Bofors Tornvagn + 4 Other WEIRD Tanks Coming to World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Tanks from Supertest server – Bofors Tornvagn, T-34, Matilda LVT, Pz 35 R, Pz. M15. World of Tanks Bofors Tornvagn, Tier 8 Swedish Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Charlemagne Gameplay, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank.

00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Pz. 35 R
01:25 – Pz. M 15
01:55 – Announcement
03:49 – Matilda LVT
04:52 – T-34
06:08 – Bofors Tornvagn
09:48 – Announcement Details
:33 – Outro

– Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree
– Hiccups (Instrumental Version) – Ooyy
– Now – AGST

Information from:
– WG

In todays video I am going to talk about 5 brand tanks from different tiers which entered supertest. One looks weirder than the other, crazy! 😀

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Quite a freakshow coming to World of Tanks! 😀 Btw, do you like the *quick timestamps* at the start of the video?
    What is your take on all of those tanks, which is your favorite and of course, good luck in the little giveaway! 😉
    Also don’t forget to check out Warpath: and use the Gift code: Airforce2021 for free goodies.
    00:00 – Intro
    00:36 – Pz. 35 R
    01:25 – Pz. M 15
    01:55 – Announcement
    03:49 – Matilda LVT
    04:52 – M4A2 T-34
    06:08 – Bofors Tornvagn
    09:48 – Announcement Details
    10:33 – Outro

    • To be honest – obviously M4A2 T-34, because it combines two of the most iconic tanks in that game and hopefully the 2 interesting things, that made them them into one hilarious tank.


    • @knautschbart No! Turet from M4 on T-34 hull would be much better with decent depresion gun, othervise its garbage. 🙂

    • @Joe Letaxi Maybe you buy some 30 day premium ofer with that tank someday… Its not good armored as PzIIC, same gun, but when you use only gold you can easyli kill all enemy tier I-II tanks.

    • The Bofors sounds like the only one worth having & it will be quite situational given it’s so slow. It will be fairly decent brawler, but will get smashed by many MTs that will just circle it to death. Username: daddy4x4 Server: SEA

    • so nobody said this before?

      it’s more like Boforsh Turnvagn / toornvagn than how he says it.

      Google translate has a prononciation button too.

  2. this is laughable, WG have run out of tanks to introduce so theyre adding in fake crossbreeds…. next up Maus4005 (maus hull and FV4005 gun and turret)

  3. Let me guess…..T9 premium?

  4. What do You expect from a bunch of idiodts, who aren’t playing the game after all!

  5. Seems interesting, we’ll see.

    Name: NousInfinitum
    Server: EU

  6. Charmelade

    As for looks, that new Swedish heavy reminds me of the Concept 1B. I wonder if that 260mm is something like on the T110E4, where upper plate is very impressive, but lower plate is actually trash.
    The other tanks are just things to laugh at. Can’t really be bothered with other premiums now, as I almost finished grinding the Strv K.
    Not sure with all the new premiums. If you noticed, the matchmaking already consists of like 9-10 prems (if not more) and 5-6 tech tree tanks. WG should really do something about this.

  7. Name: Bdoggkilla Server:NA Honeslty dont understand why they keep making tanks below teir 5. Majority of the player base is already far past those lower teirs and the players that are down there are there to stat boost there accounts. Tornvagn looks interesting in concept and it will probaly get a buff before offical release.

  8. They could just add the Chieftain, M60A2 Starship, Centurion Mk13 to replace the AX. But no they’ll just keep the only British tank worth anything for those who can afford the time to play the campaigns

  9. Username: Eleanorx
    Server: EU
    Wot premium tank department strikes again

  10. Why is there no ABBA crew to go with the new Premium?!
    Lurchi_66, EU

  11. I like the idea of new tanks, but wargaming should think a little more when bringing in new tanks, i think the new Tornvagn is not going to be a tank you will see a lot because of the slow movement and gun accuracy, I think they should have made it a little better in that perspective and lower the penetration on the gun.

    – conqueror15
    – EU

    Thanks for the vids Dez Keep it up!

  12. Name: Strix9
    Server: EU
    The Tornvagn looks overpowered. Seems, WG is not afraid of crazy new tanks concepts

  13. Name: feies_vlad
    Server: EU
    Bofors Tornvagn looks interesting but also kinda not good for the game, and what I mean is that there is YET another hull down heavy with good gun dep, pen and alpha, sure it dosen’t have good dpm and mobility kinda sucks but we really don’t need more hull down heavys with no weakspots, but like you said in the video we need to see the armor model first before making any final thoughts about it.

  14. name:Leo_522
    new tier 8 looks like a huldown god lets see how it goes when it comes out.

  15. Priidik1 EU Bofors Tornvagn

  16. ID: Hitobashira
    Server: Asia
    nothing interesting except the looks these time around
    all weak tank without interesting or even good traits
    not worth the money/time investment

  17. WG are grasping at straws , fail .

  18. I am Warpath player

  19. at first i thought it’s just tier VIII concept 1B but tal least it has bad mobility

    username: aalexeyy

  20. Saderhorn Let’s Plays

    Username: Saderhorn
    Server: Eu
    Tier 8 looks interessting

  21. The Bofors Kranvagn is the most interesting tank design wise alongside with the M4A2 T34, did it actually exist back in WW2?!

