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World of Tanks released a bond turbo as a reward only the best players who grinded ranked – here’s why it a terrible idea.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. e50m, couldnt resist^^

  2. this game is no more world of tanks
    it’s now called world of cars and pay to win (aka gold noobs)

  3. wonder if i should put it on 279…can’t enjoy the tank if i can’t get into todays 5 min battles

  4. More disparity in players and tanks? =D good question, not only do they NOT care about balancing it out, they are testing out more ways to make them even more imbalance~~ woohoo WG!!

  5. This game only caters to the top 1%. It’s for super tryhards, and good luck to them, but ironically they probably don’t need to spend money on the game. WG logik..

  6. Hi QB
    I’m, at best, an average player, but I really enjoy the game. I don’t have a lot of time, but when I do, WoT is a great outlet. Unfortunately, Wargaming have in increasingly rate, rewarded the good players, or those with tons of time.

    I’m not against rewarding those players, because they also need some motivation or prize to keep on playing, but… When the reward tanks are better than any tanks, we the average Joes, can ever grind and are rewarded with crazy equipment, as mentioned in this video, I start to look for another game.

    I don’t want to switch game, but ever since the EBR came out, I think the game-value have dropped a lot, and I stopped buying premium and gold. I don’t want to spend money on this game as is.

    Community ‘leaders’ as your self have a lot to say, I believe. And I’m happy that you started to defend the ‘the average Joes’ and try to show what we are up against.

    Thank you for you videos!
    At the moment, they are more entertaining that playing the game itself..

    Kind regards

  7. I am happy about videos like those (and by other WoT Youtubers) because it helps me to stay away from the game which I actually enjoyed. But the power creep and the changes they have done with the last patch and still plan to do with crews 2.0 … are just to much. The game is becoming a joke at this point. Not really fun for a casual like me.

  8. Yes Wargaming. More of this OP bull. Tanks, equipment. What`s next? Commander with 7 skills? Hack package?

  9. Fkin wg i finish ranked league 1 and no bounty turbo… ticket was sent, byut they take their time to respond… Imagine this on a 279e or a chieftain… jesuse..

  10. the rich get richer (or in this case the better players just get better)
    edit: i hate it btw

  11. I finally became disillusioned with this game last year, I’ve been playing since 2012, and while my stats aren’t exactly stellar, I know how to deal with the large portion of tanks and how to play my tanks to its strengths. The inclusion of the EBRs, the HE changes recently, the stupidly difficult marathons, the obvious elitism within a portion of the community and Wargaming encouraging such arrogant and dividing behaviours with equipment like this just finally made me give up. No matter my tank, no matter my setups. I always get completely screwed over through either P2W players in OP £30+ premiums slinging gold 24/7 or just the regular matchmaker. (For example, Stock Pantera in a Tier X match with a 279e and FV4201 on the opposing team) It’s gotten so bad to the point where the game is more fun to watch than it is to actually play for yourself. The game is nowhere near as easy to pick up and play as it used to be.

  12. milos stefanovic

    Baaaby, PLEASE tell WG that Frontlines is S H I T and that they should bring back STEEL HUNTER (with more more maps and much more tanks). STEEL HUNTER is much more fun and can be stand alone mode, thx

  13. mount it on the strv, then your gold.

  14. Tyler Antonikowski

    I quite playing 9 months ago…… and it’s mostly over stuff like this I’m not a great player but I can hold my own the bond equipment kinda fucked me honestly because if I’m up against the same tank against the similar skilled play and they have bond equipment I’m just probably fucked they reload quicker aim quicker move quicker. Wargaming has forsaken the normal player

  15. Erm, QB/Everyone whos good in the game 😀 Why are you always focus on the someones win ratio so much ? There is 30 players in the battle, so an individual’s impact on the win is like 3.3%.
    Not taking to consideration that sometimes you may be the top tier and sometimes the low tier, cuz it kinda balances it out. Why is this Win Ratio so important ?
    I started playing like 10 years ago as a teenager, I was crap af. My Personal score was a red baron one, my win ratio after 5k battles was 44%, I was overall a noob.
    Nowadays after 9k battles my personal score is doubled, WotLife + XVM tellin me I usually do Green battles. I also commit for the win, sometimes sacrificing myself for the sake of winning a flank, or making a good push. My win rate is still fucking 44%. 🙁
    Ive made a huge progress with my gameplay, with understanding the mechanics and what not. Yet I am still not on the level to solo carry a game, to make sure that win rate goes up consistently. I can sort of do my part of the game, get a few kills, secure a few kills, get some assist, but if the team fucks up, I am fucked up 🙁

  16. Viktor- Drago Perković

    Is it only me who thinks that next ranked battels is going to be even harder for regular players? They removed special tanks for ranked to create more balanced and fair battels for regular players, and now they give op equpment to best players who will use that equpment on next ranked becuse it will give them edge over others..

  17. This is the general problem with WoTs. It’s not just the Bond equipment… it’s the entire game. It rewards those who have been playing for years and punishes any new players. I’ve been casually playing for three years now and frankly the experience is often too frustrating to stay past three or four games.

