Blood and Thunder – WZ 111-1G FT – Replay Cast

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  1. give it more maneuverability and armor and it becomes solid

    • +Joshua Tolbert Im not saying speed- Im saying maneuverability… That _can_ mean speed, but Im thinking more terrain resistance, more traverse speed. And buff armor enough so that you arent necessarily overpowered, but enough so that you have a higher chance of bouncing tank guns with <190 pen

    • AshGBoxing so basically like the tr8 premium Chinese TD

    • AshGBoxing so the premium is better than the it’s pay to win am I right?

    • yes but with a bigger gun, not quite as quick as the premium.
      In my opinion, the premium shouldnt be better than the normal tech tree tank. In the case of the t8 prem td, it is by far… With this tank you pretty much free xp to get through it and grind maybe at the end to get the t9, then its forgotten and left behind. The premium is just better. The Tech tree tank needs not quite as much mobility as the prem, but more than it has now. The armor also needs to be better than the premium, I mean… it is on the chassis of a heavy tank after all.

    • Yes, the premium is way better and you pay to get it and now it just shits all over the tech tree tank

  2. That was a pretty awesome game and honestly this tank is the reason i cant muster the will to go down this line…

  3. wait… this isn’t a mastadon song

  4. Totally agree with you: the gun is very good but the rest is………bad. Mostly waaaay to slow.

  5. Mastodon!

  6. OMFG ! that RNG at ending 🙂 gg!

  7. Thanks Circon for reviewing this replay for me! I always love some criticism and it helps me improve my playstyle. Hopefully there will be more in the future for you to review!

  8. It basically happenned because damage went to him and not him to the damage, that’s also the main reason why i hate tds to play and to play against.

  9. It has Jagdtiger gun LOL

  10. Can we get more videos like this?

  11. Circon, T28 got nerfed hard. Now it has 254 frontally. Tier VIII on gold just laught at it now

  12. Hey Circon are you interested in a game in the tier 10 wz heavy with 9k dmg in 4 min 30 sec?

  13. If only the enemy arty has reloaded at the end….

  14. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    Dat low roll

  15. And I’ve seen this replay already

  16. As a mexican, l really fucking love this taco tank.

  17. Circon i cant download your mod. just wondering is you still have a up to data modpack also love the streams and the youtube

  18. Like the Replay Cast format. Would love to see more of them!

  19. “The w zed Juan-Juan-Juan… Juan ft from the Mexican tech tree” ?

  20. This tank is so painful with the stock gun and stock engine. Unfortunately I didn’t have much free XP when I purchased it.

  21. Notice that the BC arty had 3 personnel mission reward tanks completed. That why he was smart and moved around the map.

  22. I think his actual view range is further but it doesn’t count food, yeah.

  23. Bloody cool !

  24. Timon Luka Højgaard

    Does Circonflexes 3 mark tier 10s?

  25. Not hearing Mastodon playing… Hrrrmmm…

  26. Lok’tar Ogar! Blood and Thunder!

  27. 3:32 Ting……TING GOES SKRAAAA

  28. 3:45 ISU has 1200 health now

    • It only makes his point even more relevant. The TD is in need of some more positive attributes. But it’s a turret less TD, who cares. It’s only there and so shit that players use their free xp to skip it.

  29. 4:42 Mines? 😀

  30. Surely I m not the only one who read the title in the voice of an orc…

  31. Џони Џанак

    Who here was expecting Mastodon in the background?

  32. zugg zugg

  33. isn’t this pretty much the old ISU

  34. From the *Mexican* tech tree

  35. Why does the Tier 10 British TD – The Badger have a worse gun than this tier 8 TD?

  36. How do you get the map to to zoom out so far?

    • If you’re running xvm you can just go into your resmods folder and set the camera distance. There are several legal mod packs that have it as an option as well.

  37. Do people actually like the chinese tds?im enjoying them so far ,im at tier 7

    • QuisePlays420 I did but only tank I don’t like in this line is the tier 5 just struggle to do everything with that huge ass size.

  38. Tharaka Wijerathne

    That Batchat arty was good

  39. Wrong tank name in title, there shuld be no “G”

  40. Video should have been called ‘Mexican Standoff’ 😉

  41. FT= fake tank

  42. It’s always good to see Circon play but while he’s playing he can’t comment much so this replay commentary from him is nice 🙂

  43. dumbest game of chance ever created.

  44. There’s also an M6A2E1 in that battle. Rare to see that tank!

  45. As always, informative narration. These are some of the better ‘how to’s’ out there.

  46. Honestly I don’t get the hate of this tank. It really isn’t bad since the gun is prolly the best at the tier, and the armor can bounce most things at its own tier, and some at higher. The only really bad thing is the speed, but one bad stat ain’t that bad to me

  47. I’m playing the tier 7 TD right now and I love this thing but I’m in no hurry to grind thru because the tier 8 does indeed look like trash. I don’t see very many on the NA server and that’s a clear sign the tank isn’t much beloved by its players. Thanks for bringing this replay though.

  48. Didn’t you get the memo, Wargaming nowadays makes the T8 premium better than the regular vehicles, same like they did with the Mle49, the actual tank that should have been in the tech tree. The AMX65 should have been the premium tank, just like this TD should have been.

  49. The m6a2e1 nickname is the mutant

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