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Download the Mission! And many thanks to Matizo14 o7 –



  1. Well I don”t see you building anything better.
    -Bob Semple probably

  2. Day 1: Play the TAM 2IP you havent played it.

  3. Japanese invasion of New Zealand should be named the Crayola War. This battle is exactly what a 5 year old would imagine it to be.

  4. I diagnose you whit box

  5. 21:48 spin me right round XDDDDDDD 1000% historically!!! Best video.

  6. As a new Zealander I approve this video

  7. You missed the opportunity to say “Bob’s got Brrrts”, phly.

  8. Being a Kiwi myself, ngl this is perfectly true XD

  9. Please play the Begleitpanzer 57 with OddBawZ

  10. yeah i think this is a reupload dunno what happend to the old one cus i remember this shit was back in 2017

  11. This bob semple is impressive

  12. If the Auzzies had the Bob Semple tank they wouldn’t have lost the War of the Emus. New Zealand had a roofing iron shortage after producing 3 Bob Semple tanks and could no longer support the war effort.

  13. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    “New Zealand is Ready.”
    Japan : (X) to doubt

  14. Does this tank lock up all its citizens inside and refuse entry to any foreigner too?

  15. Hope war Thunder do not the same way like WOT. Thise Bobtank is a joke?

  16. Day 1: Can we get we get video on the scimitar in Air RB
    I just love those thicc intakes right beside the cockpit

  17. When u try to shoot enemy using 37mm cannon with the shell 35mm diameter

  18. As a New Zealander I am intensely proud of this ingenious feat of engineering.

  19. This reminds me of the Super Gonk extra from Lego Star Wars

  20. Its a tractor with roofing iron for armour basically.
    Pretty much useless, I’d honestly rather just have the 6 bren guns being used by infantry.
    This thing is worse than the the US halftrack with the 3″ gun that the troops would refer to as a ‘Purple Heart Box’.

    Seriously, compare this to even the earliest, most basic panzer 2 and it isn’t even a contest.

  21. stood up when the national anthem went on, proud to be a kiwi

  22. If this is added I will install the game again.

  23. I cried when you played our national anthem Phly. Let me know when you’re wanting to move here to escape the madness.

  24. As a New Zealander, I’m very proud

  25. Now we need the Diemert Defender aircraft as airsupport!

  26. Fun fact, No deployed bob semple tank has ever been destroyed or even damaged.

  27. Hello there boss can you answer a question, today I played an assault arcade battle, we lost but I didn’t die once in my kugelblitz but in the results the game cut my 9.4k SL for respawn what is the logic here? I can’t even play now!

  28. Day 1: phly please play the xm1 gm whit the a4e early

  29. It was also originally designed to have that cannon as the main armament but we didn’t have enough resources for that

  30. Disclaimer: Video games are not reality, please do not use Bob to defend New Zeeland if you have anything, anything else at hand.

  31. bob

  32. 1 that tank didnt have that kind of cannon
    2 the armor was just sheet metal, so it was sheet
    3 it did an impressive 6 kilometers an hour
    4 it only had machineguns, and they werent hardcore

  33. day 33: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  34. Gaijin please add bob Semple

  35. Springbonnie Gaming

    Bob Semple.did not had a cannon

  36. Springbonnie Gaming

    They uodated the test drive

  37. Bear in mind, this was built in a country that at the time couldn’t build car engines and could *just* manage to do repairs to steam locomotives. They simply didn’t have the medium or heavy industry for it. But it taught them enough that, along with the tooling being supplied by the UK and Australia, they were able to set up production of Universal Carriers within 12 months of building the Bob Semple. For a country without ANY experience and with essentially zero industry to start from, it’s actually not a bad effort. It’s still terrible, but it was better than nothing, which was their alternative option.

  38. it hurts my eyes to look at that shit

  39. fly is obsessed with user mission now

  40. Play sprocket then, i wanna see what you’d design lmao xD

  41. Japan probably wanted to invade this island *_BECAUSE_* whoever created such an ugly tank had to be punished.

  42. 14:25 just fried my old laptop graphics

  43. Let's Freakin' Go Podcast

    Sorry, but where did the infantry come from?!

  44. Look up The Bob Semple the worst tank in history on Simple History

  45. this video gave me metal fever

  46. Can you imagine laying on that engine and the heat just coming off of it? And burning your skin?

  47. lol -its the lost tetris block

  48. What the New Zealand Military thought how the Bob Semple would perform in battles:

  49. they were hyping that tank

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