BLYAT MACHINE OF DESTRUCTION 4 | Best All Around Vehicle in War Thunder (BMD-4)

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BLYAT MACHINE DESTRUCTION 4 | Best All Around in War Thunder (BMD-4)


  1. We have Vodka

  2. Odd: “BMD4 sucks!!”

    Phly 24 hours later:

  3. Use the bmd 4 to get a nuke its si good

  4. Any ideas on what tank I should use to get god mode I play french tanks

  5. I spit water all over my desk when you said
    “We have smoke”
    “great smoke”

  6. Tigor on the backseat watching dad murdering enemy tanks

  7. The tank has everything you need.

  8. My disappointment when he didn’t say the smokes had great penetration is immeasurable.

  9. The Music Is Good

  10. Day 13 of asking Phly to play the American F6F-5N in ground RB

  11. Anyone notice the little splash guard lookin thing whenever PapaPhly took the BMD into the water? Its cute.

  12. that hot bar is starting to look like an MMO hotbar.

  13. William Benedict Alava

    No wonder that vehicle is VDV favorite.

  14. The Incredible Austin
  15. Day 149: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  16. Absolutely loved the intro. Keep it up! ❤️

  17. this vehicle is sort of like using the LAV in bf4. 😆

  18. Had to stop playing war thunder. Gonna have to unsub too, this game is honestly just a stressful unfun mess for me. Cant play right apparently, only game Ive felt really negatively affected by

  19. yo phly Play the Ju 88 A 5 at 2.3 with the mauder at 2.3. decent well-rounded bomber plane with good defense and a great TD for the BR


  21. OMG imagine if China pisses off russia and they oddly become our allies. Imagine comms traffic when some Brit and Russian mechanised brigade engages a Chinese one. Lol my god the cussing on comms

  22. Hi PhlyDaddy ! Phly the KI-43-II please ! This bird is crazy !!

  23. The vehicles in this event are meh at best.
    – Some random guy in an analysis video.

  24. Better than BMP-2M?

  25. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    8.7 more like 9.3

  26. BMD 4 is the Soviet Bias packed into one vehicle

  27. Meanwhile the CV90’s start at 9.7 :/

  28. Oh dudeee im so conflicted nowww, i was geinding this event so i could sell this tank but now it looks like a lot of fun.. but also that means the market price might be higher.. but also that means if i sell it i may never have the chamce to own this thing again.. gahhhh

  29. Does the hydropneumatic suspension work in WarThunder?

  30. Why does Russia get those tanks but we (germany) don’t get Puma, Lynx or better version of Marder.
    Marder compared to the bmds or whatever is just meh 🙁 Not because marder is bad, because they make it bad

  31. I would have loved to grind for this thing but it would be useless because I have 0 modern-ish vehicles for my Russian tree to back it up

  32. At 10:37 you made a acronim for BMD
    I thought of these
    BMD:best motherland defense
    BMP:best motherland protection

  33. This thing has everything except armor

  34. Three Mountains Gaming

    Day 4: Play the Swordfish as CAS at 11.0 and have some fun

  35. Bmp-3 Cry a lot for this vehicles reload Rate

  36. I wonder if they add the 30mm BTR, cuz that thing is super fun in squad

  37. that’s gonna be fastest br change ever. 9.7 is my guess. If not 10.0

  38. Frederik Claeyssens

    It’s been a really long time since you made a tshirt.
    I was taking a shit today and suddenly came up with *THE IDEA*.
    *Arty Mc. Farty*
    I know, I know, it’s pretty good…

  39. The Lord Victorius

    Yo Phly check out the Panzer 4G, its 3.3 now, i count this as 1 attempt

  40. Вепар Апокалипсе

    3:41 “Sm0k”

  41. Konstantinos Jatagandzidis

    Day 94: Play the I-185 (M-82) for CAS. It is WAAAAAY underrated (3x20mm with powerful AP + bombs/rockets)

  42. How did he adjust his range finder automatically?

  43. Its so annoying that in one minute Phly change from whispering to shouting 4 times. “You can never adjust volume !” xD

  44. From where is the russian speaking in the beginning?

  45. Pls do a remake of the corsair 1c review

  46. It has everything!

  47. Let's Freakin' Go Podcast

    These intros are just amazing. Well done, sir!

  48. Day 3: M1 Abrams, the forgotten unloved abrams

  49. The bmd has special suspension plhy

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