BMPT-72 TERMINATOR | Russian Destroyer of Worlds (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BMT-72 TERMINATOR | Less Turret Design (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Random phlee viewer – Apache out on dev…
    Phly – Here is bmpt-72

    • Filip Stanojlovic

      @Jussi Raitoniemi yeah but the force put on the links between the individual plates will snap them, at best it would change the trajectory of the projectile a little

    • 14:10: enjoy the therapeuitic war thunder ASMR noises with Phly – “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa …”

    • if warthunder add T 14 armata

    • Литовский Танкист

      @One Nerd Army mabey you’ll never know

    • I can’t wait to play the BMPT-72 TERMINATOR, that thing is crazy!!

      I will definitely still be watching your videos when you 60!

      I ADORE War Thunder I watching it grow and wondering what v2.00.0.000 release will bring, and what new vehicles will be brought into the game!

      Phlys-Phor-Phun-Challenge: What version of War Thunder will we playing when PHLY is 60 (Let’s get some best guesses!) I reckon version v8.9.0.217

  2. The game starts getting futuristic tanks the meta being the leopard 4A20 and the KA 69

  3. Man I loved that thing in Armored Warfare….Scout tank wth MBT Armor, high rate of fire autocannons, ERA, and 4 ATGMs? Recipe for fun, that’s what that is.
    The ultimate tank for my fellow Dakkamans. MAY THE DAKKA NEVER STOP!

  4. What Russian song was it when the mig was showen

  5. It lacks the twin grenade launchers on the front hull.

  6. TIL PhluDeily is -10 years old

  7. Eric Starrenburg

    12:09 if you do it so good as now yes

  8. Phly there is a 40k mig 21 for sale currently

  9. Hey Phly i have a challenge for you take out all the KV-2’s in one line-up and try to get kills only with HE Shells attempt#26


  11. What’s the name of the Russian prototype of a tank with its main gun removed and have anti-air guns on the sides of the turret ?


  13. my dream is to wait for bad boi to be in game for years now

  14. 12:03 assuming we both live that long, yes

  15. Stalin's Favorite Gopnik

    Ahhhh! My favorite tank ever! Cant wait till this is actually added in game.

  16. I didn’t expect a Donut reference. HELL YEAH.

  17. Mo Powah Babeh!

  18. Recently there was an auction for military vehicles they had a refurbished mig21 that sold for 52,000$ USD

  19. He’s actually shooting dudes out here with 30mm

  20. If i don’t die or you die

  21. >Donut
    >Saying horse powers, not hurs purs

  22. when you’re 60, we will playing vehicles from WW3 in WT, with some terminator, robocop, and some optimus primes

  23. Someone mod the su 27

  24. 9:42 pictures taking a moment before disasters

  25. Jostein Brede Røer Nilsen

    From wikipedia: “Only one missile is carried for each of the launchers without any additional ones stowed away”

  26. Ye of choice man

  27. 8:24 “If I could marry an object, it would be a MiG-21.”
    To misquote the Big Lebowski, “This man treats objects like women!”

  28. of course i will watch your stuff when youre 60, warthunder will never stop adding stuff. even if they have to fund a war to create more stuff

  29. Two words: b r u t e force

  30. Alexander Bananaking

    Helll ya

  31. TheWangBu HasChill

    Yeah got them hurs purs!

  32. Xzar the necromancer

    Dislike and Unsubscribe


  34. Running out of ammo
    inside terminator dont worry he be back

  35. Lmao I never thought that James Humphrey would become as a reference in the video

  36. Phly, theyre doing it again. I’m not seeing your videos on my sub feed…

  37. Alireza Mohsenpour

    T95:you cant defeat me

  38. I would watch ur vids when u r 60 years old but only if im still alive cuz then i would be like 80.

  39. if you become 60 year old .. would i watch your video ?
    fk yeah .. U R Awesome phly ..

  40. Phly: “Will you still watch my channel when I am 60 years old?”.
    I’ll be 89. And definitely, yes. Though I highly doubt it will be on Warthunder. Perhaps on “Warthunder 6 : Reforged” ? With brand new DirectX 27.9 management of imprint of tracks on concrete. And PhysX management of particles resulting from explosions inside tanks…

  41. Dude your mannerisms are the main reason we watch this

  42. The Slovenly Tactician

    Holy shit, animated infantry models?! See, this user mission demonstrates what WT could be if gaijin wasn’t so fucking lazy. Instead we’re calling the same 3 points for how many years? Imagine attack/defend missions, convoy escorts, king of the hill style where you have targets that aren’t MBTs that give things like HE rounds more useful than just memeing with.

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