BLITZKRIEG! (War Thunder) German Combined Arms!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Blitzkrieg! German tanks and Bombers in !
1.55 – Pz III, Pz IV & Ju-88 Schnellbomber

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tanks (and planes of same BR) should we take out next?

  2. So what did you guys think of yesterday’s KV-6? Every gun and turret
    works….who thinks it’d make a great April Fools in War Thunder?

  3. Hasis Montes Limon

    Hi Baron 😀

    For the next video the Twin Gun motor Carriage

  4. hell yeah baron! always put a video up when I need 🙂 (12:05 AM)

  5. use the mepkaba tank

  6. next play the glorious T-34-85

  7. Pt76 please please

  8. Jawohl panzerführer Baron!!

  9. Play the Tiger 1 Porsche also called Vk 4501!

  10. Thanks for the awesome video’s Baron!

  11. wows pls, this game is so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  12. Baron can you do a video with Squires Sherman???? please

  13. play the Tiger 1 Porsche

  14. Valentine X with beaufighter X

  15. Where Armor Warfare Baron, plz upload them??

  16. baron is phly still in the power house or did he leave D:

  17. Broken Fighter next!

  18. Baron could you Play the Tiger 1 P in RB

  19. Christopher Reardon

    Hey baron if you respond i will flip, can you do the combined arms that
    phly is doing? Can you do troll arms, t17e2 and swordfish, happy tuesday,
    happy trolling!!

  20. You asked is he dead first before you shot…. Contradicting your quote
    shoot first questions later

  21. can simebody help me i started yesterday by baron influence playing WT and
    i cant figure how to play planes and tanks in the same battle

  22. jg.pz IV

  23. t-95 please

  24. Baron ur soooo awesome ur my video game /pc role model ur soo awesome

  25. I’m ur biggest fan

  26. do the AT15

  27. My suggestion:
    Play the Tiger H1 together with the Stuka Ju87 D3 (3x500kg bomb). And use
    the Ostwind as your secondary vehicle.
    This is the real Blitzkrieg 😉
    Greetings from Germany :)

  28. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    I want nukes for april fools

  29. Oh I got the gigglefits when you’re dropping some ol school starwars jibba
    jabba and ya got nailed by the hurricane to the ;O/ ARGGGHHH hehehe.

  30. do the pziv f2 and pz iv G get the same tanks to fight ??

  31. I thought this plane sounds like a jet but that was the war thunder game in
    the background I was still spectating xD

  32. I was laughing my ass off when he saw the Stewart and said “you did a good
    job, but you gotta aim for my engine”, talking to it like it was a player,
    but it’s AI

  33. Baron der Bruchpilot :D

  34. heill

  35. +Roy Shein , that 10 year old deleted his comment cause he realised how
    stupid he was ?

  36. Hahaha that Stuart played smart with you Baron, fooled and almost got you!

  37. German Tanks are Daamn Sexy especially Leopard n Tigers

  38. wtf is the Boston I checked every tree and no plane called Boston …

  39. Love the move away from arcade and into realistic. So much more
    entertaining to watch

  40. +FireFalcon can you understand him cause don’t understand this kid

  41. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    300th mother trucker!!!!

  42. PLEASE put all grass and bushes ON again! -.-
    you dont need that cheaty-weaky-bullshit at ALL! ;-P

  43. great video I freaking love the panzer 4 f2

  44. i just started playing at got a quad u could say by 3 one shots holding a
    bridge the artillery on capture site

  45. play the armoured car mkii aa I have yet to see a video on it.

  46. Today’s my birthday ? and now I’m gonna watch my best youtuber

  47. Baron what happened to fallout. I really enjoyed that series

  48. Major Baron its 1945 and the Germans have stepped up their defense of
    Berlin and brought out new tanks superior to our obsolete M4 Shermans, and
    the good news is that we have received new experimental tanks called the
    T25, equipped with a 90mm gun and better armor. Also you have air support
    from F-82 Twin Mustangs carrying 10 rockets to destroy enemy tanks and 6 M3
    .50s to rip planes to shreds. Good luck, and godspeed, Major Baron.

  49. Blitzkreig baron

  50. M1A2 Abrams with TUSK equipment + F/A-18 with the B61 nuclear bomb.

  51. 19:27 Nailed it.

  52. This game looks awesome but in very sad its not on xbox. F***ing MICROSOFT

  53. planes are only reason why i stopped playing tanks. I mean, if it is ground
    forces it should be like planes RB, 1 spawn thats it.

  54. Can’t stand indecision.

  55. I’m refusing to play War Thunder Tanks at this point; my tier III Germans
    are utterly useless. It’s like I’m fighting a pack of wolves naked with

  56. It was not a happy Tuesday for me

  57. it was actually a modified kv5 turret

  58. i haz killed that Glass cannon whit my T17 😛 drove donuts around it for 2
    reloades :P

  59. 500

  60. Baron you should do a Q&A video, or two. THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT

  61. m41a1 walker bulldog

  62. you killed me lol

  63. Baronvongamez take out the m103 the Big guns

  64. do world of warship again baron :D

  65. y de pronto un comentario en español aparece XD

  66. Baron, Ive never seen u win with german tanks in this game.

  67. Baron you should give the enemy the D….. The panther D and Ju 87 d5!

  68. is this the live chat?

  69. Or me 410 with panther

  70. David “madindie” Dew

    Great game play mate awesome to watch one of the best matches I’ve seen in
    a bit, good on ya mate!

  71. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    666th like XD

  72. KV-85!!!

  73. Please do battlefront

  74. Please do more Star Wars battlefront baron

  75. 2 box tanks vs 10 panthers OR GO TO GULAG

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