Bogged down in swamp!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. “Playin on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family” lol

  2. womble is a faggot

  3. does 6k combined without a sweat, ‘we’re rusty bois’ *just Circon things*

  4. “Better than you”

  5. Circon odakle si?

  6. When no body wants to kill Russian tenk then a merican tenk destroy him

  7. What is your equipment and crew skills on your T49 Circon?
    im only getting my reload time down to 5.50sec

  8. “What’s Guchi” lol

  9. Circon, can you post in description(s) your mods? I don’t want to download some shady stuff

  10. But that’s the wrong gun. Why would you use the wrong gun?
    How dare you?

  11. 121 likes 0 dislikes <3

  12. I name my T49, Betty The Babe

    because 4 female crew member 😛

    Betty The Babe is here to save the day!

  13. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Circon will you do a review of the advent calender everyday?


  15. Where can I get the sound when someone subscribes?

  16. Why not boost H5 while you still can, its completely broken place.

  17. Drives into a corner where a heavy is already side scraping against another tank… “Hey can you give me some room…”  that sense of entitlement though

  18. A serious video is good some times. The first game was too easy; just pancakes handing over their hp. The second game was definitely better. More of a the complete game … using spotting mechanics, hard cover, map awareness & teamwork. I feel bad for your clan mate having such a great game and not coming away with the win.

  19. love boosting on this map

  20. Games are made to be exploited by super gamers like u,stop complaining so much.I just dont get u or foch even tho i’m a fan…u complain so much about this game but u keep on playn it.Dont give us that bullshit with ”it’s a job”,if u hate u’r job u just quit and move on…u guys are playn this for years.

  21. So basically… you’re SUPPOSED to camp in swamp to win?

    gg tactics

  22. Circon it’s Advent calendar starts now and the first day of December is t92 lt on sale

  23. Tactics and strategy, woo-hoo!

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