Black Prince & Sherman Firefly Gameplay – War Thunder 1.53 British Tanks

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  1. Jeez the download speed is slow probably going to download the update after
    couple of days

  2. when the gaijin will release the 1.53?


  4. Play the Cruiser

  5. @BaronvonGamez DerSchwarzeBaron= TheblakBaron Germany FTW

  6. I want British tank cus there cool and I’ve admired them for long

  7. What British tank do you want to see me play next? And what other new
    vehicle do you want to see from 1.53? Let me know!

    To win a British tank there are two ways…leave a comment below saying why
    you want the A13 Mk.II. You can also win by following me on twitter and favoriting and retweeting this tweet:

    Also make sure to subscribe to my second channel!

  8. The british bt7 Preise (Cruiser)

  9. I would like a british tank cause they are AWSOME

  10. Well as a half Brit with no money i need to win it if i want to play as the
    glorious nation that is Britain

  11. The Tiger 1 with the name Der Schwarze Baron in english it is The black

  12. Yeah would be good if we could Download they Bloody 1.53 Patch stuck on
    99.6% Lame Gaijin ! Looks like we haveto goto Siberia to get the last bit.

  13. I want a British Tank since the High Armour and Decent Mobility and the
    amazing weapons would help me grind Silver Lions and Free RP

  14. Baron schwarz means black

  15. I want a a British tank to practice the art of drinking tea and driving
    tank :>

  16. Hi i would love the a13 with the speed and decent gun but the bad part is
    the armor, oh well you cant have it all lol thanx

  17. “Der Schwarze Baron” waa the nickname of the famous german tank commander
    “Michael Wittman” that served in ww2.

  18. The a13 cruiser plz

  19. i want a british tank A. because im british and B. because i can brew a
    lovely cuppa

  20. fabian berlin (Schokokeks)

    i want the A13MK.11. becaus england had really cool tanks and the A13 MK.II
    is one of them

  21. derschwarzebaron is theblackbaron and red is rot

  22. I want a reason to get back into war thunder. I was going to wait until the
    full tree got out but if I can win one then I don’t see why I shouldn’t try
    to start early.

  23. DerSchwarzeBaron means TheBlackBaron

  24. Cos I’m British and I love their td’s tier 5 wow 204 MM. of armer soooo

  25. There was a black prince on the opposing team

  26. I want the cruiser because reasons

  27. Haha nice Irish accent

  28. i wan’t the british tank to show Hitler the fury of the queen

  29. I want the A 13 because the British are coming!!

  30. barons british accent is Irish…. seems legit XD

  31. can me has tank?

  32. I want it. That is all. ;)

  33. i wish for teh british tank so that i can record myself eating crumpets
    with tea while playing in it

  34. It would be really amazing as well to get one cause I’m just starting out
    it would get moving along

  35. I want it so bad but its sooo expensive

  36. HYPE HYPE HYPE! This guy baron has some dedication! HE HASENT GONE TO BED,

  37. i realy want the tank because you made me love the British tanks and when i
    Opened warthunder and looked at the lanucher i was like holy shit the
    british are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. First : I love you and war thunder
    2: I don’t have a premium account or much gold eagles…
    I want to have the tank Cruiser Mk. II. cause I like the British style and
    their tanks (in World War II they has not so a big story or something like
    that) but for me are the British one of the coolest I ever seen… I also
    want them to play them of course and just have fun with the British tanks
    sry for my English… I am from Germany

  39. I would like an a-13 because it’s the first cruiser and I’m really looking
    forward to the crusader so the a-13 would be a great start

  40. I should have it because I am British good sir.

  41. Hey baron!
    I would like to win the A13 Mk.II because this is my favorite tank of all
    time. Love the gun mounted on it and the tank itself looks amaazing :D

  42. “Der Schwarze” is german and means “the black” in english

  43. Schwarz means black btw Baron

  44. i want a british tank because i have made a youtube channel for war thunder
    (this channel) and i would love to be able to make a video that people
    would actualy watch 😀 and offc i want it because ive been waiting for
    british tanks for a long time :D

  45. the A-13 looks nice! i really want it 😛 also…”Schwarze” or “Schwarz” is
    Black in German

  46. i want a british tank because i waited so long for british tanks in war

  47. I would like an A13 cruiser, as I’m British, and a gift from the Baron
    would be just my cup of tea. (I’ll put a word in with Her Majesty for you
    to be made an honary Englishman, and perhaps knighthood too. Sir Baron of
    the Shire!)

