BLACK PRINCE IS OP! New Churchill Tanks! – War Thunder

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks – New Churchills & Black Prince!

Thanks for watching!


  1. first

  2. second!

  3. 2nd

  4. where is the centurion BRO !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They should have called the tank Snail

  6. im 8

  7. lol


  9. last XD

  10. Its that air transportation game again :/

  11. tiger 1h

  12. Say “mate” at the beginning of the sentence not the end.

  13. jagpanther plz baron

  14. I very easy to 1 shot it in a tiger or panther, even from the front

  15. T-10/is 4 or GULAG

  16. Jagdtiger

  17. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    Hi baron!

  18. Panther II

  19. i really would love to see some panther 2 gameplay with that huge

  20. I remember the day of glory. When 2nd. Lit Baron and Phly were ordered to
    drive the Americans back on the Jg. 4s. Phly and Baron successfully crushed
    the Americans, but Phly got bombed and wounded for the Fatherland. Time to
    bring them out again! This time, in RB!

  21. Its nto that hard to kill if you can aim :P

  22. juan david uran acevedo

    play the M4A2(76)HVSS Make uncle sam proud.

  23. T26 and zhuckovsky chaika

  24. Play the M26 Pershing. Gotta flank and spank and you’ll win.

  25. Hahahahaha Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the worst
    of the series, not the best Baron -_-

  26. play ju 87 G

  27. or zis 30

  28. Slick sounds exactly like my local radio DJ :l

  29. play with your favorite Tank and plane in RB

  30. so baron, are you going to do a special PearlHarbor day special?

  31. Lol hahah hitleranium hahaha

  32. First comment you cheeky coont

  33. does anyone else have wolf girl and black prince in their suggested video

  34. I think Squire’s fake American accent is better than your fake British one.

  35. Give up the british accents, let out your inner rednecks. Would be so much

  36. Baron do you know _Foo_Fighter?

  37. What mic do u use Baron

  38. The British accents are so bad it hurts me

  39. Play the Panther.g with the 129b3 duck

  40. black prince slow, armor only good when u face complete RETARDS the gun
    though is good

  41. More awful British accents…

  42. hey baron two things next tank m4 scorpion firefly and your empire should
    be called the baronium empire

  43. 0:17 420SP xDDDD

  44. In heroes and generals use the spring field

  45. And can you use the panther with AP rounds

  46. So many anime video suggestions in the sidebar. I hate anime.

  47. there are going to be a tetarch?? to

  48. Tiger ii (p) für deutsland

  49. Please stop the accents. I know it’s all ‘fun’ and shit but jokes do in
    fact get old…and I’d go as far as saying it’s deducting from your videos
    🙁 I enjoy the subject of your videos so I’m not just being a dick. And of
    course, it’s your channel buddy xD

  50. GG Baron! that first tiger really is a titty.. (it was me)

  51. kajsjjsjs

  52. Anyone know when the e-100 event is starting I probably won’t get one but
    like to try get one anyway

  53. tank is not OP… the shells are great if they pen but mostly its just a
    rolling bunker i fight it as the Russians and have fought with it and have
    not noticed anything crazy… kv-2 is anti bunker nuff said…also the
    players who drive the tanks love to get into fire fights with lots of
    enemys so they are easy to flank

  54. I want the Matilda tank its so awesome because its armor is awesome as fuck

  55. did baron get a double kill or what happened it showed he killed 2 at once

  56. use the hetzer hetzer got to hetz lobe the vids

  57. I want to see Churchill VIII Crocodile, the one with the flame thrower and
    massive tow behind fuel tank! =))))))
    (added in that is)

  58. Staph with trying to be BrOtish and don’t forget the Churchill tanks have
    no mantlets

  59. Play the BM-8-24 Stalins hellfire rockets like so baron sees this

  60. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    U should play ze Panzer 4 H and the Duck :)

  61. T-34E STZ (not the premium one) :)

  62. You guys are a bunch of buzzkills. They are just having fun.

  63. arguably the best Indiana Jones film are you having me on mate?

  64. srsly, accents are terribad. pls stahp.

  65. Ian Dawson (StranglersIV)

    The British accents are so bad they sound Australian. As a Yorkshire man I
    should know!

