BLITZING THE REICH WAY (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – Fails)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder FAIL MONTAGE – Panzerjager I
Baron Joins Muyskerm, Squireflyer and Slickbee for tank fun!

Thanks for watching!


  1. go the panza!

  2. first :v :P

  3. Nice baron! Great video like always!

  4. First like

  5. 11 likes no veiws


  7. Third comment bitches

  8. Happy Friday everybody. How was your St. Patricks Day? I’m nursing a bit of
    hangover. Yikes…Anyways I put a lot more time into editing on this video.
    So enjoy and have a great weekend.

  9. PanzerJager! Atchtung!

    Baron hats off my friend hats off. I salute you my friend. O7!

  10. Dude what is better than a 1in maths????? BARON VON GAMEZ (has a 1+ in WT
    :i think its Baker)

  11. Lol all of powerhaus + squire

  12. 22nd!!!!!

  13. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    somwnone want lufwaffles

  14. 8 minutes personal best keep up the good work baron

  15. Love the video Baron, keep it up mate

  16. Watched this in math class, nice video

  17. Squire sounds like one of the NPC voice actors from Skyrim

  18. Kyoninmaru Mohran

    What means O7?

  19. Definitely worth the extra time editing: this was great.

  20. Love you guys

  21. Squire!!!!!!!

  22. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  23. 20 views 34 likes

  24. that was hilarious! hoping this is a regular thing 🙂 inspirational sound
    track too

  25. SIEG HEIL !

  26. you should do some P-61 gameplay Baron its an awesome plane

  27. very nice u need to play more with them ther funny(sry for my RIP ENG)

  28. Never underestimate the AMERICANS WE GOT DA FIRA POWA, but ze Germans did
    good that tank can be OP

  29. I forget if I shot at one of these in a Panzer,T-43 or T-28 but it was hell

  30. Baron how do you get the swordfish?


  32. No way your’e playing with Squire! Love it!

  33. He’s dead Jim. I’m a doctor not a nuclear engineer!!

  34. Wagner and Blitzing, Reich style, go very well together.

  35. at 17:19 did you guys see the bomb hit the ground bounce up then explode

  36. I always get blitzd when I am on the Autobahn?

  37. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  38. Almost 300k Baron :D

  39. Baron! I love this series, Thanks to Markiplier I found Bob, he’s a hoot,
    This should be a thing more often!

  40. Who is who on the thumbnail? I recognise baron but who are the other three
    in order?

  41. @2:10 “Gentlemen I can’t see shit. CHARGE!” lol

  42. yess! the admirable gentleman known as squire! has graced youtube with his
    dashing good looks once again!

  43. your german is not very good

  44. Baron nearly 300k Sub :D

  45. is 7

  46. Arcadie Condurachi

    I was waiting for this tank more than all the Chieftains in the world.

  47. Baron, why do you take so little shells, you have 3 crew members now armor,
    and a cabin the size of a small cabinet under a stair case, i highly doubt
    it matters how many shells you have.

  48. Hey Baron what’s a way for us to be notified when you’re playing game modes
    with the fans?

  49. Squire!!!!!!!!

  50. I saw Franz get hit and choked on my bratwurst.

  51. You could drive from Berlin to Poland on one tank :P

  52. plzplzplzplzplzplz do the T-44-100 or the kv-1s

  53. Two of my favorite youtubers, Joining together- It’s so beautiful!!! >~<

  54. Yeeeeeeeeeeees lovely brilliant gorgeous!

  55. The guy with the spiky mike should kill himself I cant watch this video
    because its hurting.

  56. Do the SuperPershing next

  57. So glorious

  58. Schultz!!!!!! Hogans heroes was bomb.

  59. LOL “Gentleman I can’t see shit CHARGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  60. Remember, when you switch to gunner, there is now a target to kill. That is
    why you died immediately following the switch.

  61. Gentleman I cant see shit, CHARGEEEE

  62. Love the editing in this one Baron

  63. i wish all the wt youtubers weren’t such German fanboys, show USA and GB
    some love

  64. You should see the t35 with the last man standing feature

  65. BOB!?!? I never thought Bob (marks friend) would like tanks 0_0 I have more
    respect for him now

  66. “Lightning Warfare” sounds kinda weird, I prefer the German term

  67. really funny vídeo lol.make more of these??

  68. How do we change the role of a crew member ?

  69. AirProduction -Airbajan

    Why did you made squire fly out Germans veichle ?!?

  70. p-51 fighter bomber escort

  71. why not bring along the whole boner cast? or bone or… DAMN IT WADE!

  72. Baron Im a big fan dude but the pics that you put on videos, might make
    some people think that you are a suppoerter or want to be a nazi dude. that
    pic of you wearing the german uniform, its really wierd. I know its just
    the games theme but just a friendly suggestion. keep up the good work ma

  73. Baron how is your finger?

  74. that guy has the worst micro ever

  75. Squire and Bob……
    The wierdest combination ever!

  76. Guys,how do you resupply as a Hydroplane?
    I just moved to Allies and i dont know how to play with Hydroplanes

  77. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Has anybody ever tried bombing an enemy plane mid-flight? Will anybody dare
    to take up this challenge?!


  79. Minimum it takes me 2mins to get into a tier 1 or reserve acrcade battle
    it’s so bad since the update

  80. awesome, squire slick and baron. my entire subscription list all together,

  81. KalteisenProductions

    Wait bob plays war thunder? Omg my life is complete


  83. Samuel Hofmann (Sam)

    valkyrie ?

  84. Hi, How did you supported by Gaijin.
    I want to be great streamer like you :)

  85. so many orgasms :o

  86. squires accent is amazing

  87. What’s this switching crewman? Is that something new? Also, more vids with
    Squire and Bob :D

  88. Although I enjoy the new update I wish you could replace crew at the cost
    of respawn points, but only at friendly holds like with repairs… anyone

  89. you should do is3

  90. plz more videos like this it was so much fun lol

  91. I quite like it with squire as well

  92. I quite like it with squire as well

  93. Baron what would you think of the Grizzly 1 (up armored Canadian M4)

  94. Why has your video quality dropped? They look like they’ve been recorded in

  95. Please do this with m18’s, they’re just so fun to drive.

  96. super pershing for the one time for murica!

  97. 1:00 who came up with that idea xD

  98. Loved the wilhelm scream LOL

  99. muyskerm ? is this bob ? like … the real one ?

  100. Squire in the squad? Nyeeesssss!

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