Blood Marder – Armored Warfare: Marder 2 Gameplay

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Source: Phontomen LP

‘What the hell am I playing?’
It’s that special time of year again, the time where good will and looseness with one’s own money extends, not just to Family, Friends, and Strangers in need, but to Corporations offering deals of varying value. The Marder 2 in seemed like one of them, a questionable vehicle being offered in an exclusive sale, with exclusive paint! With a list of unique qualities, which would make you think one of two things was possible.

Either it’s completely worthless, or completely broken.

It’s certainly one of those things.

The game can be downloaded here, if you care for amusement without hope:
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  1. an AFV without ATGM, so much for balance 2.0

    Also watchdog is pretty fun, it’s a really tense yet well timed missions where speed is key, and it doesn’t fall into pure bullshit like leviathan.
    Fuck this mission and whoever though the spawning is fine on that.

  2. >yells “Stop right there Goyim!”, at the Israeli tank


  3. Blood for the Blood Marder.

    Shekels for the Shekel Throne.

  4. wow copenhagen is still playing this game and APE is still on? I knew in the waning days before the great exodus (i.e. the Reddit “red pill interview”) that they were doing organized queue syncing. My clan used to do that too with some memey results (results which resulted in me getting my name to be forced changed and clan being investigated for a week….let’s just say, I was on gag order by the leader for a whole month) .

  5. lol, its like 183 HESH but rapid fire.

  6. Also, the disparity in DPM between MBT main guns and autocannons was really annoying before I dropped it.

    • That went away KIND OF, changes to autocannons and armor on some tanks made it harder, and pretty much impossible in a PVP setting, to rely on autocannons from what I gathered. But this thing seems like it was teleported from back when I was doing the Warrior grindfest and autocannon equipped vehicles could steal all the damage from everything. In a way it’s like a Super Warrior, around the same damage potential but not having to deal with the 8-round clip.

  7. 41:50 Wait wait hold on, the Rosomak is in the game now? Damn, I might have to reinstall this game for a bit. I was waiting for them to add that thing, or any variant of the Patria AMV really.

    To clarify, yes the Rosomak is Polish built, but of Finnish design. The Poles just built their own version under license.

  8. Alexander PatrakoFF

    С удовольствием посмотрел. В России пока есть видео на Мардер 2 только в PvP миссиях. И отзывы об этом танчике неоднозначные.
    Ещё одно – у Вас механик-водитель по аватарке – азиатская женщина с русским мужским именем – Антон Волков.

  9. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thanx for the video, Subscribed and added video in few our playlists 🙂

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