Blind Shots – Sherman VC Firefly – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The matchmaking here!


  1. I remember this from twitch

  2. Woah! Super early Circon memes! Can’t start a sunday morning better.

  3. I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    1 view 3 likes, America explain.

  4. ahhh coffee time 🙂

  5. Hi from CIRC NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nice wake up! strong coffee and fresh circon meme’s

  7. Black Nationalist

    WOW ive never been this early posted 6 mins ago *Nice*

  8. General Saufenberg

    WG PLEASE nerf the WoT YouTuber Edition! It`s to OP!

  9. like for mayo. Kappa

  10. Damn… Jingles needs to see this

  11. Alexander Guttman

    What a way to 3-mark! Well played Circon!

  12. So, that KV-2 kept sitting there in that bush and just took all those hits without relocating?

    • Maybe he got tracked and had no repair kit + 50% crew

    • no rep kit at T6? Ok, I guess stranger things happend.
      But I think circon never kept shooting long enough to kill the KV in one go, unless every shot hit and penned. Possible explanation, but unlikely.
      I also don’t think it was a bot either, since in my experience bots don’t sit in overwatch positions. They either folow you around like a retarded dog or they never move from the spawn point.

      Most likely explanation is the guy moved there and then his system crashed, or the phone rang or something like this.

  13. This is a map with the most blind shots in the game.
    Very few bushes set in two “lines” makes them very obvious. So many times on this map I also fired a few blind shots here and there when had nothing better to do and a lot of lols upon checking post battle stats…

  14. Marthijn van Oorschot

    A Mexicano is so good tho XD

  15. Does this mean no more Sherman Firefly VC memes? Gr8 job Circ!

  16. hm, he must have done 130 damage blind somewhere, because if you add the seen damage with the blind damge to the KV-2, Su-152 and the Arty, he only got 3267 damage, which is 130 damage below the total damage. I wonder who he could have hit blind.

  17. cheater !!!

  18. send to Jingles…

  19. this map is lolz n trolls for wargamming that is why this map exists.

  20. tracers work both ways

  21. Lol. This map is a meme.

  22. You unfair plane. You kemp bush


    Amsterdam best chips in the world! With 20 different toppings awesome place to munch stoned! (Medical user)

  24. this is nuts

  25. Very good!

  26. Meat is bad for the environment is one of the biggest bs I’ve ever heard

  27. Circon blessing us mere mortals as always with these god like strats.

  28. Predictable map is predictable

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