  48. First I am Scottish, And baron you don’t want a evil Scotsman with no
    British tank or he will be an angry Scotsman, Good luck lads who ever wins
    I hope they enjoy it :)

  49. Me wantz itz, cuz me wantz it!

  50. I love your video I would like to have britches tans because britch are the

  51. My Good Sir Baron, I would Love To Win A British Tank Because I Am British
    and British Tanks Are The Best, Year I Said It Haters

  52. I can’t Play wt any more on ps4, i get the message: incompatible server
    version, please update the client. What do i need to do? Can someone please
    help me?

  53. Want the black prince to show the war thunder community that there is a new
    tank that can match anything the russians throw against it. GOD SAVE THE

  54. damn….those flat parts….mmmmmm……..i love it!

  55. Because British tanks are awsome

  56. Well i want to win the British tank cause quite frankly i dont have the
    money to buy them. I would be grateful if i can play with them. 🙂
    PS. Try and get some sleep Baron. :D

  57. sorry for my bad englis im 12 jears old

  58. Pay to win

  59. 9.6 GB update at 256kb/s lol

  60. I want a British tank because I come from Briton and have nothing but welsh
    Irish Scottish in me and well the tanks are new.

  61. I dont really understand why you go out in the middle of the field, find
    some cover and you will do alot better guaranteed

  62. i’d like a tank because you know they look cool

  63. I would like to get the Cruiser mark IV A13 Mk II because errrrrrr it’s
    cool and I’m from England, wait…. That’s not really a good reason….. Oh
    well, but if I do get it, I shall errrr maybe I’ll make a cuppa tea because
    fookin’ Britain m80

  64. Schwarze – Literally, the German word for the color black, so you got rekt
    by The Black Baron. Also, Rote is Red in German.

  65. I want a British tank because you know I can do you a favour…a secret
    special favour 😉 ;)

  66. Baron I would love a a13 mk.II because my great grands friend was part of a
    crew that operated one and my grandad pass way so I love to have one to
    play with to remind me the Sacrifice that people made like my great grandad
    friend ?

  67. I would like a British tank because I would like to stream with it and
    cannot afford to spend any money on gaming. :0 tittyfish need tea

  68. I would like it as I’m British and I want to experience the amazingness

  69. I would like the A13 because my Grandfather was a tank commander of a Black
    Prince during the war so i would get a feel of the A13.

  70. I want a British tank because i have waited for them to pop in since i
    started playing for 2years ago. I am a Very big fan of the brits and i love
    the british tanks.I would love to get one, but i dont have the money for
    it. Plsss, it would be a Dream complete if i ever got one.

  71. i want a black prince because firstly i am British and secondly the black
    prince is my favorite British tank .p.s great video baron

  72. the British accent is atrocious but hey, I can’t do an American one

  73. Do the Sherman Firefly

  74. everbody succes!

  75. Die Schwarze Baron means The Black Baron

  76. +BaronVonGames I would like the a13 cause I’m British and I want a low tere
    to grin. And I probably won’t get to drive it because of the price thanks
    and smile??????????????????????????

  77. I m poor give me the tank plz

  78. I really want to win the A13 because my friend and u always play British
    tanks because we like the why they are made and the way they battle


    Der schwarze Baron (the black baron) and red is Rot ^^

  80. War thunder is finished this is the death knell.

  81. what about real or sim battle with brits, hope you have fun with them.. you
    payed a lot to use them

  82. Please play the hawker hunter!

  83. I would love to win the A13 because as a squirrel that happens to wear a
    tux, I believe that I am fancy enough to procure this beauty.

  84. Valtteri Pietikäinen

    there was a Black Prince on the enemy team

  85. noobinator Simelane

    screw the tanks there’s a new op plane the PE-3 play that

  86. Are they adding non-premium British tanks?

  87. Elegant Elliot Offen

    I am British, ENGLISH INFACT, I down tea by the pint, and need to fight for
    my Queen via War Thunder, please Baron good sir…let me be a Prince in
    shining BLACK armour and fight FOR MY QUEEN AND EMPIRE

  88. derScwarzebaron- the black baron

  89. i want a British tank, because Britain invented the tanks and they only get
    there tanks in Warthunder now.

