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  1. Best way to get into a game is definitely pressing cancel

  2. He loves that Ali-A intro ?

  3. You can make an entire top 10 saddest anime deaths video out of this

  4. Can I mention that Jack is Scottish NOT Irish!

  5. Cameron Rosario

    why do u use kph and m

  6. Nicholas Mcfeters

    “This plane looks so scary now!”
    Try landing.

  7. The Yak-9’s be like Hallo Cheeeki Breeki Danki Phly!

  8. Phly do you mind if you play the P40? You haven’t played it in a while

  9. *P-51 spotted* Enemy Blyat detected!

  10. Caleb Cavanaugh

    Challenge Time Get three kills on three different maps using the SU122 ATTEMPT 78

    You don’t support Stalin’s troops you go to Gulag

  11. And bfv sucks ass

  12. Heinrich Giesbrecht

    please can you play one time with the T32

  13. Heinrich Giesbrecht

    or t34

  14. I remember you saying ”the firefly is the worst plane in the game” i challenge u to get 6+ kills in 1 life in tank rb

  15. Phly I wanna know ur opinion on the battlefield 5 trailer

  16. You should do a combo video of kv1S and pe-8
    Kv1S=invincible when you get propper br games and the pe-8 had vodka nuke

  17. Is it me or is PhlyWeekly a thicc boi now?

  18. phly should make a video on the roblox war thunder lmaoo

  19. WarshipX2 Videos

    Finally a good intro

  20. Can i change my name on War Thunder?

  21. That’s 610 mph at pylon break

  22. do a collab with dita 😀

  23. Challenge:
    Play pak 40 puma without stopping.
    like.ever. until you’re dead.

  24. I’m finally downloading war thunder! So any advice for me like what lines to play what type of shells to use and stuff like that

  25. Virginian MT Sam


  26. David Rubinstein

    very funny :))))))

  27. Where have u been I want videos

  28. Tip: take the 500s, you can take two bases with them

  29. Harris Papadopoulos

    Jack. Turn the dame plane sir

  30. Captain Chartrand

    been so long since a jingles landing was featured~

  31. Phly I haven’t seen a video on your channel of either of the seafires, so I think you should phly our 1 just cuz. Attempt 1

  32. This was a fun video. You four need to do things together more often.

  33. You, Iron, and MikeGoesBoom. Best squad ever.

  34. SmartSmart Man26

    Phly when is the next Bomber Crew vid?

  35. Iron’s water landing: 10/10

  36. Justin Mortensen

    FV4202 revisit! more br, more sabot and more stabilizer!!

  37. I think that’s the first time i’ve seen Phly in a bomber/fighter escort mission without team kill or a “ramming accident” ?

  38. Is that coffee laughing in the background?

  39. A Singularaty called Stalin

    Western spy cant be master of the russian bias


  41. Dragonslayerdwayne Doma

    Someone sounds like Tom Hidelston

  42. Hi Phly, you can call me louis, can you play Panzer IV.H to take 8 kill over? I want to learn how to play Paner IV more best.
    Attempt #70

  43. Oh how I missed PhlyDaily ❤️❤️

  44. Hey Phly, have you tried to hide with the russian tanks on Fulda. Ultimate sneaky breeki

  45. idontknow whatimdoing

    i have questions about the clip before the intro IS IT JUST 1$ you could have made it 5$

  46. Phly ya know that boat planes have _EXCELLENT_ bouncing capabilities? Doing skips over water is an excellent way to either kill your speed or fuck over a fighter plane on your ass.

  47. Phly when i go to battle everytime all are higher ranked players than me im just 8 rank and then my opponents minimum player is like 19 rank and my team same im always last on our team i have just played for few weeks and i dont even have any spitfires or hurricanes i have just and just p36g hawk. this is embarassing can you help me?

  48. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin


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