BOND TANKS BUFFED!!! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of is Supertesting big changes to the M60, 121B, KV-4 Kreslavskiy, Chieftain/5, T23E3!


World of is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. The Kresl. has almost 33000 potential average damage? Sheesh…

  2. Reward/bond tanks should not be significantly worse. You had to work for them.

  3. Has WG considered making those turret cupolas only receive a portion of the damage received? Not eliminating the weakspot, but sort of buffing it by mitigating the damage of hits there

  4. did wargaming just forgot the fv215b bond tank.

  5. Krevlovsky and cheif/t95 definitely need it desperately

  6. Daimler benz Santos

    Hey qb did ya know that wargaming is putting a anime mode

  7. Wait a minute, the Chiefton/T95 isn’t in the Bond Shop yet …(well the NA bond shop)

  8. the 215 is a bond tank? is it no longer on the tech tree?

  9. They buff the Chieftain! Is this a joke?

  10. Of these tanks, I’ve got the 121B on my main account: it’s a pretty decent tank overall. Cool to see possible buffs. 🙂

  11. Likely gonna buff it based on the Blitz model. Probably wrong but never know.

  12. WG buff CDC

  13. Love seeing them buff tanks, but can they do it a little faster so that they can focus on other things like fixing maps and nerfing other tanks?!

  14. I wish WOT would just blow up cause I invested too much time for it to die

  15. IS 6 need to be buff the gun penetration please.

  16. They just ignored the FV??? Lol wtf 🤣

  17. I think the M46 KR will also get buffed too.

  18. no way they buffing these tanks mannnnnnnn

  19. literally just bought the m60 last night ,and happy to see they are buffing it, super underwhelming experience to have a tier 10 tank like that who is basically paper on tracks

  20. Console just got the 121B and i would love all the buffs PC has already plus this one. Maybe give the 121B 6° too 👀

  21. is the Chrysler still worth getting?

  22. Jeffri_'s World of Tanks

    m60 makes me happy

  23. Chinese tank need a better gun.
    WG: Ok, we will give them better movability.
    How about gun?
    WG: nobody knows balance better than me, ok?

  24. 5:26 yes QB, you have to pee

  25. I already enjoy the M60 more then the M48. When they say complex turret buffs, i wonder if they’ll give it a different turret like the M60A3 or just going to up the armor on the current turret

  26. 착검 사마리아인

    make m60 “long nosed turret” just like m60a1

  27. That beard makes him look like the Tank Wizard.

  28. Chieftain/T95 is still going to be garbage tank. Sure the buffs make it less of a turd, but it still has an insanely bs turret tumor on top that negates its solid turret. It also still has bad base penetration and terrible premium penetration for a medium tank this big and slow. You’re more maneuverable now but what does that matter when you have no camo and a top speed of 42 kmh? Not to mention tier 6 levels of side armor! Get rid of the weak spot on top and up the base and premium penetration by 25mm then this thing while be alright.

  29. You missed the Reload time reduction on the Chieftain/T95 – 0.8 secs reduction is basically a Gun Rammer, thus giving you 3 ‘free’ equipment slots.

    I’m about 1k bonds away from 15000; havent decided if i want to buy a tank or not yet.

  30. Hey, what about the STG???

  31. imagine grinding 15k bonds for those tanks. YUCK . WG Should add new tanks for the bond shop

  32. Are any of the 8000 bonds tanks any good?

  33. Dr. Manfred Göder

    The 2% more depression will make the is5 indeed much more useful. Good change.

  34. I need the T23E3 i love the old tanks. Now i have the aufklarungspazerpanther. The old tier VII light tank.

  35. 121 techtree already got better armor then 121b… It wont be OP, will be nice after the buffs.

  36. IS-5 should be popular because it is soviet and heavy, just not soviet enough …

  37. unfortunately fv215b wasnt buffed despite its low WR

  38. Wait… How do you have 7000 gold in a plays for free account????

  39. T23e3s armor: hahaa I got turret from m4, im invincible

  40. I wish It wasn’t a 5 day wait for no tank gameplay

  41. 121B is so good I have two marks on gun in 150 battles 😱😱😱

  42. Liberte with better armored “pot” plz!

  43. 5 ranked battle played today – 5x lost.
    I clearly got some gambling addiction for palying this casino crap game.

  44. Quicky baby what’s going on you have said anything about the Aprilfools that wargaming have made its getting pretty cold here🥶🥶🥶

  45. They should stop buffing premium shit.

  46. I have 10k bonds now which bond tank should I buy next? I have the patriot and love it, I’m trying to decide on either the is5 or the liberty.

  47. Are there gonna be some new bond tanks at all?

  48. yo QB just back to the game after 3 years, love the new look

  49. the m60 is already a beast im excited to see it get better

  50. I think the only thing they might improve on the M60’s turret armor is they might just maybe give it a like 10+ to 12+ mm of armor and slightly improve the gun mantlet since I’ve heard that that thing can be like paper against some standard AP and APCR shells. Now, a friend of mine who watched this told me the change may be to give it one of the M60 variant turrets like the M60A1 turret which looks a bit better angles from the front, though again this is my friend’s theory on the improvements. I think they’ll add extra armor and that’s all so that is my take on that “Complex Turret Armor Enhancement” of the M60.

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