  90. it would be cool to have a british tank because its a new tree and for a
    little bit the game will have more variety in ground forces

  91. Der schwarze Baron heißt(means) the blackbaron

  92. Baron. My computer has gotten a virus and im saving up for a new one which
    means I can’t afford a British tank.

    Also I’m quite a huge fan of British heavy tanks, such as the Churchills
    who for an example knocked out the Japane tiger aka Heavy Tank 6
    (Love that story <3 )

    So if you could just do me a quick favour and send me like, any British
    heavy I'd be quite happy 😉

    Also, i appreciate these giveaways even tho I like, never win them. Dey
    make ppl happy <3


  93. All of them

  94. I would like to win just because I am British.

  95. GypsyDanger_ 1125 (kyle)

    The England’s good saluting. Sherman firefly

  96. I’m from Britain and I can’t wait to roll onto the battlefields in British

  97. Dude love the stream keep it up in the haus

  98. I would want a Cruiser Mk. II because in world of tanks it is a blast to
    play and I want to see how it fits into war thunder. Thanks Barron for your

  99. I’d like a british tank because I dont have money to spend and Im really
    looking forward to playing them

  100. i realy want 2 get the british tanks, because im the God of war. and what
    do you think is the got of war with out even 1 teecup tank? So please

  101. The reason i want the British tank is purely because it would be my first
    premium tank and to say that the first premium i owned is a British tank?!
    that’s freaking awesome xD

  102. I want a british tank because the look so cool m8, specially the a13
    cruiser, that´s my favorite british tank so far

  103. well i would love thew mark 2 because of the super fast firering gun oh and
    of course the cuteness of it
    time to kill some panzers!!!

  104. I would lik the a13 because I have always been facinated with tanks mainly
    british because of there diversity

  105. I want British Tanks because I Am British :)

  106. I want the british teanks so that my british friends finally will notice me
    and r8 me 8/8 m8!

  107. Yeah 40$ for one tank. Seems pretty fair to me. I guess ill buy it 2 times

  108. I would like the A13 Mk.II, I’m an avid war thunder player (almost rank 12)
    I don’t play arcade and would love this tank to fight back the Jerries with
    a jolly good tea kettle from the homeland! (I also have no money)

  109. I am not going to beg for a virtual tank as it is not the British way.
    I will however at least state why as a Brit I would feel the greatest of
    pride from at least being able to see, if only a little, what the men who
    fought to save the country I live in had seen over 70 years ago.
    Perhaps it has been dulled down in an attempt to please the ever offended
    of this world but it still holds, even if only a little, the power and the
    pride I feel for people like my great uncle, who by the way was one of the
    british paratroopers in D-day.
    Though I digress, this Baron is why I want a British tank, to feel the
    pride, and even a little of the action, that the heroes of my country did.

  110. baron for the love of your vids play the firefly i beg you <3

    and i owuld love to have an A13 when its from the lord baron himself
    and to start play the glorious brits in warthunder

    i hope i make you proud <3

  111. I feel like if they made the tanks cheaper they would sell more. For 30+
    dollars for a tank, I’d rather pay for a game with the tanks included. Then
    buy a DLC pack.

  112. Karl-Wilhelm Schmidtke

    I want a british Tank because I´m hopeing to do as great as you do!

  113. Syr Syrup Military videos, Gaming and tutorials

    BaronVonGamez I would like the A-13 because it is so snazzy, I am currently
    trying to get my pilots license and love your videos! My in game name is

  114. tea and puding

  115. WhyDoYouEvenWantToReadMyEntireName

    I would love a british tank, just so i can feel like a tommy

  116. I would like a a13 becuase the British Has My favorite tank of all Time the
    churchill tankas

  117. Why I want an A13, so i can have tea and crumpets with my corgi

  118. I am a tea guzzling Brit, a Squiredonian in fact. Warthunder is the only
    game that is accurate enough for me to play and I have been waiting for
    British tanks since day one!It would be great to win the tank as Gaijin
    have once again gaijinned us by making these tanks only available if you
    have money to splash around!

