Bond Hardening, Bounty Turbo, New Tanks with New Battle Pass | World of Tanks Update 1.16

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Source: DezGamez

Update 1.16 Patch Battle 2022 Season 7 – Cobra and Lorraine 50T, New Equipment Bond Hardening and Bounty Turbo.

It is a tough day to make any episodes right now, but just to keep my mind busy I decided to check out what the upcoming Battle Season 7 has to offer as many of you have been waiting for it for a very long time.

What do you think?


  1. So what do you think about the upcoming Battle Pass and new reward tanks? Like them?
    Once again, as I said, most of us are not political experts, so let’s keep this channel clean from it as much as possible. There are PLENTY of other places, better places where you can discuss those topics. I know a lot of people personally who have been affected by this, it is crazy time and let’s stay as safe as possible!

    • Wg is in cypress

    • Shut up Detz, this has nothing to do with politics, this has something to do with an insane dictator

    • Dez, as a former professional soldier, I can say with certainty that almost all soldiers serve their countries out of a profound desire to serve their People, and they may or may not necessarily agree with anything their government may say or do, or not say or do. Your people, and your government, are not always “the same thing”. I have been fortunate to have served at a time, and in various places where I was deployed, to do actual GOOD for the people in that country, at that time, regardless of politics. No real soldier ever wants to go to war, especially in an “aggressive role” and in a country that is not our own. And yes, most soldiers are very patriotic about their people and country, that’s why they choose to serve, and want to do Right by their people. It’s about Protecting their People, and being of value and giving back to the country that has given a person so much, so many opportunities, not about politics or government. And when someone shoots at you, I can say that politics goes out the window. It’s not about killing something, it’s about preserving something.

      In the end, all I can say is that my heart is with you and your family, and I pray that you can stay safe and continue to protect and provide for your family, no matter where you are or end up. Most people around the world are the same in that, if they can provide for their famines and raise their children in a safe and nurturing environment, and give them a better life or opportunity than they themselves had as children, then that is all they really ask for. I have loved your channel and your content since I first saw you, so many years ago, you make great and fun entertaining videos, and I really enjoy your humor, your candor, and your wonderful voice and accent ( Ha ha ha!!) Stay safe, my Brother, stay sane, Stay Sexy!!, and take care of yourself and your family. Your friends here will support you no matter what. Respect.

    • @sean metzger But they’re owned by a Belarusian company

    • @American Patriot Estonia, Tallin

  2. It’s a terrible time for us all, in particular for those under threat for whom I have the greatest of sympathy. As for the event this looks good and I’m looking forward to participating in the event.

  3. reload slot : 11.5 bounty 12.5
    turbo slot : 5 km/h bounty : 5
    useless. “U CAN SAVE A slot” .. bruh useless

  4. … Player Sanctions against WoT: The Playerbase must commit to “Free To Play” (ftp) ONLY … not one penny spent on WoT until Putin fully withdraws from Ukraine.

  5. Support for Dez across the community 🙏 stay safe bud.

  6. prayers and blessings to your area of the world and hope you and your family are well. you bring so much joy to this community. Stay strong and keep truckin!


  8. I think as a way of protest again Ukraine’s invasion, we should all stop playing WoT. Not forever, but for the time of the conflict

  9. Sending positive vibes, @DezGames. Let’s try to have some fun 🙂

  10. Many, and I dare say most, of us are praying for your area of the world.

  11. Fraud game , chetear game, the mowst chetear game în the world

  12. Karınca Karıncaoğlu

    Russian goverment is having casual country f*ck phase which they are doing once in 10-15 years ?

  13. Kinda kills me that, the reward you get for playing for years.. years.. is to get a free Bounty equip. … Sooo what your saying WG is for a year of playing, I can boost ‘one’ of my tanks by about 3% – 5% in one stat. , What a gift! My gaming experience has been so much better now!, After dumping countless hr’s in to your game. And next year I’ll get to boost my stats another 3% on a single tank? “OMG Can’t Wait!”.

  14. They mentioned you wont get enough points until season viii of battle pass to purchase cobra. Only get 21 tokens this season. They made it that way because they still want to balance it.

  15. As always, thank you for your content Dez. This is a very stressful time. I hope you and your family stay safe.

  16. We love you Dez 🙂 please say safe.

  17. Love you brother DEZ!

  18. Fucking RUS threaten my country (Sweden) and Finland

  19. Hello total dezagree with you we dont are politician but this its only can say .

  20. Condition of the Funk

    Not political experts? WG is deleting posts about the Ukraine, which is a very strong statement about who they serve. They also mention politics… Last 2 days hundreds of people died because of “politics”. Do not become (Bela)Russian servant.

