Bofors in 153 Seconds – All You Need To Know | World of Tanks Bofors Tornvagn Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 Event, Loot Boxes and More! World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2022 Offers and Deals. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2022 in Update 1.15+ Patch News.

Today they released full guide for Holiday Ops 2022 event, so let's take a look at it together. Free tank, a garage slot, special code, rewards, loot boxes and more!

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  1. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Lol, super fast and super acurate, thank Dez

  2. if it gets hull down and is up close it can do well.. if it gets caught out in the open or from afar then its trash. if it camps just let your arty wither it down while you ignore it and focus on everything else then it wont even get to do its job.

  3. The Brofist Pornvagn

  4. Weak armour as everyone fires APCR all the time. Slow turning, slow turret.

  5. Milos MilicTROB204

    Ye but its shit.

  6. Gotta love this quick tank review. Nice!!

  7. this is the third review I have seen on this tank and it seems to be a vehicle that no one wants to play in.

  8. Good chanel

  9. so far best and probably most accurate review about Turdvagn 😀

  10. It’s like a re-skinned American T34 with crappier accuracy.

  11. This short reviuw is really cool, i want more

  12. ”No frontal weakspots” that’s really not something to be proud of WG.

  13. Not. Another. Penny.

  14. Tier 6 and 7 players will enjoy this a lot

  15. i thought the butthurts was already vaccined with all the amount of Chieftains that Tier 8 players have to deal with. Lets not cry about this tank now please.

  16. no helicopter//

  17. i want fv 215b 183

  18. This thing vs WHEELs… I guess 550 in the ass?

  19. Thank you for the insight and good advice.
    __eL_Dorado___ (NA server)

  20. great video 🙂

  21. The dpm characteristic is less important thesedays. Sitting out in the open is so dangerous that dpm tanks get punished compared to wot years ago. Armour or autoloader is much more favourable. Look at the badger driving round the corner on el halluf. Barely does anything to the amx despite being number 1 dpm.

  22. Thanks DEZ ! loving these quick “all you need to know” videos

  23. Seems like a worse T32. In the end that isn’t to bad….just not OP like people have come to expect from Premiums these days. Are Premiums even used to make creds anymore or just used as a win button with some of the more op tanks and the credit boost more used to mitigate the gold spam meta?

  24. “Doesnt have any weak spots at all”

    My obj 261 says otherwise.

  25. There’s hardly any arty now

  26. After I’ve watching some streams, i found some weakness:
    1/ It’s could get burn for many times cause engine in the frontal hull
    2/ It’s have chance to ammorack cause ammorack in the frontal hull
    3/ Just like Concept, it’s turret could be shoot if it don’t look frontaly
    4/ If it’s get hit by SPG, it’s gonna be critical hit cause it’s flat
    5/ Lack of mobility, can be overrun
    *P/s: It’s still a better tank to play

  27. Look the new Pokemon, when will it develop…

  28. Me:seeing video is 2:34 instead of 153 sec.
    Me: LIAR!

  29. I love this review style. It could be bit longer too but this is very easy to watch. Thanks 🙂

  30. 0:08 – 0:10 doesn’t any weak spot at all..only againts AP/APCR/HEAT but weak againts HE and HESH rounds..

  31. Tangled and Happiness

    I don’t get the WOT players

    wg releases a mediocre premium > meh it’s mediocre no need to get it yada yada yada

    Wg releases am OP premium > omg wg why did you do this. The balance of game is going to hell yada yada yada

  32. Finally, a Fast But Packed info about tanks, no this, that, straight to the point.
    you gotta give this kind of review a love m8.

  33. USA has Concept one b , sweden has concept bad one, nice video.

  34. WalknTalknStevnHawkn

    Is there any rhyme or reason behind the thumbnail or is it just low-effort garbage in an attempt to get people to click?

  35. Why people still play this game is beyond me. it looks dated and is just a money laundering scam for WG.

  36. If it is impenetrable then how come heat goes through it every time?! In the gameplay I’ve seen it is penetrated very easily…

  37. Dont worry WG player base is smaller everyday so you can do wte you want

  38. Vikman Photography

    Tis the season…
    When WG exploits peoples’ gambling addictions

  39. Taliban tank next plz =)

  40. Thank you , Dez .

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