Bond Tanks Buffed & New Bond Store Tanks? | World of Tanks Clan Wars Tanks Buffed

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Source: DezGamez

Buffed Bond Store and Wars Tanks – M60, 121B, IS-5, KV-4 Kreslavskiy, Chieftain/5, T23E3 Buffed. World of New Bond Store Tanks – Chieftain/T95 and T23E3? World of Tanks 1.13+ Patch News.

00:00 | Introduction
00:45 | M60
01:55 | 121B
03:54 | KV-4 Kreslanvskiy
05:33 | Chieftain/5
08:25 | IS-5
09:44 | T23E3
10:30 | Conclusion

► Information from: WG

WG Continues buffing premium and special tanks. This time let’s talk about old Wars which are also in the Bond Store and are getting buffed. Also, 2 tanks in the buffed premiumt anks may end up being new in the bond store!?

What do you think?


  1. Some pretty HOT buffs coming to the game to Bond shop tanks… Also what do you think about my thought on the Chieftain as next Bond tank? Would make sense.
    Either way, have an absolutely fantastic day! 🙂

    • @DezGamez I am happy about the changes, but if its going to end up in bond store it wont be rare and these tank are for that players who deserve it…. In cw and that imagine if they put 907 or tier 10 Chief in a bond store so yea thats my opinion

  2. *still cries in amx cdc and ravioli

  3. They need to stop buffing tanks, they’re ruining their own game by buffing everything all the time, games are getting faster, 15-2 games are the norm now. Have they not heard of power creep? If they want tanks to perform better they need to nerf the op tanks

  4. Waiting for Räumpanzer buff 🙁

  5. Wow the 121B could be very good. Very hard choice between m60 and 121b after the buffs 🤔

  6. Laughs in IS 6 183 pen

  7. I really hate how they are buffing tanks. It’s not a good way to balance a game, because you constantly need more and more buffs to keep everything balanced. I would love to see a mass nerf for every tank, maybe less pen, less damage, less HP, something like that

  8. Yus!! Just put it on the live server rn!! All of it!! ❤️❤️

  9. Interesting. Got 3/6 of those tanks from CW. Maybe it will be worth to get the last missing OG tier X CW reward 121B after these buffs. Sounds fun tank after the buffs. My M60 could also see more play time after this. M60 actually is already pretty decent tank after the latest buffs. American Leo 1 with 350mm HEAT pen.

  10. Wow KV-4 Kreslavsiy looks interesting

  11. I have my 8k bonds ready for a new tier 8

  12. I own M60 and I love it, you dont want to rush with it but when you get good sniping position then it’s a beast and it’s also very mobility vehicle

  13. My reward is to play a game exclusively composed of three corridor maps so WG can make far FAR more money when the games last less then three minutes!

  14. There is no way they will add chieftain to bond store. Maybe for 100k bonds.

  15. T95e6 please buff

  16. Dragan Djordjevic

    T95/ch for 18000 bonds maybe?

  17. -7 for a russian ht is too much.maybe we.ll see an is7 with -10.too much votka


  19. Abdulla Al-Shaikh

    Not only am I hoping for the Chieftain in the bond store, I am in fact saving bonds for it and for bond equipment for it, along with 4 female crew members and every British crew book I’ve recieved for a while now, I was actually expecting it with the first refresh iirc, so i’ll be jumping on it as soon as it hits the shop.

    I also don’t mind the buffs for the kv-4 and IS-5 since I already like both 😀

  20. I hope they add the T23E3 and the Chief to the bond store, slap the T34 in there too

  21. a buff spiral like in diablo 3 wont work intentioned..
    there will be days every tank is a trheat – unless its historical stupidity or complex historical background.

  22. No buffs for 907? 🙁

  23. Got the 121B and M60 From shop. M60 armour disappointed so bad, how they offered this tank in CW reword with the 907? 121B is nice and need some love to the gun handling. But all of this doesn’t matter since lastly almost every buttle have 3 to 4 lights with 2 or 3 ebr. This is tank must be ban from the game in manner to fixed the fun lost since it enter. This game is for fun and not for anger.

