    ……. -‘((__)

  18. Make fv4202 great again

  19. @DezGamez can you please name the winners that didn’t respond? (Username)

  20. I swear they copied my exact Aslain’s mods that I have been using…

  21. TBH, I was kind of surprised that WG buffed the speed of the superpershing again. I mean, I thought the turbocharger already made it nimble enough now.

  22. Dez, please start reviewing other games and stuff…i like your perspective and your commentary is great but wot is a dumpster fire now, so i cannot stomach wot vids anymore.

  23. new bond shop tanks included in new season ranked??

  24. Are you contacting the winner via E-Mail or via WoT?

  25. Hi @DezGamez I noticed you mentioned people not getting in contact I entered a few comps you had in February. HideousAssassin EU Server I would be devastated if it was me you were saying to get in touch and I did nothing. Keep it coming Super love the content

  26. NinElektrocommerce

    This game went so bad so fast.

  27. Kassandra Shaeya

    Steel Hunter sucks, would rather have Frontlines with my pals

    • Not a fan of steel hunter neither. Most b people I know aren’t. I too had much rather have Frontline like last yr. It was fun.

  28. I just want to buy Death Star for 22mil credits so I don’t have to grind the FV4005 line at all…..

  29. Looks like PC player

  30. Thanks for these news videos Dez! 😊 I would have missed a few interesting actions if you wouldnt do these

  31. yup classic WG TL-1 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. social3ngin33rin

    pay2win powercreep cancer

  33. Casual Boops just posted a video of the tank list for BM someone found in the BM art work. The snow glob was wild goose chase last time they showed it

  34. Any guesses on how much the leaked tanks might cost? I might have to save more credits since I’m low

  35. I dont get how do you get the graphics to look so good? I have a 1440k monitor running at ultra and it doesn’t look like this. Do you upscale the videos on utube or something? To be honest graphics look the same as on my previous 1080p monitor

  36. I managed to get the TL-1 LPC for 4,000,000. That’s not bad for a crew trainer.

  37. I just want the Charlemagne when it comes out.

  38. 💪😚 thanks for the news dez

  39. Guys, do you also have some new wierd sound notification when your team kills an enemy in battle after 1.12? It sounds like a slot machine, I hate it and I did not manage to find a way to switch it off…

  40. oh no winners dont react :/

  41. WG promised a feature thus , exchanging blueprints with other goods in the game , any news about that ?

  42. No aufklärungpanzer panther 🙁

  43. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    I spent 18.6 mil credts for T1-LPC

  44. Tomislav Černauš

    add fog removal and countdown shadow……so anoying

  45. hey Dez i got you’re commander from Epic Drop on twitch but i forgot to recruit u in time so it got removed Sadge

  46. Would you expect T-22 SR could get to the Black Market?

  47. BLYAT MARKET !!!!

    Today’s BM vehicle is the French Wolverine

  49. hints don’t mean a thing

  50. They added one thing that make me crazy —> hell annoying signal when someone is destroyed and I can’t turn it off!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone

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