  21. WoT is a sh*t game made by an absolute sh*t company. The very topic of WoT is negative by nature. However, what makes this channel amazing is you Dez. Your personality and realistic approach to creating your content is what makes this channel great and why I am subscribed. Keep up the good work.

  22. i haven’t played this game in some time, does the pass still cost 6500 gold?

  23. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you can get your family out before he comes for your country.

  24. Stay nice, stay sexy and save a prayer👍

  25. all and all, hope you are safe and okay, Brudaaa.


  27. Appreciate the message about current events in the world and your thoughtful comments.

  28. You and your family stay safe Dez! Take care!

  29. Dez, you might want to start packing up your stuff. apperently your country could be attacked to in the next months or maybe 1 or 2 years.

  30. Just wanna say Trettonde is day 13 in a month, for example Friday 13 (Fredag den TRETTONDE in swedish)

  31. I’m sorta disappointed that I can’t get the bounty turbo from the free-to-play path. I could have used those on my E50/E50m and/or M48A5 Patton so I can get to crucial locations faster.

  32. Слава Україні

  33. Will be grinding for turbocharger and credits I guess. 👍🏽

  34. “All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.”
    It’s time to put our big boy pants on folks.
    Or – we can just pretend it’s someone else’s problem and play games instead.

    Dez’ I know you’re in an awkward position.
    But you brought this up.
    You could have said nothing.
    Instead you took the side of “lets do nothing”.

  35. My heart is with the people of Ukraine and Russia. As someone that lived under both the despicable Apartheid government AND the Kleptocratic Criminal ANC Government, I know firsthand how the general population can suffer whilst the elite only look after themselves. Ramaphosa and Putin are Billionaires while their people suffer.

  36. Sorry you’re feeling it but meh I do not want to know; I’m here for the Tank stuff. So I shall just stop now @1:26 not even gonna try to find out if there is information but I won’t dislike just have no interest.

  37. Dez, I pray for your safety each day.

  38. GL too you my man. I have a feeling that WG is gonna have a bad time this year if sanctions are dropped on Minsk.
    My heart goes out to all you guys that are making your living on WOT videos.

    Hope for a better tomorrow

  39. stay safe dez and to the dez nation👊😎

  40. I wonder how many Ukrainians under attack are “political experts”?

  41. Dez I like to say I really enjoy your videos even thought I haven’t played WOT for many years I just like to take a look at what’s going on from time to time but mostly I come to watch you because you are just such an enjoyable person to watch and I am regretful to say I’ll not be watching anymore WOT content because of the current events taking place because I don’t want to support any RU company right now because I don’t want any corporate taxation to go supporting the events that are going on right now even though many of these business are innocent to what’s going on right now I’m sure that War Gamming are not condemning the events because they simply can’t without them being put in jail for speaking out against the government and I’ve looked at their social media and haven seen anything of the sort, and I have to say (but you don’t have to agree with me,) that no one can make money when they know it’s immorally gained, I pray for the best for URK and pray that this will end here and lead into any other countries being hostilely taking over.

  42. Uninstall, inlike, unsubscribe…bye

  43. I have respect for the russian ppl, i have the HIGHEST respect for the ukranian ppl… I have ZERO respect for mister president Putin and the people in charge of pulling the trigger on Ukraine

  44. Constructive criticism:
    “System is the same”
    New players: how was it then?
    I registered in this game 8 years ago and now it’s a total mess…

  45. Paint all your tanks blue over yellow to show support for Ukraine.
    See you all on the battlefield.

  46. I am with you Dez, we are with you and Ukraine. I am angry, frustrated and scared. I am discusted, and i do not judge you for feelign how you feel. I repsect you even more for saying something. that is all i can say at the moment, and don’t know if there is anything else to say.

  47. Glad you addressed this thing head on. We empathize with you from broad. Glad to see NATO allies are stepping up in your region. It makes it tough when this gaming company is in a country that facilitated and enabled what is happening. I hope it does interfere with your “job” here in our community. Glad to see you back on the air. Very best wishes to you and your family.

  48. I try to avoid politics and all we can do is go on with our own lives as best we can.
    The world is very unstable right now and theirs not much we can do about it
    Much love stay awesome, stay sexy, stay naked

  49. sorry but you saying that u dont want to talk about world situation but thats exactly what u are doing by talking how u dont want it here , u get me ? , just give some info some gameplay and thats it , this stuf hwo u dont want this here just make me think about it more … no offense

  50. Come on, man! Get up and stop behave like a kid! After all, you present us a war game, don’t you?
    Best wishes from Romania and our infinite respect for Ukranian people who just give us a lesson about what patriotism means!

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