  119. I think the british made the best looking tanks and the most interesting
    and i love me some nice tea and crompets

  120. I hate how the Firefly is a premium. It was produced enough and used widely
    enough that I think it should’ve been a standard tank. And now that it has
    been released as premium, they can’t take it back without a major storm

  121. I hate how the Firefly is a premium. It was produced enough and used widely
    enough that I think it should’ve been a standard tank. And now that it has
    been released as premium, they can’t take it back without a major storm

  122. Why do I want a brittish tank? Well because the brits take a beating and
    carry on. Good old saying from 1938.

  123. I’m English but fuk am I paying that amount for tanks that will get nerfed
    next update.I see the have needed USA tanks once more and increased pen on
    most ussr tanks.reading this update info just made me not want to play it

  124. cant play 1.53 🙁
    my pc is at repair and 1.53 isnt out for ps4 now…

  125. Play hitlers school bus,the PANZERWERFER!

  126. I want a British tank because GAWD SAAAVEEEE DA QUEEEEEEEEEEN!

  127. I would want the A13 Mk.11 because it would be my first premium vehicle and
    I like the British planes so it would be fun to play around with their
    tanks, and next can you play with the A13 so I can see how it preforms.

  128. a 13

  129. Hi baron I want the A 43 because I have been waiting for British tanks and
    I’m only 13 I don’t save my money for these tanks. My psn name is Jesse
    Stobe. Thanks baron

  130. I love the British armor vehicles so I would love to have a British tank:)

  131. I want the A13.. maybe the start of an uprising on the Russian Bias throne!

    That all British tanks to this day come standard with a water heater for
    making tea with

  133. “Der schwarze Baron” means “The black Baron”

  134. Me en cataria tener tanque Británicos me matan rápido por que en pese con
    los de US.

  135. +BaronVonGamez I want a British tank cause Im crazy about those beasts! The
    British tank design is so cool also very effective. I just love it ^^

  136. schwarz means black, baron!

  137. i want a british tank because my life long dream was to join the military
    in an armoured division but unfortunately i was diagnosed with autism and
    so now i cannot join and well this is as close as im going to get to it :P

  138. want to win cause the british tanks are the most beautiful tanks ingame

  139. Der schwarze Baron simply means “the black baron”.

  140. I want a British tank because I’m a broke boy and I keep getting one
    shotted by t-10m’s while in a tiger 2p and I’m kinda tired of it so yeah
    bless me with a new tanks Pls

  141. baron at the start that failed attempt of a british accent it sounded more
    irish in parts but atleast u tried :D

  142. I think I should get the tank because I called dibs and I’m almost more
    british than squire!

  143. Holy shit the Sherman Firefly looks incredible! I love the 17 pounder looks
    amazing and sounds even better! Only thing missin is the tea set for the
    thirsty tiger killers! =)

  144. I would love a british tank as I have been an avid british tanker for a
    long time and I am actullay british from a small town of Rotherham near

  145. I would love a British tank b/c I am sick of my German tanks getting
    one-shotted by OP Russians.

  146. Röt = Red

  147. I want the tank to spread the word of his majesty across all civilised land
    holding up and expanding the glory of the empire!

  148. I want the Brit tank because the gun sounds cool ;)

  149. Firefly of course

  150. Michael he (Angel)

    I want British tanks 

  151. In simple terms, I would like be able to wolf down Mr Earl Grey’s finest
    tea, untroubled by pesky enemies. The enviable armour on the A13 Mk.II
    will, in my opinion, provide this satisfaction. ;)

  152. I want a British tank so i have a reason to drink tea while playing war
    thunder ground forces

  153. I really want that British tank because i dont have any british tanks
    And also i really enjoy the low tier battles, love the vids dude keep it up

  154. ‘schwarz’ is german for black

  155. Baron the reason why I want a British tank is because I loved British tanks
    and still do. I though it was awesome how the British took USA tanks and
    just made them better. My favorite British tank is the black prince :3 luv
    your videos tho!

  156. Is the Black Prince the slowest tank in the game?

  157. Baron I need the A13 tank because the sun never sets on the British Empire.
    God save the Queen!

  158. Alex “Draco223” SV

    i want those british tanks

  159. need some help running American tier British tanks may help

  160. That Churchill tho

  161. Awesomesauceman2348

    I want to wreck the ruskies and the yanks using the Brits! That’s why I
    want the British tanks!!! to wreck em!!

