Bomber Sniper! British Cruiser A13 Mk.II – War Thunder 1.53 British Tanks

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. first

  2. What tank should I play next? Let me know. Give this video a like if you
    wanna see more RB tank battles!
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  3. First like.. :)

  4. vieiwer 60 for the win xD

  5. second

  6. When u stream

  7. Thegaminggeek Twopointzero

    Nice video Baron! I have been playing the A13 on warthunder and it is

  8. Gg nice shot

  9. Hey I just have to say love your videos keep it up but that ‘British
    acsent” (I know I can’t spell) it really need some work ?

  10. Waddup Baron!! You titty fish

  11. Man baron you got skillz

  12. notice me baron

  13. Your accent is perfect!

  14. Graham H (bluesmanshane)

    200th view, 20th like… how many comments? great shots baron!

  15. rip ears

  16. dude the 40 mil gun sound makes the 45 and the 76 sound terrible

  17. 1:53 = time in the vid the update was confirmed

  18. What tank should I play next from 1.53? And if you want to see more RB
    battles hit that like button!
    Also you can still enter to win one of these Cruiser MK.II premiums, rules
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  19. The British accent does have that effect. Plus people (In America) kept
    asking me to say random words and if I knew the Queen.

  20. YO why did i get banned i did nothing wrong its not my faoult people were
    crashing into me and i crash when trying to get ground targets. fucking
    pilots go black when you trun or pull up

  21. Baron is the MVP pro :P

  22. firefly. a spot of tea mate.

  23. cue the irritating and inaccurate ‘English’ accent

  24. “This seems good”
    ~Baron 2015

  25. Question is this the next line of tank after the British tank Mk1 from WW1?


  27. Wish Slickbee would have hit that jump :(

  28. Lol Baron 180 no scopes the he 111

  29. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh bad accent!

  30. Damn! That 180 no scope HYPE!!!!!

  31. Baron ur English accent is awful xD

  32. the A-13 looks like the fugly love child of a Pz. III and a BT-5

  33. William Burkhalter

    I would like the a13 because I like the cruiser tanks, British vehicles,
    and just because it would be my first premium vehicle of the game. My psn
    user is Hezz535

  34. Actually British girls love American accents

  35. I was in England in April and a girl at a grocery store heard me talking
    and stated how much she loved my accent. So yea, Brits like the U.S.
    accent. Especially the ladies…yeaa baby!

  36. Looks like pay 2 Wien to me

  37. daniele cattabriga

    Baron read my coment on tour last vid

  38. daniele cattabriga

    Ps pls take out the wolverine

  39. Pleas just play AB tanks that’s the reason I watch your channel 

  40. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    RB FTW keep it up Baron!

  41. I don’t like this update, not because of the content but because of the
    little changes they made

    one was removing “general chat” from the game, I don’t know any other
    online game without “general chat”

    the other is the bovious increase of points needed to train your crews,
    it’s a stealth change to increase the amount of money you spend for it,
    they even added the “option” to see how much golden eagles it cost to
    increase your crew and qualification level on the crew menu
    previous to the update I was increasing my “keen vision” with 45 “crew
    points” for each “skill point”, now I need 225 crew points to increase my
    “keen vision” and can’t even see how much it will increase by spending
    those points

    of course the most controversial change is the “assault fuse”, in real life
    pilots would risk their lifes by diving or flying close to the ground to
    drop bombs with greater accuracy since they would explode on impact, now in
    War Thunder you are forced to drop bombs with a 4.5sec delay
    using bombs with dive bombers, light bombers, attack aircraft or fighter
    became useless because you need to drop the bombs either high enough for
    the delay to end before impact, and that means losing accuracy, or drop
    them far from the target and wait they reach the bomb before it explodes,
    this also makes the aiming reticle useless

    they are becoming too greedy and less and less caring about the players

  42. The perfect accent tho

  43. Please try the Pe-8 I want to see how it does at its tier with its 2 20s
    facing back

  44. Primarch Alpharius

    I can’t even install this patch

  45. black prince please

  46. Franco Javier Mina

    The Tortoise tank is not yet available in War Thunder ?

    I would like to see him face the T-95 tank

    I also wonder if the tank Ratte be available sometime in War Thunder ?

  47. but i snip you :D

  48. Lol i actually got a date with a Swedish chick because of my American
    accent once

  49. Baron why don’t you do mount and blade anymore?

  50. Stick to the accents you were born with

  51. Dat snipe….

  52. Reverse speed on Brit tanks are slow as they very rarely retreated

  53. why are people not subscribed to Barons other channel?

  54. You hacker m8 that kuikskop was so kuik 2 my body joli shit

  55. war thunder got ruined after introduction of tanks.

  56. This was a lot of fun to watch.

  57. Best opening to a Baron video EVER.

  58. Baron never use that accent again lol

  59. BT-7 Race car tank!

    sniper!!! sniper in the hood!!!

  60. Liam the dark angel.

    “You can’t speak our language” Brits speak English, Americans speak
    English… any American that thinks they speak American is dumb.

  61. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    rip headphone users

  62. I want a British tank because I have been waiting for ever for them

  63. Slick, you are sadly mistaken about the american accent with british girls.
    Especially a southern accent, oh the stories I could tell :P

  64. When will non-premium British tanks be out?

  65. What gamemode is that? I would love to play airplane vs tank!

  66. Of course the A13 is a bomber sniper, it has the 40mm pompom AA gun

  67. more rb please

  68. Tank was absolutely horrible in real life, a fucking joke and of course war
    thunder makes it op

  69. do more verdun

  70. Lend lease me dat tank for wat I can make Jerry pay for bombing ‘me antique
    bottle collection.

  71. enjoyed that yall! keep up the great work

  72. M103 please sir

  73. ayyye this should be the new aa cruiser lel

  74. Rocket Pershing

  75. We know you are not trying to insult the accent but you do you are that bad

  76. Hey I luv the vids I’m honnerble baron on twitch

  77. Just to remind you, the 40mm gun on the cruiser is an AA gun…

  78. hahaha big ass like!

  79. Nothing is best than hunting a he111 with a “noice” “crusaar” tonk”.

  80. “U wot m8?” – Baron’s A13 to the He-111

  81. question for anyone who plays on ps4 do you guys ever have the issue where
    you are just playing like you normally do and your finger is nowhere near
    the fire button and the tank just shoots your gun without you doing a
    single thing. it happens to me all the time i swear i have run out of ammo
    so often because i was shooting and moving around and most of the time my
    gun just decides to go off for no reason. please let me know if you are
    experiencing the issue because i cant find anything about it on forums or
    the support site and it is honestly beginning to piss me off

  82. I guess try PT-76 :P

  83. You damn colonists can’t use our splendid accents quite right!

  84. MLG 360 NOSCOPED

  85. FV4202 British tank

  86. You may love the accent but you crap at it and we don’t sound like that you

  87. RIP headphones users

  88. Thank you slick for saying i have a smart accent.

  89. Re-watched the intro at least 9 times

  90. baron I could not tell you have a accent also Im from great Britain and you
    do not offend me your accent makes the video more fun to watch

  91. t95

  92. i’m British and i love your voices, so funny keep it going. Can you say
    “the dogs bollocks” on your next video best British saying. ps i love my
    tea and Queen and your videos

  93. Nice shot Baron.

  94. finally! thank you baron for playing RB!!!

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