BMP-2 | HIGH TECH ORGANIC aRmOr (War Thunder Tanks)

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BMP-2 | HIGH TECH ORGANIC aRmOr (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. the big wang gang boiz

  2. Bradley’s in the Battle of 73 Easting were fully capable of holding their own against MBT (as long as they had TOW missiles) and with the 25mm Chain Gun they’re more than able to eliminate soft targets…they just lack armor (for tank battles) but they’re not MBT’s so ??‍♂️

  3. Does anyone find it weird that the BMP-2’s rear troop compartment doors carry fuel? I think the fuel inside the doors also feed into the engine as well (I think?), but I am not quite sure about that :/

  4. 1:11 Lol fun fact. The Israelis actually did experiment with steel, and wood composite armour back in the 50s. And… proved to rather effective….surprisingly. I am not shitting, promise (I am 200% serious).

  5. 2:04 IDK for certain. But I think the rly rly sloped part (the 85 degree) of the BMP’s front can bounce off HEAT rockets, because HEAT rockets have trouble fusing at extremely steep angles like that :/

  6. its stalinwood komrade have you forgotten how common it is in Russia?

  7. 6:03 wELL… is a preeeetty cramped turret after all

  8. Even air plan 7.62 can kill this

  9. Heck yeah Dunn North Carolina looks the exact same too lol

  10. Bmp has very stronk armor
    It bloody stopped my apds of the L7 gun with its lower glacies, not even a bloody bounce

  11. Good guy USSR, designing eco friendly armor

  12. How about something different next video, I would like to see the God mode achievement, kill something that is 5.0 BR or higher than your current tank or plane, you can pick the line up, would be fun to see

  13. loved the classic intro!

  14. Yet we don’t have a bradly yet, so sad

  15. was the intro from the Dev server? how were you able to fight a ZSU and BMP-1 when you’re using a BMP-2???

  16. All metal type products are organic and eco friendly….?

  17. Stalin loginium

  18. The panther D with 88 mm and FW 190 .Teach the Russians a lesson

  19. Russians IFV in American Downtown. CoD MW 2 vivre.

  20. Now we have one german-sudamerican tank, now we need a video! Play the TAM!

  21. Decreasing the fire rate would be a good move to save ammunition.

  22. Hey phly can you make a vidio with botime gaming that would be really cool thx love you vids ?

  23. Challenge:
    Get a kill with a smoke shell.
    Attempt #2

  24. Can you play h-35 aphe only.

  25. leopard a1a1 with apds plox

  26. Why use AP round against airplanes?

  27. 7.7BR is not fine, try playing Panther 2 or Leopard 1. Is just Is7 + bmp2 spamfest. 9/10 games germans lose.

  28. begleitpanzer 57 at 8.7
    and this thing at 7.7

  29. Bring back phlydaily if you want to only do tanks make a second channel

  30. It was a common for USSR to use such logs on army vehicles. Because it helps a lot when a vehicle is stuck in mud. They threw log under trucks, so basically BMP or tank was able to “climb” using it’s own trucks.

  31. make a wood tank and your invincible

  32. An active duty modern IFV vs 1943 tanks. It should sit at BR 9.0

  33. Your friendly reminder that Type 60 ATM is at 7.0 while BMP-1 (with 2nd gen) is at 7.3 and this thing at 7.7.

  34. You’ve flown missiles and commanded tanks with voice command, but it’s time to take it to the next level… Phly a plane of your choosing in any BR with a PS4 or XB1 controller only, no mouse and keyboard!

    Attempt #1

  35. wish it was realistic and had a 120 or was it 60 rounds a min and a 660 rounds per min firing mode

  36. Yessssss! He brought back the good old intro music

  37. Another OP russian vehicule at lower BR than opponent’s one.

  38. Why the hell would you shop at Dick’s?? They’re one of the most un-American chains in the US.

  39. Just make tanks out of wood now

  40. OMG u saw my comment from yesterday and used the Everyday music 😉 thanx phly! <3

  41. Object 906 used to be 7.0 with a slower reload speed.

  42. I would like to see an old time video, with old tanks or old planes. I’m tired of this cold war shit

  43. U can bet your ass they moving this up….8.0 or 8.3… Taking all bets paypal…pm me if you want to bet…line it up

  44. Whats the best SPAA in your opinion?

  45. Warrior is better

  46. Don’t like the realistic mode where you play against your own nation

  47. ah,they just stole my morning wood and slapped it on bmp-2’s back D:

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