  162. I would love the A13 comet, why? well I’m British myself and I have an
    itching to go out and conquer! oh did I say conquer? I meant spread some
    civilization, yea.. ;)

  163. Manuel Tomas Ribeiro

    I want the british tank because I haven t money to buy it and because today
    is my birthday

  164. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Min12:15, tanks and girls? I think you mean Girls Und Panzer ^_^

  165. A13 or prince Charles will drink all your Scotch!


  167. 12:04
    *Ignores group of 5 or more enemy tanks*
    *Places artillery on distant, lone tank with plenty of space to flee*
    Great job, you’re still a fucking idiot.

  168. JohnJohn DaDon (Fleek Game)

    I want strong A-13

  169. I want a british tank because im also making youtube on an other account
    and i want to show my followers a british tank and i think its gonna be
    very much fun

  170. i want a british tank becouse i can ride in water back to england coz im
    remove crumpet.
    ive been waiting for this for like 2 years now……. :-C

  171. The Black PRINCE, HERSELF. Hmmm. You should really visit our old England!

  172. I think those frame drops are connected to the destructible environment,
    noticed it in a few beta vids, hope they figure out the latency on that if
    it is the cause. Great vid Baron, love those brit guns sfx, it makes a
    manly DOOF as it turns T34s inside out :B

  173. Zero recoil when you fire!

  174. I would love a british tank! Ive put 670 hours into warthunder and have
    only paid for premium once. Im t5 and I want a british tank :D

  175. A13 Cruiser. Just so we known when Brit tanks come out how there going to
    be when we start off in them.

  176. I wouldn’t mind an A13, because I’m British m80, and a wee bit strapped for
    cash! ;)

  177. british tanks:
    firefly: *AWESOME TANK*
    other tanks kinds suck
    and i want a british tank because tea

  178. are the premium ones the only ones in game atm?

  179. Barron a13mk 2 is and look awesome I really wanna play it and dude british
    tanks verry good tanks.

  180. I say Baron, you want to know why I desire to own the A13 old chap?Very
    well, I’m going to tell you. First of all I’m a Sir. Sir Schebling of
    Crumpetshire. I descent from one of the oldest families in the Empire. We
    have a long and glorious tradition of being soldiers. Unfortunately all my
    ancestors lost their lifes for king and country so I decided to fight on
    the digital battlefield.Sencondly the A13 is made in Britain which means
    it’s made by the bloody best engineers in world. The Royal Ordnance QF
    2pounder with hardened Earl Grey ammunition will teach the Jerries a
    lesson! That’s why I think that the two of us would make a jolly good team.

  181. My grandfather flew in the Bristol Blenheim in WW2 and honestly it would be
    great to fly that out with the cruiser in tank realistic.

  182. i rly want a brittish tank because i cant afford one myself and i love war

  183. Cheers luv, the cavalry’s here. But seriously, I’d love a british tank.
    I’ve loved them since I played world of tanks. My love for that game faded,
    but not my love for the tea cattles.
    Play the cruiser next, a true british tank

  184. A-13 for rb with 40mm hurricane

  185. Hello from New Zealand the British tanks are sick Barronvonbrittish love to
    try them out

  186. I love tea, crumpets, cricket – therefor I should win a British tank! ^^

  187. Love your vids dude

  188. Make a comment on why I want a British tank? Well because I want a British
    tank and I know absolutely nothing about them.

  189. I want a british tank beacause 1) in a game of WWII isnt a good game
    without an british tank army soo i want to test it 2) im an big fan of war
    thunder i play it for a long time and i lose soo much of accounts XD 3) i
    want to store my money for maybe another british tank 4)[this isnt a good
    one but] im a you fan for a lot of time. (Sorry my shitty english but it
    isnt my first language)

  190. “Der Schwarze” means “the Black”

  191. I an from England and i want to be able to drive my country’s tank

  192. the black baron

  193. jurrasic Slime VLOGZ

    HELP the update will take days.for him it took about 1 second WHY. HELP

  194. Too bad I will stop playing this game for at long while in 4 days!

  195. I’d love a British tank because British tanks are sexy Beasts!

  196. OliverRandomNumbers

    26 pounds – the cost of a decent game, for some codes and pixels. The
    reason why i hate gaijin sometimes.

