Blast from The Past | WoT 7.1.1 | AMX 50 120 & JagdTiger

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Source: TheRiisingSun

Late upload, but my CPU literally almost burned out because of the poor performance, so had apply cooling paste(which I didn’t have) and yeah… You all should know how long that can take apply and get it online.. Ugh..

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Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. hahah good old times

  2. Youre old bro! :P

  3. Tuhovoima Pelailee

    I would love to get these old time gun sounds i just like them so much,I
    thin they are better than new ones :D

  4. CPU burn? No, nothing serious…..

  5. its weird to see how different the game once was

  6. that jagdtiger gameplay tho 😀 soooo gooooood Kappa

  7. I remember a bit how it was back then, I liked the sound of taking hits
    more back then.
    edit: the black and white screen was pretty cool too, guess there are
    settings for that now?
    Also, no skills back then. Only repairs, camo and firefighting! 

  8. how did you managed to watch that replay?? I also have one from 7.1 in
    which i did 12 kills! (my record so far) I reaaaaaaally would like to re
    watch it again but i cant 🙁 It says no compatible or somethink like that

  9. painfully painful to watch

  10. I barely played the game back then.. but it was fun to see this again 🙂 I
    hope you do more with this theme.

  11. Now the E100 could have just loaded the skill ammo, and roflpen the
    superstructure. How fun.

  12. Looks like the Xbox360 version

  13. orvarg eikenskjaldi

    yeah, remove heatsink , clean chip and heatsink, reapply compound, remount
    heatsink, so 20 minutes

  14. Actually, i think that i had way more fun in old WoT(7.3 is probably the
    time i started to play), i dont know why, maybe its the matter of it being
    novelty to me at a time?

  15. czikiczing czikiczinkers

    well that was the best part of world of tanks- patches before 0.8.0 were
    great! No xvm, old maps, old sounds. 

  16. Ahh, memories….

  17. The MM back then wasn’t +/-3 it was actually +/-4. Still remember my first
    match in the M6 and going wtf am I supposed to do??? 

  18. No graphics No hp No physics etc
    . damm i loved the old wot 😐 you guys remember KV?.. Wot was so amazing. .
    wot is more than game, wot is brand

  19. Its really good to see you are putting a lot of videos lately Higflyer.
    They are great and entertaining to watch. Keep up the good work :-)

  20. Wish I still had old clients so I could look at some of my good games from
    the past.

  21. Good old times… Bring some more episodes like this! :)

  22. I’d love to see more of these old replays. It also will help people
    appreciate the game as it is now. 

  23. I remember the good old times when KV-1 was king on tier V, and the Pz IV
    with the long 75mm was it’s arch nemesis. ohh, good old times.

  24. Didnt start the game that early, but got activ about 2 years ago … good
    old times, when Grille was on T4, and T-50-2 was there … I’d prefer
    playing with my actual knowledge back then than nowadays, and I even dont
    know why, maybe because it was way more fun for me

  25. oh Pre-8.0 The good old non-Physics days…. JK Pre-8.0 sucked ^^ 

  26. and suddenly minecraft graphics

  27. Barely remember those crappy old sound effects. And the good old days when
    gold shells did cost gold. 

  28. +-4 matchmaking without credit purchased gold ammo was a pain in the ass in
    a tier6 back then, but I still consider it to be way more fun than it is
    right now, don’t know why :/ Oh the memories

  29. funny how the mobile version today looks the same if not better then this
    version of the actual game. and 7.1 is not tooooo far back in time

  30. A blast from the past ty loved the sound of the tracks I had to watch it at
    480 any higher made it chop abit, but thankyou

  31. People tend to remember the good parts and forget the bad. Because the game
    was horribly imbalanced back then. HE shells where seriously overpowered.
    152mm derp guns did 300-400 damage on the strongest armored parts of an
    E-100 or Maus. Even tier 5 artillery like the hummel usually dished out 500
    damage a shot with only 15-20 seconds of reload. There were no high tier
    scouts or tier 10 meds to make arties life miserable. So everyone got to an
    artysafe location and waited until the enemy made a move. And don’t get me
    started on the matchmaking. T1 heavies fighting against E-75’s without
    premium ammo…
    A better time my ass! You just didn’t knew better back then so you kept on

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