  66. T35 rape train

  67. bruh do it for ze fatherland!!!! jagd panter plez!!!

  68. Barron, best Indiana Jones film is Kingdom? un subbed ;)

  69. Slick stop with the horrible British accent!!! ruins the video…

  70. i actually cried when i first heard those accents :-P

  71. Wow, learn to switch up ammo!!! lol

  72. M46 patton

  73. What game mode is baron playing at the start with both planes and tanks?

  74. m4a3e2 (75) and (76) pls

  75. Do flak custom game!!!

  76. Wtf, a crap ton of anime for suggested videos, that looks like a typical
    anime that 1000 others have done, and only had 2 episodes…

  77. Muhammad Aqsath Faza

    black prince definitely the definition of pay 2 win tank

  78. We havent seen the T92 ffs plz baron we need it

  79. can u play more games with squire

  80. Sherman Firefly

  81. Baron and his friends are annoying people.

  82. play with tiger 2 P

  83. Please play the ferdinand

  84. This is one of those tanks i go out of my way to kill.
    If they spawn another one i will put an entire bombing run on their spawn.
    Fuck the A43

  85. hen cristmas somes be prepared to see a lot of churchills.

  86. SU-100 the BOX troll cannon tank

  87. Stop with the god awful “British” accents.

  88. play T-26 pls

  89. Take out the M4A2 76mm…. the mighty TIGER KILLER!!!

  90. M8A1 & SBD-3 Combo!

  91. Why are all the suggestions in the side bar anime? I have never watched
    anime on Youtube.

  92. The crystal skull is NOT the best Indiana Jones movie.

  93. Ferdinand or Tiger 2 105 please.

  94. Is it just me or are the accents getting WORST?

  95. Russian still has stalinium

  96. +BaronVonGamez do Tiger porsche……..i know u have done before doing
    video Tiger porsche………but i want to see Tiger porsche in war thunder
    firestorm plsss baron

  97. as you play this does your points blind up so when takes come out you all
    ready have RP points

  98. Very under tiered tank

  99. Realistic is where its at!

  100. Play the Russian Tier 1 Rocket Tank Destroyer BM-8-24

  101. First Order Stormtrooper

    I think the YouTube sidebar had a stroke.

  102. SL Eleven (SevenEleven357)

    The new tank after the walker bulldog

  103. Churchill = British beautiful mobile bunker :D

  104. i get so confused because i have changed my in game colours to red for
    friends and blue for enemies. Sometimes ill look at the screen an go, “why
    isnt he shooting him?” “ohhh, yeahhh”

  105. Is Hitleranium stronger than Stalinium?

  106. i hate how baron always cuts off what slick is trying to say and then he
    says whatever he wants just my opinion still a fan

  107. Accents need to stop. 40 minutes of cringing.

  108. why you cunts so weird just speak normally

  109. Baron will you play the T-92? I haven’t seen any videos of it

  110. t-23 medium Americama

  111. play some Lancaster gavna

  112. Add Churchill AVRE
    Goodbye KV2

  113. bad accents = best

  114. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    I think it would be nice if you try Is 4 baron

  115. PLAY THE MAUS!!!

  116. I click a video about tanks. A bunch of videos about an anime, Wolf Girl
    and Black Prince, comes up. Cool?

  117. Rasmus Arvid Pedersen

    is 4

  118. Man those British accents are horrible! They should stick with their ultra
    queer Germany accents, sounds a little better.

  119. Black prince is under tiered as fuck.

  120. M46 Patton or Detroit.

  121. don’t forget the Tetrarch Mk.I that they alsow are going to make

  122. Hurtgen was a campfest. Carentan ftw

  123. Baron why you say crystal skull best like I dead now. Y u do dis

  124. love the team work! :)

  125. Pretty sure we need some nippy light tank action like M22, M24 or Pz IIH
    farting around at great speed derping people!

  126. make more videos with angriLealligator!!!!

  127. Tiger II(P) pls my Baby

  128. Every recommend video after this was an anime lol

  129. world of tanks isnt as good as war thunder is they made war thunder for
    tablets and phone i would not stop playing it

  130. ‘Now black, to the Black Prince’ BaronVonGamez -2015

  131. Black Prince and OP. Three words I didn’t expect to hear in the same

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