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Source: QuickyBaby

The BLITZTRÄGER AUF E 110 is BACK in World of Tanks with some fun gameplay and great rewards: here's all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. A tip is to use the stun shot when they try to cap out, it can go through the generator to stun and reset

  2. So what you are basically saying Quacky Baby is if you want to win Engineers Starters best play when you Arnt if you are a right Scrub like Myself

  3. sorry might be a stupid question, why is QB have a different background?

  4. I got 118kmh with bc at one moment

  5. thanks QB for tips..yesterday i played 5 games coudnt understand what to do with the energys, i did n0t understandt the generator system.. i did not know you can boost your Damage with energy.. im surely this video will be helpfull most people.. GG

  6. Havent they done something similar to this before.

  7. What QB says: Let them have a camp.
    What QB does: Goes to block them from that camp.

    What QB says: Let them have a generator.
    What QB does: Goes to block the generator so the enemy will go away.

  8. my favorite harrier is the Foudre even though I’m not that good at playing.

  9. the BT gun trolls me so hard i swear the shell tracer doesnt match the shell velocity or something

  10. The resistor is the best tank for everyone. It just has all things you need. Armor, mobility and firepower. All you need to add is some brains.

    Also QB just said why Foudre is bad. You take one hit from WT and you can easily die to bots OR you take just few shots from bots and your a oneshot now to the WT…
    Sure the clip is nice sometimes and with the plasma, but the accuracy and aimtime are just horrible.

    Sure Thunderbolt works too, but its mostly just too slow to carry plasma or get away from WT which is basically the whole point in this gamemode.

    In addition the resistors Railgun is probably the best thing to set the bots on fire. Oh yeah, that is something QB didnt mention. Just shoot at the back of the tanks for a fire quite often and if you do it with a railgun shot the chances are basically higher. I have many times just done one railgun shot and a tiger 2 burns away to a oneshot (+1k damage).

    Dont want to be rude but a last free tip is not to platoon with your bad friends if your bad too. Your just lowering your chances to win. Of course if you have more fun like that go for it, but if you try to win…

  11. i used 10 engineers starters and i got 4 premiums tanks, i think is more than 2.5% chance

  12. Astron Rex sounds like the name of Superman’s puppy doge.

  13. Brîãñ Jøhñsøñ🇯🇲

    I was gonna download wot pc but I don’t have a mouse to play it

  14. I’m so glad I got this tank on my second roll and another premium on my 3rd. I don’t really enjoy it cause sometimes the generators are so close and you can’t destroy the shields

  15. Thank you very much for the info Quackybaby, I played the Wefentrager before I watched this video and won too quickly 🙁 .

  16. it has been a year already !

  17. This looks really cool. Shame the progression is what hampers it.

  18. Either I got really lucky or WG loosened up the odds. Bought the $45 pack with 50 tries. Picked up 3 tanks; Rex, Lis and 152k, 31 days of premium time and a bunch of gold and silver amongst other crap. YMMV

  19. WTF i got the same map every game, how the fuck do you get this map?

  20. I mean I’m 500 bonds from my first tier 8 premium, so this event is a warm welcome from me.

  21. The Mode is great. But the queue sucks. 1000 Harriers 0 Engineers.

  22. you cna get only 5 keys in mission

  23. My record damage was 19k with Thunderbolt 😀

  24. It is very situational, if two generators spawn close to each other without too much cover in-between, Harrier’s team just loses. I actually got ended up with having them desperately smashing into my E110 trying to block me from their capping friends several times, very heroic.

  25. human from the solar system planet called earth

    well now the waffentrager matchmaker is gonna be full of foudres

  26. Now it’s on curfew 🙁

  27. I can not believe how truly thick people had bin during this event. Wasting plasma drops. Shooting him at full shield. Or more dumb. Just yolo him with plasma. This game is not hard if you bother to read the game instructions or watch the how to video thst wargameing put out.

