^^| bob’s your uncle – Skorpion G Replay Cast. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Such a balanced premium tank.

  2. As always, the commentary is very helpful. Thanks.

  3. Circon this is your best commentary yet. Keep it coming. I love your
    tactical analysis of replays.

  4. If I was this Skorpion G, the 112 would have capped ;p

  5. I remember the two days I got this thing as a rental. I threw my standard
    Jpanther crew into it, and low and behold, first game was over 4k damage.
    Second one, 3k. All because I could maneuver and aim insanely quickly to
    stay out the enemy’s view range and punt shells clean through their armor
    with impunity.

    Why does the JP II even exist anymore?

  6. 08:58 nice subliminal message camo values there.

  7. I love when circon kills someone and replies with BITCH

  8. circon email inbox flooded by replays imminent in 3…2…1

  9. Great video, your tips are always appreciated.

  10. Caernarvon is pronounced: kuh-nar-ven A caravan is not a tank.

  11. They need to buff the Rhm Borsig now that this monstrosity is in the game.
    Why would you want to give up 25 km/h top speed in exchange for some camo
    on a tier 8 TD if given the choice? This thing goes as fast as a light
    tank, and that’s a HELL of a lot more valuable than the camo on the Borsig.
    IMO the Borsig should have a bigger DPM advantage over the Skorpion because
    right now the Rhm gets like 5.2 rounds per minute while the Skorpion gets 5
    rounds per minute. Tech tree tanks need to be competitive with tier 8
    premiums, otherwise this game is just pay to win.

  12. This is the way it should be. Max 5 rnds of gold. Some tanks should get a
    few more. Maybe that’s the selling point, their advantage that they get
    more gold. But most tanks should get an apcr cap. Heat rounds might get a
    pass for some tanks because heat can be so random

  13. like seeing other people than u sometimes thx ??

  14. I dont use premium shells and I have never felt that I had to because I
    actually know how to aim. too bad WG wants to make it harder to play that
    way :/

  15. i want this Skorpion G :(

  16. why do you hide the tier classes in battle for all the 30 tanks?

  17. Circon kicking Jingles out of business?! :D

  18. I roll 420-480 80% of the time and never above 530.

  19. Circon, as we already can see what is going on in the video perhaps it
    would be more interesting if you commented what you would have done in some
    situations, like you mentioned that turret shot against caernarvon? It’s
    always nice to watch vids where good players explain their way of analysing
    the situation and explain what and why did they do. So you could do two
    things at once, feature some nice replays of other players on your channel
    and add your commentary how would you handle certain situations.

  20. AKA “Typical Game in Skorpion G”

  21. Very nice match! Love that tank!

  22. is there a hardcore mode, where glowing lights and outline don’t pop up? So
    you can’t just shoot through tree at glowing lines?

  23. Captain_Jack_Sparrow_69

    my best dmg game in this tank is 7,6 k dmg

  24. that’s a good type of video

  25. do you have babies, circon?

  26. I like this, especially your analysis on the game!

  27. New game, take a shot every time Circ says “There”

  28. Victory
    105 leFH18B2
    Experience received:5,750 (x2 for the first victory each day) Credits
    earned 39,177
    Battle achievements Top Gun, High Caliber, Radley-Walters’s Medal, Naydin’s
    Medal, Stark’s Medal, Mastery Badge: “I Class”
    Mission completed! Reward:

    Efficiency/WN8: 2 758 (+71) 4 209 (+61)


  30. I love Scorpion G

  31. Yes pls show me mroe balanced tanks smh

  32. Is the Scorpion G worse than the Borsig in any way?

  33. Skorpion G is so overpowered. Its camo is unbelievably good for such a huge
    tank, it’s better than the borisg, better than the JPII, better than the
    ferdi,…. It’s basically a pay to win tank. I really kind of hate WG for
    making this thing so good

  34. it anaoys me everytime he says front drive wheel for the centurion it’s not
    a drive wheel, it’s a drive sprocket, and it’s not in the front, it’s an
    idler wheel in the front

  35. circon looks much more happy/positive than the streams :)

  36. Best prem tank by far!

  37. D. Hall (Whiteknight 717)

    The shot that you would have taken as well, the one bob15 bounced, would
    that it have been advisable in that case to slap him with HE? The reload
    makes is not seem like a viable option, but perhaps it might have done
    module damage. Just curious. Also, by way of random questions, are there
    any upper tier tanks that are just disappointing AF? So far I have been
    disappointed with the t-32, as it seems like the gun never behaved (or just
    had mediocre stats to begin with) and even hull down my armor was no match
    for russians.

  38. Extremely hard and rare to get 6k dmg in the Skorpion G

  39. Broken tank is broken.

  40. Thanks for using my replay Circon! I’m a joe average player and I’m still
    learning a lot so that’s why my marksmanship was not really spot on and why
    I made a few little mistakes. Still appreciate the feature and the tips you

  41. Circon goes Jingles :-P

  42. very nice video! i like it.

  43. is there an in-game option to disable the stacking of the crew skills and
    perks? I have some with x5 and I hate it

  44. Pindakaas is lekker.

  45. Wihu! Circons commentary videos are the best

  46. best tier 8 medium – STA-2
    best tier 8 heavy – IS-3 of course but Patriot is second!
    best tier 8 TD – Skorpion

    I remember the time when premium tanks were equal to mid-upgraded regular
    tanks of the same tier and nowhere near the performance of full upgraded

  47. nice.

  48. wait, did the sub count do down?

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