  197. Alen “Bloodmac” Janžekovič

    I want a British tank cuz I just wanna make some goddamn tea and be like
    Hello mother folker have some tea. IN THE FACE VIA TANK SHELL

  198. I’d like to win one of these British tanks, mainly because I’m British and
    live in London. Also because parents ‘n money ‘n stuff…

  199. Next play in Sherman Firefly plzz

  200. I’ll be real with you Baron. I spent my money on the Halloween Sales
    (because lets face it 50% off all items is pretty damn tempting) and now I
    would really like to have a British tank to fool around with and that A13
    looks really appealing. And that reload speed o_o… makes me want it more.

  201. hahaha good ol’ money hungry gaijin 🙂 ignoring quality and pumping out
    quantity lol

  202. Harm Marnick Loonstra

    I would want a british tank because they are cool…

  203. I’d like an A13 so I can GoKart with the M22’s. Those guys have TOO much

  204. A13 Mk.II would be quite noice! Becuse my pockets are quite empty right now

  205. I want a tea kettle with a canon plz

  206. firefly

  207. So what happen to that side view where you could see the barrel when zoomed

  208. Wow completely missed the black prince on the top of the score board.

  209. I find it silly that the Firefly doesn’t get the APDS 76mm shell even
    though they did get them by the attack on Holland, but they give HE ammo to
    the 2pdr for the A13, which the BIGGEST problem the 2pdr had through its
    combat career was its lack of a manufactured HE round, meaning it couldn’t
    affect guns and infantry very well.

  210. I want a british tank because reasons

  211. I want the A13 Mk.II plisssssssss c:

    Yo quiero el A13 Mk.II por faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavor c:

  212. I want the A 13, because someone needs to deliver the tea to my Maus, and
    who would be better in this than a (or better the) British light tank
    (don’t ask me why my German crew members care about tea, I never told them
    to, but you have to do anything you can to keep your crew in a good mood,
    since Gaijin didn’t increased the front turrent from 220mm to 240mm)

  213. Best m4 wife 76.2 and I don’t have money

  214. i want one cause they is kewl

  215. British tanks are cool I guess but give me a Semovente 90/53 and I’ll make
    scrap metal out of most of the British tanks in this patch!

  216. I want a british tank to finally use british planes in rb!

  217. +BaronVonGamez The reason I would love a British tank is because you showed
    how awesome they are and come on its British tanks who would not like one!
    They smell like tea and has a mean punch just like the queen. And nice vid

  218. Oi m8, I deserve da bloody A13 cause i’m a true British gent who’s been
    waiting for British tanks for a year now!

  219. Awww, I just love british tanks, can’t wait for the next major update. Gib
    panzer plox!

  220. Hynek “Lich Player CZ” Řeháček

    I want A13 Mk.II because british tanks are sooooooo bloody good :33

  221. British tanks are like rocks

  222. Why do I want a British tank? So I can have a very expensive tea kettle.

  223. I want the A43 because my great grand dad was a driver in it 

  224. My twitter @Aaron lamy 

  225. hey mate der swarze means the black

  226. holy shit war thunder now has steam achievements !!!

  227. let me Duke it out in the one the tanks of my country mother Britain I
    shall prepare the tea and biscuits for the post battle celebrations

  228. Baron… I need one of these lovely British so I can finally be invited to
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    nazis. If they, by some miracle, manage to stop my cruising, I can jump to
    the Hurricane Mk IV and shoot even more 40mm cups of tea to the nazi tanks
    and even planes from the air!

  431. Hey baron I love your vids and I would love a British tank because I am
    still rather new and it would be a great step for me to get the tank,
    thanks plz reply anyway big fan :D

  432. I must serve tea in it!

  433. Try angling your armor more in the BP

  434. Me

  435. This game is so lame and boring. Rollout, get killed by campers – repeat.
    No fun.

  436. I want a british tank … because i wanna rekk all the enemys !!!! Without
    paying 214235234€ to Gaijin :D

  437. Nice vid again Baron. Took me about an hour and a half to get the update
    last night but it seems to be worth it so far……

  438. i want tank, because free tank. gimme tank plz.

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