  28. i never looked at the missions and i hadnt seen that u need to kill 21 enemies…

    i was rampaging through the enemies (normal team) and was using the bots to get the games over quickly doing 9-10 kills….

    guess thats why i dont have the engineers starter.

  29. Thank the Lord someone has explained how the sentinel camps are useless when his shield is down and that the towers don’t come back straight away when its restored!!!!!!! The amount of times I have had to type that in chat is beyond stupid – people should just learn the mode before they play it!

    I was very lucky with my first engineers gate to get the Astron REX. Fantastic tank and very much up my street! This and Mirny were my favourite game modes in all the years I’ve played so combining the two is pretty cool for me – I’m sure I’m alone on that one!

  30. I won pretty much every second game and now i have 10 battles and 6/7 wins, tip:two go with plazma others go kill round and spam waffentrager and it usually works

  31. Can’t wait to not play World of Tanks for an another year.

  32. As i posted on Skill4ltu’s channel:

    Things i dislike about this event thus far:

    1) Random teams dont stack on Generators to speed up the ‘cap’

    2) Random teams are rarely co-ordinated to make a joint attack on WT110 when his shields are down.

    3) Harrier tanks are sh!t – Resistor does too little dmg, Thunderbolt has too long a reload for the dmg it puts out (which is still small) and Foudre cant shoot for shit when it moves due to dispersion. (also no visual indicator for Foudre shield ability – that ive seen anyway) – and yes, im talking about the damage done to bots.

    4) Generators spawn randomly – had one game where they spawn so close together, the WT110 just sat in the middle of them (open field) and we couldnt cap them since he’s be able to kill us.

    5) Plasma drops dont line up with Generator activation very well. ie: you kill a group of bots, pick the plasma up and you’re still waiting a minute or so for the Generators to come online, meanwhile the plasma you collected just times out.

    6) Bots seem to have more armour than the tank actually has in RL, thats fair. but on top of that, sh!t bounces off of them from all angles even when it should have penned.

    7) Event curfew… im OCE and play NA – i can barely get a game in due to the timeout going active during my Gaming Primetime.

    (To confirm: the Steppes map is the worst offender for spawning generators right next to each other so its uncappable. Fucking sick of it and wont be playing the event anymore)

  33. i just dont believe in this , this is 100% scripted or Wot do some patch over night , i am average player who dont even know what i doing with game over 7 guys who almost got me 😀 so mod is not balanced at all and this is scripted.

  34. This event was DOA… Unless the BT is driven by an AFK player, it is allmost impossible to win against it.

  35. Blitztrager, 7v7 wtf? Wotblitz meta?

  36. I hate it when ppl take plasma to farm dmg on bots for top dmg mission. It makes games much harder when WT isnt focused. imo tere should be dmg penalty for shooting bots when WT has no shield.

  37. Some maps favour the WT more than the Harriers and vice versa. The game is random with its plasma drop off’s I found. I was in a game where the two drop-off points were close together, so WT sat in between and easily shot who ever came to drop off plasma, lost all Harriers on that one. I only had one chance to play as WT and got absolutely whipped by team of pros who let two fast guys get the plasmas, while other 5 heavies just hull down sniped me constantly in a circle, Quickie baby made it look like it was easy, but that map favours the WT a lot.

  38. I got Astron Rex from my 2nd free engineer starter! And I got that 2nd engineer starter from a blue harrier starter!!!! I was freaking out!

  39. I got the crew member but i can’t find it anywhere, will i get it after the event ?

  40. in my opinion last years waffentrager mode was more fun to play

  41. I don’t think it will give you 7.5% chance to get a premium vehicle. I don’t think the probability would stack like that. Dezgamez put down 36 starters (most he purchased) and did not get a premium tank. Running on 2.5×36 he would of had a 90% chance to get a premium tank. Personally it seems that you have to treat each ticket individually so you would get a flat 2.5% chance to every time you used a starter.

  42. Magpily_Lao Michael

    It’s not available in the Asian server ://

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