  18. wot is dying fast now ;( – and then screw 2.0

  19. Is turbo the only modifier, that seems OP ? If tanks are CAREFULLY balanced, then what would modifiers do other than unbalance ? The same goes for extra visibility modifiers + EBR.

  20. It’s not especially powerful imo. No more than the other bond equipment. All of it makes the best players better, as it’s not easily obtainable for average players. Really it’s better used on heavies with good top speed but weak engines, adding turbo allows them to actually reach their top speed. Tanks like is7, obj 277. It’ll be added to the bond store anyway at some point so anyone can get it for bonds without playing the dumpster fire that is ranked. And anyhow wargaming dont care about balance, only money and power creep to keep player interest (and money) flowing.

  21. This is very informative for me. Job well done good sir. 😎👌

  22. F game, full of cheaters

  23. Shame, i love tanks, but this cheater game is shit

  24. My name’s Bond
    Bond Gun rammer

  25. Perhaps the maximum amount of bond equipement on a tank should be 1 (perhaps 2, but I think 1 is better)

  26. WOT has become completely biased against the casual player. Won’t this policy steadily decrease the player base?

  27. wrong assumption: “players want to win because they are better, not because they have better equipment”
    if that phrase was true, you’ll never see full gold loaded borrasques or prosciuttos 46
    players want to win, and “dedicated players” want it the most, regardless of the reason of the victory

  28. Sardonic Spartan

    I know you love this game man…but 1mph difference isn’t even something you’d notice.

  29. I feel like a very good indication of how much of a difference the bond compressor made for quickybaby, his tortoise in the replay is only 2 marked. In his intro, which I assume he usually makes after his gameplay video is recorded, he has 3 marks

  30. Where does QB always find these AFK muppet enemies? They dont even shoot back!

  31. Just get WoT Classic back but with the new engine, physics and UI.

  32. Guy in a Phase 1 and 110 are exceptionally bad players LOL

  33. Man literally too fast to die, awesome replay

  34. A Maus with bond turbo isn’t gonna be just a mouse, but Speedy Gonzales!!! 🐁🤣

  35. Yeah i dont understand world of tanks pc i play it like blitz and war thunder i use kv2 spamm he and get mvp

  36. They keep doing the same thing given the best players overpowered tanks, overpowered equipment. I just a mediocre player who can play in the best case 1 hour a day so just get into the battle and see if the powered player is on my side or on the other side. Nothing to do, just try to maximize my damage, or spotting, that’s it.

  37. Bogdan Raul Zbinca

    QB why you’re hiding your name player?

  38. I just wish they would slow down on the gimmicky arcade game stuff and focus more on more realistic, historical elements. More maps, more tactics, less skins and arcade-like promotions. Adjust the tiers to match tank development eras so 1980 tanks aren’t fighting WWII ones. Make all tier progression and credit-earning even, so those of us who appreciate the more historical aspects of the game aren’t fighting with noobs at low tiers, but rather everyone can find the same level of challenge at each tier. Make the less-desireable, harder-to-play tanks more lucrative for credit earning. MAKE MORE AND BIGGER MAPS so people learn to control terrain in unfamiliar settings. So much time wasted on earning money with gimmicks. So many things could be done, but with the second huge nerf of artillery since I started in 2013, this is really just turning into a run-of-the-mill tank arcade game. And yes, eventually, I will get fed up and quit.

  39. Sadly, QB is like a broken record now. It’s clear to all WG don’t care about balance and just pander to the players that pay them money, which as they are a business and offer a free game to many you can’t blame them for. Its still fun to beat the try hards in regular tanks with sub par crews though. You just can’t hear them weep like you used to, thankfully with chat disabled its blissful silence.

  40. Simple put it, bond equipment is PAY 2 WIN. That is why I left wot.

  41. I’m so fucking tired of wargaming stupid decisions… its like getting to play in footbal league with some special boots will make your even faster only FIFA doesn’t care…in fact FIFA is promoting it and selling it… does this make any sense ??

  42. Juanito Alcachofa

    Hey QB you look handsome today

  43. Hotak dia la bole letak turbo! Makin laju la tank2 nanti. Kompom susah gila nak flanking musuh. Mampuuusss

  44. I don’t understand why nearly everything in the game is a % bonus but the one thing the made flat was one of the stats with the highest variability.

    Imagine if the rammer was “-1s reload” “-1.25s in slot” “-1.5s bond”

    Strv would get a 5.5s reload. Even that is only a ~20% reload boost. The bond turbo gives FORTY percent to the reverse speed of the tortoise

  45. Haha Fame at last shame I was on the loosing side AKA Tazzzzman1

  46. The new obj.268v.4

  47. dayly missions gives you bonds too . ez

  48. Manipulative MM and RNG! F… WG

  49. Clan wars with bond turbed chieftains. More fun definitely.

  50. QB you play in some other universe of wot! Nobody shoots you with gold! WG PRAY NOT TO FIND YOU! I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE AND THIS MANIPULATIVE GAME!

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