  24. This might mean that changes in HE and Crew 2.0 were not accepted very well or they want some sugar to the player for those. So for the new patch, WG needs something that player like for example tanks buffs, right direction but it is time to start a separate game setup for different regions, so Europe, America should get all buff 10% of all vehicles which not belong to Soviets and China and vice versa for Russian and China market. It is time to start thinking to drop China vehicles which are mainly Soviet ripoffs nothing interesting for Europe and America.

  25. Mhm, time to spend my 40k bonds in the bond shop I guess 😀 😀

  26. Good thing they haven’t fogottent about one of the best tier 8 american meds. T95E2… Wait… They totally forgot. Ok. No worries… I’m sure they buffed the T25 pilot! Waiiit… No…

  27. Is5 looks great, with those buffs it has better dispersions on the move and aim time than is3 !
    Pretty dope considering it’s pretty much a stock t-10 with a different amo loadout.

  28. Does anybody knows when WG is planning to update the bond store?

  29. I want to see the Object 430B in the bond store.

  30. No fucking way…more people should not own a T23E3….this tank is already very very very good…I own one and love it!! 149mm ap pen, 190mm apcr, 2.5 gun loading, 115 dmg, 2654 avg dpm….-10 gun depression….this is one of them tanks, that if you see 3 in a plat, and they are decent player’s…56kph and 441 view….if they know how to play, they will E25 ruin your day!!

  31. imma wait for them to vuff IS6

  32. The T8 Chieftain, IS-5, and the T23E3 were reward tanks in the last Clan Wars as tanks you could build with parts earned in battles. I built the T8 Chieftain, played it a bit, found out it really was garbage, and stopped playing it. I would guess that this is the reason those tanks are buffed.

  33. Ihaveoflate Butwherefore

    Loot boxes linked to problem gambling in new research – BBC News

  34. I was hoping a buff to the M46 Patoon KR but I guess that I will have to wait more 🙁

  35. do you think is-5 is worth it or not worth it

  36. I like the mentioned changes. Though, they could increase the gun accuracy on IS-5. The gun on it is horrible…
    I like the changes mostly.

  37. No FV215B buff?? Sad

  38. If they decided to add the Chieftain/T95 into the bond store, it would kind of be a renegade for F2P players with a worse gun but a lot better power to weight ratio (but slightly lower top speed).

  39. wew i really hope they add some sort of armor modification to the M60 like the one on the Super conqueror 😀

  40. WG Federal Reserve controlling Bond flow…

  41. Square_jackal Gaming


  42. If they make the m60 purely better than the m48 it’s gonna be just unfair in general. The m48 was always the better armored slower tank while the m60 sacrificed armor for the gun and speed. If they give it any decent armor but leave speed and gun handling it very well could be the most op medium tank imo

  43. YES! The much-needed IS-5 buffs! T_T man am I happy it’s finally happening… the tank is great, sure, gun is really troll, but that shell velocity is fantastic. It desperately needed more gun depression.

  44. Panagiotis Kolokotsis

    Whats even the point of playing campaigns when they just put them for bonds after some time tho… I got all of them except kv-4 kresl and m60 from playing campaigns.. I dont see the point wasting 2 weeks of my life (or 1 month way back when i was getting the t8 cheif/is-5 etc) while everyone can get them by bonds now.. Sad

  45. Want to see obj 780 enter the game already

  46. They need to add more tier 10 to the bond shop

  47. Love the chief/t95 buff. That tank was useless but looked to dope

  48. “Complex turret armor enhancement” so 59 patton gets armor buff as well? Seeing as how it has the m60 turret.

  49. fv215b needs some love too 🙁

  50. the t23e3 was one of the tanks you could build during the time before last global map, it’s not a great tank, however i found it really fun, its kind of clunky but it has a very fast gun, its buried in my premium tanklist someplace, i forgot all about it cuz i never run tier 7 much anymore, because it’s 3 fucking stat padding bitches in arty every single battle now, tier 5-6-7 is just unplayable imo, you still get arty a lot in the higher tiers as well but you have more HP to lose,and more armor also. in tier 5 one hit your down to one shotable most of the time, it’s just really dreadful.

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