    Name: BillyGagsta
    Server: EU

  22. The Bofors Tornvagn is an actual design for the UDES tanks so realistically it should have the similar mobility and armour as the UDES tanks in the tech tree Cringe

    username: Mateusz_kowalczuk15

  23. Arttu-Jussi Viherkari

    Name: WigglyGiggly
    Server: EU

  24. IGN: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

    Bofors Tornvagn seems like an interesting tank.

  25. The “Tornvagn” (from the UDES-project I believe) looks the most interesting to me, I like seeing tank developments that never got realized IRL rolling about in the game. The M4/T-34 looks horrible though..

    Username: kui_blader
    Server: EU

  26. Indestructible Gaming

    I think this tanks will not be gamebreaking and they will be some kind of giveway from wargaming.
    Server: EU

  27. Out of all these tanks I’m just briefly interested on Bofors, the rest is like the rest of low tier tanks from the giftboxes (because I assume there will be in giftboxes in christmas season), it will just sit in garage and I will never play them. Bofors, well I need to know more, but it’s not very interesting form me, I’ve got enough premium tanks, acutually more than I need. Bofors seems to be weird but may be noce to play in first line. We will see.
    Serwer: EU
    Nick: Reguslav

  28. Filip Павлович

    I dont care much about low tier tanks. Bofos tornvagen has crazy armor but is at least slow, luckily. Hope WG will start adding weakspots on tanks instead of increasing penetration of shells on prem tanks.
    Name: Kusamek
    Server: EU

  29. Tornvagn looks like a concept 1b, insane
    EU server
    Username: aivasilache

  30. Name: DocSabot
    Server: EU

    The Tornvagn looks awesome !!! But 14 secs of reload , trading will be quite arkward .

  31. Fart Smokers!

  32. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    Typical useless low tier tanks and the next tier 8 tank. Already to much of those in the game. Except for the crazy armor it doesn’t look to be any good.

  33. Tornvagn will be a Swedish T8 version of Concept 1b. I think that WG is out of ideas! Nick: Chris_os Server: EU

  34. “WW2” game, yeah, that Swedish tank looks very 1940s for me.

  35. name: krzysieks2005
    server: EU

    That Bofors might be the new Defender, however the lower plate doesn’t look as good.

  36. Lol look at those frankentanks


  37. Ign: _Go_To_Gulag_
    Server: EU

    The t8 looks like the defenders in wot blitz, and it looks like its going to be a good tank, even though the mobilty and the dispersion are bad

  38. KC777 EU – yes we need more MORE premium tanks, right wg? The Tornvagn looks interesting, but I’m afraid it will be op

  39. IGN: The_MTD_
    Tornvagn looks like a swedish Concept 1B, i hope the armor isnt the same…

  40. name: markuss4
    sever: EU
    I believe that the m4a2 t-34 is a weird-looking tank and another way of making money from the tank collectors for the WG

  41. Name: Tigerwar12
    Server: North America

    I find the Pz 35 R the most interesting tank from an historical view point.
    These tanks were actually captured French Renault R 35 tanks from the beginning of the war. These tanks saw action in France all the way to the Eastern front and were used until the end of the war. Many of these newly designated German tanks were modified during the war. This explains why in game the turret is not the original one.

    What’s even more interesting is that some unmodified Renault 35 saw combat until the end of the war by the Romanian army.

  42. Probably the new tier 8 looks kinf of op in some kind of cover!


  43. Think the Bofors Tornvagn will be very interesting indeed. In the current state I’d say it looks very very good but that’s without seeing the hidden gun handling and terrain resistance stats. I will say that people make the German superheavies work, and they have significantly worse mobility, so if the soft gun handling stats are good on the Tornvagn, this tank will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Username: SpectraX
    Server: Asia

  44. No thanks you keep it

  45. As long as it isn’t a Tier 9 premium tank… : – )
    Pseudo : Nikopol
    Server : EU

  46. Well we can forget about mause of the hull armor and this “freakshow” not worth any of this imagine now in wot hardest hull armor 200mm and there is harder on badger or smth like that but still wtf wargaming is doing (kilos1111 Eu)

  47. Better return Chief and stop giving advantage to the big clans in the Global map with the removing the Chief from the reward tanks.

  48. Username : PsyBRAS
    Server : EU
    Tornvagn looks intresting ,dont care for others low tier tanks

  49. The Matilda LTV looks really interesting to me, it’s like they took the standard Matilda but slapped a light tank turret ontop.

    The original Matilda turret is pretty chunky and easy to hit, the new turret with its low profile and combined with that hefty looking mantlet I think it could do pretty well, especially on city maps where you can side scrape alot easier

    Europe 1

    (I made the name when I was a kid and don’t want to cough up the money to change it so don’t judge aha)

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